What's up with Morgan, Sabrina, and Me as of October 16, 2017

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    I realize this happened pretty quickly. Here’s what’s up. I’m about to get in the car, I can clear up any points that are unclear when I get home.

    September 18
    I sent Sabrina a message on Instagram – she had just returned from abroad less than a week earlier, and I saw an opportunity to get a little closer to the truth by siding with her. I was going to relay any good nugs of info back to @111error for BOS to do what they do. She confirmed receipt of the message and agreed to an alliance on a Facebook live video that evening.

    September 21
    Everything cooled down a little, I periscoped and “bared my soul” for y’all, and once we were all cool and good and everyone knew I was in Camp OSDM, I shot Morgan a note letting him know what was up.


    October 2
    I get my first call and email from Sabrina since aligning with OSDM, details here:
    Phone Call: http://thelustexperience.com/forums/topic/the-reduction-has-begun-sabrina-phone-call-102-108pm/
    Email: http://thelustexperience.com/forums/topic/email-from-sabrina-102-324pm/

    From then until now, it’s been quiet for me. For everyone that I lied to, I’m honestly not sorry. I did what I thought I needed to do and I didn’t want to implicate anyone, or risk anyone exposing me.

    October 16
    I get a call from Morgan. That thread is here. We chat briefly about work and life and then he asks me what i’ve learned. I edited the audio because I didn’t want to betray what I thought was an advantage.

    I tried getting into contact with him to OK the edit. No response, I did what I thought was best and protected the two of us. He came at me on Slack with:

    111error [5:19 PM]
    Which side are you playing, Addison?

    Cutting out things to play the middle?

    Fuck the middle.

    Pick a side.

    The “you asked for it” came later, before I posted the email to slack.


    It was here that I posted the above email to slack.

    Here’s how the call went, unedited. The fuzz in the beginning is me trying to find a private office to take the call from and shuffling around in there.

    About 10-20 minutes later –

    Sabrina called. “I may be small, dude, but I’m not stupid. Of course it’s crossed my mind. So I went ahead a spun a narrative to Morgan. Unlike me, he falls for nonsense. Enjoy not having a home.



    Is this what you fucking wanted @111error? They fucking played you dude. Sabrina planted a little seed that grew and grew and sent you into a paranoid fucking tizzy and honestly made you look like a tool.


    Fuck all of this bullshit.

    Because of your fucking temper I’m legitimately afraid to go home tonight.

    Because you decided you didn’t trust me anymore, I have a fucking target on my back.

    Because of your paranoia, I’ve had to tell Geena to stay at work for a while until I can get home and check the apartment.

    Because everything you’ve done today, all of your actions, they don’t make ANY sense. So I’m not entirely sure what’s actually real.

    All because you decided it was time to blow up my spot and play the loyalty game. That’s not how this shit works dude.

    For everyone confused as to if this is IG or OOG – Morgan is (or I guess was) one of my best, closest friends. We’ve walked through the shit IG and OOG and OOOOOOOOOOG and I thought I could trust him because I thought he trusted me. Instead, this afternoon, I learned that he’s a paranoid, small man.

    Fuck you, Morgan Rooms. Fuck you.

    Stay the fuck away from me.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @111error I love you dude. You know that. I think this may be a moment of some needed tough love though. We’ve talked before about emotions and taking a step back. I hope you can separate emotionally charged decisions from well thought out ones. I struggle with that as well. Just try to keep yourself under control.

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