What's the link between Horace & Tom Barrow?

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     Hannah Schenck 

    So here’s a theory that could either be far fetched or revealing the truth…

    We have been dancing around the theory that The System and iConfidant are rival companies but what is the motive behind that?

    The Sinclairs pride themselves on keeping power and control, however, we have seen that cave when Noah lost his mind, Sarah got desperate to keep The System afloat, and was most likely due to Horace pressuring her. Why was it so important to him for The System to succeed? Why are the investors so adamant and involved? I will get to that in a moment… The System collected hard data on us starting with the focus group and the lengthy multiple choice problems we had to answer, along with their one on one social experiments they had us conduct on each other. They videotaped and logged all of our reactions and responses to collect and use for something that has not been unveiled. iConfidant is another budding company that spoke to us in a different manner with finding us “matches” through email correspondence and fed strongly into our emotions. We found out yesterday that we were played and manipulated by Sabrina, with the help of Kristen, in order for Tom Barrow to gain information from us, in the name of Anoch. Off the top of my head I cannot link The Sinclairs or Horace to Anoch, however, their lust for power could suggest that they are trying to be the first to “resurrect” him, or perhaps there is another power that we are not aware of yet. After @taysavestheday‘s call from The Russian, it was insinuated that Noah and Sarah have gone rogue from Horace. Perhaps they do not agree with Anoch or the process of bringing him back… or maybe they have found another stronger outlet that has stolen their focus. Perhaps they feel @kasch could be of benefit to them/this power and that is why Noah told him not to go to the event.

    After Tom Barrow’s revisit to the spotlight yesterday, I started chatting with @kortneydarling about her Forum regarding the Egyptian God, Horus. She mentioned that Horus battled his brother, Stet, to gain the throne of Egypt. This was a quarrel over power.

    Here’s the theory…
    What if Tom Barrow and Horace are brothers, fighting to gain power? Are they working together or are they competing to be the first to the finish line? We are a huge part of that power and they are dueling to gain our support, dedication, or worse: complete control of us individually. Perhaps this is all about Anoch… The way to bring Anoch forth is to get rid of any distractions to enhance the soul. Maybe the first attempt was removing the senses last year but that wasn’t enough so now they are focusing on something more powerful: our emotions. If they can predict/mimic/extract our emotions, perhaps they can truly find an Oracle that has the power to channel Anoch. With the phone calls that were made last night to Cristen, Addison, and Kim, Horace thanked them for their participation in the event. Was this genuine because he is working alongside Tom or is Horace going to steal the show once all of the dirty work has been done? What would be his motive? Perhaps the investors are coming down strong and want what was promised to them.

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    I worry that Anoch is and always has been a red herring. Cults have a tendency to use the supernatural as a distraction as they take from you what they want. We’ve never seen anything supernatural as part of this whole thing. We’ve heard of something close with The Helmet but that’s more cutting edge tech than it is anything magical.

    I’d buy that Horace and Mr. Barrow are in some sort of power struggle. I’d buy that there are shadow organizations using us for unknown reasons. I’d even buy that information extraction is one of, if not the end goal for. But this idea that we’re appeasing or raising some sort of god? That I doubt. So far all that “Anoch” has done is be the distraction to confuse us, and been the beacon to draw back a wayward actress who turned away her chance at freedom.

    I don’t think any of this is going to “bring Anoch forth”. Anoch is just another tool to bring us forth or to keep bringing us back. The cheese in the trap. The light that we moths are drawn to.

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    I like it. From my limited interaction with them both, Tom and Horace certainly don’t seem the type to work together, yet they both thanked us for our sacrifices yesterday, as if they sought a common goal. So if they both have differnt ideas for how to achieve that goal, things get more interesting. No factions tho, says Horace. And no safe havens. The road always leads to the same dark place.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @thegilded I feel like you are suggesting a bigger picture and I like it… so maybe it is the idea of him that intrigues so many followers, but that is not the intended goal?

