What's going on with our IConfidant

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     Meghan Mayhem 


    I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to FaceTime her.

    They’ll probably use the same technology they used for the phone registrations.

     Buz Wallick 


    They’ll probably use the same technology they used for the phone registrations.


    It’s been 18 days since I’ve heard from mine. I’ve sent a couple of check-in emails within the last few days, but still nothing. Also sent Stacey a message. No response.


    Seriously, you guys have stood by while your confidants have disappeared?
    And all you can do is say ‘oh I hope they turn up tomorrow’?

    Didn’t they have names? They were people too.
    They’ve been vanishing one by one. So have forum users-other confidants!
    This thing is dangerous. How do you know there wasn’t a 50% chance it wasn’t YOU not your confidant going missing?


    @iambalrog Thank you for pointing that out. They didn’t tell us their names, but they were allowed to have ours. That’s interesting.

     Gary Price 

    It’s been over a week since i have heard from mine as well. Normally used to hearing back from them every 4-5 days. I even sent them an email asking if they were alright and asking if they knew about sunday, but nothing.

     Lukas L 

    @iambalrog I haven’t gone to the cops for the following reasons.
    1.) I don’t know thier name
    2.) They claim to live in NYC
    3.) I don’t know if they are human
    4.) I am assuming they are dead. They just stopped talking to me. They could very well be busy or wrapped up in life. All I have to go on is the strange coincidence of that whar I told her was my biggest fear, has come to fruition. Or so it seems.
    5.) If my confidant was just some investor trying to get some sort of emotion out of me, this is how I feel they would do it.

    Although I do feel comfort that others are having the same experience. As morbid as that may seem.

    I would be looked at as a bat case if I went to the police and presented them with the thoughts I have. I mean who would create a missing person case, without a missing person.

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