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    This morning, there was a hiccup within the narrative. We have a lot of storylines that are on timed releases. Accidentally, one of our characters Hostess In Black moved ahead earlier than intended. (next chapter).

    Once this happened it launched a series of events we quickly tried to rectify by deleting posts and hiding this narrative thread.

    You are all so conspiracy minded that you jumped onto this rapidly, and it snowballed out of control.

    Please note for the next 24 hours we will be doing updated maintenance and may be removing a few posts here and there to maintain the integrity of our narrative.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Do you have any information on the Hostess In Black Twitter account which seems to contradict what you’re saying here?

     Bryan Bishop 

    You’re sounding an awful lot like Dr. Ford in this post, @thecontroller. Did a fly unexpectedly land on Hostess in Black?

     Brad Ruwe 

    If this is the case, why is the Twitter account still rolling? If this was just a simple character in your narrative, why is she still going off in a place you can’t “control” the narrative? Something doesn’t match up here.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    What @kevin said…@thecontroller the Hostess in Black started calling us out for deleting things, but that was your effort to control an accidental release of a character? Seems a bit problematic…


    So hold up. This is getting brushed off by insinuating that HiB is IT, and just had a glitch?

     Sarah Musnicky 

    Also blaming us for it snowballing is an excellent way of saying that you fucked up. Deflection tends to signify that.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    @addisonborn Indeed…


    Your “storyline” doesn’t seem to agree @thecontroller. Good luck though.


    Oh, neat. “Everything is fine” and it’s our fault.

    Cool gaslighting, brosdm.

     Lukas L 

    @thecontroller thank you. I enjoy the shadows from the firelight far more than what ever we see when we exit this cave.


    What maintenance would be required…? Any time that a disgruntled real person with actual insider information mistimed scheduled release has come up before, much less severe methods were taken to silence them.

     Hannah Schenck 

    So why bring in Stephanie then? If it was a narrative hiccup, why call another actress to bury the Hostess in Black? This does not add up…

     Buz Wallick 

    Is no one else impressed that they have a series of Indiana Jones type booby traps that can be tripped and set off a chain of events and interactions? That’s some damn cool sophisticated storytelling devices.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    @thecontroller Now I am curious to see how this censorship goes moving forward. 🙂

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