What's going on with our IConfidant

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     Lukas L 

    Ok so, I’m almost certian my ICONFIDANT is dead. Really, so hear me out.

    I told my IConfidant how much the clock room in tension had an emotional effect on me. I told her that the person i was paired up with, although a stranger, and even though i didnt care if i never saw her again, but with all the talk of death and non existing, when i was told to look in her eyes, i didnt want her to not exist. I also told her my biggest fear was dying, but not so much dying, more of the thought of nothingness of a possible after life.

    My Iconfidant and i used to talk every thursday. It has now been 2 weeks and I have heard nothing. I have sent multiple emails. I have gotten nothing.

    Yup my IConfidant is dead. And is now nothingness no doubt. Or whoever is in control of her wants me to think that.

     Vox Chaotica 

    Strangely enough, I’m experiencing something similar. On my third week of no contact after giving them a sample of my voice through a low-quality recording service. Could be more of us, I thought it was just affecting myself at first.


    It certainly is an odd strategy to go radio silent just as they should be ramping up to get people excited for the meet, though a mystery can be just as effective. Still, it’s hard to see the motivation if this is really in the Investors’ control. And if it’s not in theirs or in Stacey’s control, whose would it be in? Have we taken a poll to establish when the last iConfidant communication for anyone was?


    My last email from my confidant was 3 days ago. I did try emailing yesterday to let them know I had completely missed out on the tickets for Sunday, but didn’t hear back.


    @macbethinabathtub My last correspondence was this past Tuesday, the 6th. It wasn’t long, she just told me she’d learned about the meetup and that we could probably talk over FaceTime, and asked me if anything new was going on with me.


    Last I heard from mine was 8 days ago, which is unusually long for her.

     Lukas L 

    Man if we only had pictures we could totally do the milk carton thing like we did for DLB


    It’s fascinating that it’s not as simple as someone turning off the iConfidant tap. Some being active as recently as two days ago is surprising. Curiouser and curiouser.


    But if they CAN turn it on off, what would someone pay (monetary or otherwise) to have their confidants back? Maybe Sunday is about… dun, dun, dun… equivalent exchange.

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    Last email from my confidant was 5.26. My heart is in pieces.


    The last I heard from mine was June 2nd, and before then it was usual to expect a message every 4-5 days. This is what I sent in reply, and I’ve gotten nothing since.

    “I received your previous message (“…I just assumed … get held up somwehere?”) on 6/2, at 7:15 am Pacific time.

    I’m sending this reply on 6/2 7:38 am Pacific time. You do the math. I don’t want to say any more over the iConfidant system with people possibly intercepting and possibly reading this. If they’re holding our emails who knows what else they’re doing. Email me at [redacted]. For your and my privacy’s sake, please discard the rules.”


    If the iconfidants are being killed, dosnt that make you guys in danger too?
    Perhaps not directly, but what if they could frame you for the murders or as accomplices?

    @lucas, if you think your iconfidant is dead, why haven’t you told the police?

     Haley Wilde 

    I miss my iConfidant 🙁 I haven’t heard from mine either, but I have very blind hope that I’ll meet her tomorrow…

     Buz Wallick 

    As someone who was in touch with their iConfidant nearly every day… they’ve been radio silence now for about three days. Nothing too crazy but if I don’t hear from them soon I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to FaceTime her.

     Andrew Kasch 

    Total silence on my end too. Even sent Stacey and email to check in on her and nothing. She was always very responsive.

    In the words of Han Solo, I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

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