Who is Noah out to destroy?

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    Just getting the ball rolling, here.
    Noah says he wants to “destroy the one who made him this way”. So, who “made” Noah?

    Mommy Sinclair (who’s been strangely absent from the picture)?

    If we’re going with the metametameta interpretation, Noah is a character created/written by TPTB. Maybe that’s who he’s looking to destroy, in order to “escape” who he’s pretending to be.

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    To run with it:
    If it’s The Creators, it makes sense he would seek to destroy them because they made him, and once the Experience ends, he would cease to exist. His “sacrifice” being that he would no longer BE anything at the end of Lust, but if the final page is never turned, if he destroys those who craft the narrative, his story never ends.

    Did we read somewhere that he blackmailed himself out of some kind of trouble in Tension? Could it have been him wriggling out of being “killed off” at The End? And being retooled into this new Experience, but now he’s got an axe to grind.

    He’s clearly been fucked with. He’s clearly angry. If he needs our help, many of us, myself included, would consider giving it to him. But at what cost?

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    I’m going to stick with my guess that’s Horace, but I do think your theory is really interesting (I love meta).

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     Lauren Bello 


    1) He specifically said “the PERSON who made me this way”. That makes me think it’s not the Creators, it’s a single person. Most obvious guess is Horace, but could be more meta than that.

    2) What way, exactly? We’ve seen a few different versions of Noah. Vulnerable weary gingham shirt Noah. Shouty suit Noah telling us that the successful skull-fuck their mothers. Which way does Noah not want to be?

    3) Or does he not want to be Noah at all?

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    Could it have been him wriggling out of being “killed off” at The End

    I don’t think he was at risk for getting off’ed at The End. The OSDM folk, Michelle, Samson and pre-Noah were not involved in the OOA cleansing, the only one of them who ate it was Samson and that’s because Michelle aired out his stomach with that knife.

    If this were Noah and just Noah, I’d say that he’s talking about Horace. But the nature of this whole thing makes me wary to say that, perhaps there’s someone bigger than that looming over him.

    That said, I would be none percent surprised if it were Daddy Sinclair

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    For some reason this is reminding me of what Horace said about the fire burning away…something? That which we were?

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    @coryphella “Burns away not what we are, but all that we are not”, I believe.

    @thegilded Aren’t Horace and Daddy Sinclair the same person?

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    @superstar – Yes, perhaps I didn’t phrase that properly. I meant that I suspect it means something besides Big Daddy Horace Sinclair, but I’m not completely disregarding the theory and would not be surprised if it ended up being him

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     Hannah Schenck 

    I, too, am sticking to thinking it is Horace, since that man is the devil’s ballsack.

    Also, if we are talking about @daela‘s points, @maddyxxx most definitely has two extreme opposite versions of himself that he is juggling. Which one is he fighting against when he speaks about it applying to himself as an individual? Regardless of which one he feels is the good one and the bad one, I think instead of condemning one, if he took qualities that will benefit him from both and create the upgraded new and improved fuck-right-off-I’ll-be-who-I-fucking-wanna-be Noah, he would be unstoppable. And if we apply that technique to ourselves, Noah will be a driving force with a following of the best and strongest versions of ourselves. We would be a devastating army to all that stand in our way.

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     Lauren Bello 

    More thoughts…

    Noah’s shifts back and forth lately have reminded me of “Addison” last year when she was being subjected to the Helmet by ~Four. Sometimes she would be calmly spouting OOA jargon, sometimes she would be anguished and full of yearning.

    4) By “made me this way,” is Noah referring to the helmet or another brainwashing ritual?

    5) When we see these different sides of Noah, is one of them the true Noah and the other one the brainwashed Noah?

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      was just thinking the same @daela!!! seems a bit similar…

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Totally out there theory here, but what if the person who made Noah that way…. is Levi?

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    @nothenrygale dun, dun, DUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN!!! 🙂

    I like it.

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    @nothenrygale wait, who’s Levi??

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    “I don’t even know if I feel human any more.” could that be from being brainwashed? Or possibly more literally if he’s an AI.

    He was defiant for awhile (in Chapter 1) and something set him straight before this successful relaunch of The System.

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    @nothenrygale ooooooh, that’s a helluva theory!! (I knew I’d heard the name, couldn’t remember where…I’M LEARNING THOUGH DAMMIT!!)

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