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     Sarah Musnicky 

    @thebuz I’ll be impressed when I have had coffee and stop wondering why they didn’t have safety nets to go alongside said booby traps…

     Andrew Kasch 

    “You are all so conspiracy minded…”

    Whatever could’ve put that in our heads?



    This is not a narrative hiccup. That is some BS.

     Michael Rizzo 

    I wouldn’t so much say this is IT @addisonborn. I just woke up so forgive me if I’m totally wrecking this but IT=MyChild, correct? Inwhich case I wouldn’t see why IT would be the software they use for storyline reveals. That plus I’m fairly certain this ain’t just come software going haywire

     Lawrence Meyers 

    I think my crisis management fees just went up.


    @rizzzoooooo I thought IT was the AI developed alongside iConfidant, and what they were replacing the creators with? And MyChild was a different beast.. I may be completely misremembering, don’t have notes in front of me at the moment.

     Brad Ruwe 

    My take was that IT was the original AI. Developed by Stacey, modified by The Investors to replace DLB and CS. MyChild if I understand it correctly was the next stage of development Stacey made on it to get revenge on The Investors.

     Julie R Goldstein 

    There is no narrative. There is only Anoch.

     Twan Intarathuch 

    If there’s nothing to hide, no danger to the audience, then there’s no reason to delete anything.

     Bryan Bishop 

    I don’t have all the source links handy, but I believe the reveal was that IT was the original AI from Stacey, as @nothenrygale points out. The shadow accounts on the forums were test runs to see if it could impersonate community members. The next step was going to be for IT to replace Noah Sinclair, which is what prompted his freakout.

    After everybody’s motives became clear, however, Stacey turned it into MyChild, and embedded it into the forums (and, it’s been inferred, other OSDM systems).

    My gut is that IT/MyChild isn’t behind the HiB because it’s not openly adopting the personality of somebody that we know. Instead, HiB is a secret account. MyChild accounts wouldn’t need to be kept secret, because impersonation is one of its strengths.

     Michael Rizzo 

    Yes yes, looking back now you guys are right. MyChild was the next stage of that program after being tweaked by Stacey. And I have to agree with @bcbishop, guy is telling me this is no software… this is a someone and not a something.


    Update from Hostess in Black:


    You beat me to it.

    Can’t wait!

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     Bryan Bishop 

    So… a certain small dog lover is now following the Hostess in Black Twitter account. Link right here.


    Update from HostessInBlack:

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