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @wanda102 Yes I definitely agree. They have one goal with different paths

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    I would find it fascinating if Tom ended up being a Sinclair. Because then the whole Horus vs Set thing could come into play and then we’d have one of them catching man goo and flinging it into a river.

    What if Tom is more like Tom Hagen from the God Father? Robert Duvalls character.

    Not a blood relative but more of a son and brother to the family than the likes of Fredo.

    A close confidant if you will.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    Much like what was discussed between why it is that Noah and Horace seem to desire the same thing, but are at odds about the methods of doing it, I feel the same can be said of Horace and Tom. They want the same end result, but different methods of getting there.

    In Horace’s call he mentioned that Noah and Sarah had their “crown prince”. The wording is a bit odd to me, as I can’t fully tell if they are insinuating that Noah is the Crown Prince, or if there is another person in play that they follow. Perhaps if they are 10s and there is a King, well what’s the likelihood that this King that Horace and Tom are so linked to may have a son as well…the Crown Prince…and the kids of the baddies identify with this Crown Prince. Hard to say, hard to say.

    As for motivations, well…one of the big take aways from Michelle’s passionate speech at The End was “You can’t program out faith”
    This relates back to something mentioned by @shinobi in another thread. Marty Rathurn and his link to Scientology is a great example.
    In Scientology they have something called Freezoners. These are people that still very much believe in the “faith and teachings” behind the “religion”, but they do not agree with the way the church is currently being run. Many old school believers of Scientology think that LRH’s word is absolute law and when Miscaviage took over, he changed some things (which they call ‘squirreling the tech’) and people had a problem with that. They believed the old book was absolute and the new book was trash lies.
    Marty Rathburn is a freezoner. And a scummy opportunist. When the big media backlash again Scientology started, he threw himself out front as a dissenter of the church and made himself appear as a man against them and their abuses. Marty was very much part of the top dogs that did a lot of bad things and when the ship started sinking, he hopped on a boat and pretended like he was a good guy. But he wasn’t. And he was never not a Scientologist. He never stopped believing in “the tech”. His faith in Scientology never left. All he saw was an opportunity to get himself away from the backlash and look like he was on everyone’s side but in the end he was always a follower.

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     Taylor Winters 

    I actually enjoy this theory. We have heard so many times the words “family affair”. Yet the clear family delineations have not been defined apart from Noah and Horace. Speculation has put Nicole as a sibling to Noah–but has not been confirmed. If Tom is Horace’s brother, then that places a clear family tree as the backbone to Tension and Lust–and possibly for future projects. I would be quite pleased if this were true.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @thebuz A close confidant and a voice of reason, but can he be trusted? Is he someone who turns on them for his own selfish gain?

    @meghanmayhem The Crown Prince theory you’re suggesting is very interesting. I couldn’t tell either if they were eluding to Noah, but say they weren’t, who could be this Prince we are unaware of? Have they been presented to us minutely but we haven’t been looking at the bigger picture? Who is this King and Prince?

    @taysavestheday If this is in fact a theory proven to be true, I am interested to see if Noah’s mother comes into play. Relating to this Egyptian family, she would have a rather interesting relationship with Noah and Horace. Perhaps, Tom somehow got in the way of that family and is the root to all of the separation and conflict?

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      @shankfx22 Well Tom Hagen never betrayed Michael or The Don. He’s no Fredo. So if Tom Barrow is like Tom Hagen he is the most reliable person amongst the family.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Also within this theory, I have a suspicion that the Sinclairs will get their hands on Stacey, inviting her in and promising her power, confidence, and revenge. She is shattered right now, but I think she will come back for vengeance and it may very well be with the Sinclairs claws in her

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @thebuz I’m just speculating that maybe he wants everyone to think he is this person like Tom Hagen to gain everyone’s trust, and then he will pull the rug out from under us and maybe end up being a selfish, power- greedy man

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