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     Bryan Bishop 

    Starting this here in speculation because my first question is… what exactly is this site?

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    My guess is it’s Michelle’s new playground… and we’re her newfound toys…

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     Jon K 

    Congrats on popping the lust cherry! As of now….I have no idea.

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    Definitely like the new forum format, can’t wait to pick at the site

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     Taylor Winters 

    Looking into things now as well! SO happy to be here!

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    If Tension’s site was a recruitment page for the OOA, then the Lust site could be a sign up/interactive ad of sorts for the OSDM’s next party.

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     Mustafa Said 

    This place looks pretty clean. Kinda wish the colors were a bit darker-bit hard on my eyes but that’s just personal nitpicking.

    Didn’t think this was going to go live now. The journey begins.

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    @julierei Michelle can take me to her playground and make me her shiny new toy and day of the week.

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    Hey everyone… well here we go again! For those who were not a part of Tension, welcome. For all those returning, let’s be sure to greet and welcome everyone here with open arms. Remember everyone the more you participate and search the more you get out of it. Keep checking the forums regularly and allow yourselves to be open to the experience. Good luck everyone.

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       Josiah Salazar 

      Hello everyone! Day one! How exciting!

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     Lukas L 

    Round Two. Ding Ding!!!!

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    And here we go…!

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    Just saying hi to everyone. Glad to jump in on day 1.

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     Chelsea Morgan 

    Incredibly happy to be back! Though, very cautious. After what Michelle pulled at The End… However, so freaking excited!!! Hi everyone!!!

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    Just saying hello! Glad we’re all here together – day one. Anyone else loving the titles of the new forums? I can’t wait to see all of the things that get discussed. Until then, patiently waiting for more. xx

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     Winston Smith 

    Here we go again…

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     Tucker Barkley 

    Excited to get in on this more than I did with Tension. Here we go

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     Gary Price 

    I missed tension because I found out about all of this too late, but am so stoked for this! Can’t wait!

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     Jason Pedroza 

    And away we go! Allons-y!

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    So excited to be here at the beginning this time (unlike Tension where I joined in July and played catch up for weeks!). Back to the fun of attempting to solve puzzles while you all sleep and watching Periscopes at stupid o’clock in the morning – oh regular sleep pattern, it was nice to see you again, albeit briefly…

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    I’m here! I made it! What’d I miss????

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     Kyle Bown 

    I came in to Tension at the very end (like basically just participated in the event itself the second to last weekend). Can’t wait to go through the whole thing this time!

    Is there a way to quickly see what posts are new/you haven’t seen before?

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    @bruinbown Kyle, welcome aboard! I’m in a similar situation as you, jumping into tension right as it ended. You can go to http://thelustexperience.com/activity to see the newest posts, or if you prefer, you can subscribe to the RSS feed here: http://thelustexperience.com/activity/feed

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       Kyle Bown 

      @izryn Thank you! that helps tremendously!

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    And now reality, once again, begins to bend.

    So excited, everyone.

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     Christine Barger 

    That would be great if it’s for personal ads. There should be a section for “Encounters” if that’s the case though…right? 🙂

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     Nate Marcum 

    Your boy is back for Lust. It’s been a day and I already feel the same electric surge I felt when I discovered Tension. I am psyched for round two, like Ghostbusters 2. The gang’s all back, but this will be less disappointing than Ghostbusters 2. I’m ecstatic to rekindle old bonds and form new ones. Let’s kick some butt until May 1st, when we will kick more butt.

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    Sharpening our signs for round 2… 😉

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