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    They want our emotions, but if we stop playing ball, they’ll figure out a different way to get what they’re looking for.

    That is terrifying, but probably right on the nose.



    RE: New Moon Ritual

    So…if that happened and there was a conception….

    I wonder what the fuck we’re going to be witnessing 9-ish months from now?

     Lauren Bello 

    @addisonborn Yup – this is why I vote for continuing to believe those who claim to seek our help.

    To quote a Megan Amram tweet, “Would you rather: accidentally help a villain, or accidentally punish an innocent? Your answer defines all your political beliefs” what faction you’re in. I think this is one of the fundamental differences between factions: the Resistance always errs on the side of accidentally helping a villain rather than ever risking punishing an innocent. It’s something I’m ok with.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    The only thing that I am mulling over right now in my sleep deprived state is why am I being warned to get away and leave? Just because it’s convenient in isolating @nothenrygale? Aside from me delivering information to you all last night and it being revealed that we are a select group of 5 that have not been assigned a handler of sorts, I am baffled by my role in any of this.

     Brad Ruwe 

    I’ve been wondering the same thing today @mamatato. She never told US to leave, only told you to leave. It could be she wasn’t aware we live together, but I was in the start of the Periscope, and if it’s true she got your address from OSDM files, I’d be shocked if those files didn’t include that a second participant lived there as well. I’d assume that if you’re in danger, so am I. Unless whatever the danger was she was trying to get you to run from was only targeting you.

    Man my head hurts thinking about this.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    You know me, @nothenrygale. I don’t generally see myself as important enough to warrant someone being sent after me or anyone making a fuss over me. So the whole thing is just baffling. I theorize that someone was probably going to be sent after you and she just wanted me out of dodge but, unfortunately, I fear I may be wrong this time around. I would very much like to be right…

     Meghan Mayhem 

    As per usual, I completely agree with you @daela and @addisonborn. As much fun as it probably is to be the baddie sometimes, in my heart I know that I want to be on the side of good and help people. I will not foolishly and blindly run into any scenario, but I will listen to what someone has to say and not discredit it them immediately simply because there’s a chance it may bite me in the ass later. I’ll carry that screaming woman out of a burning fire and then figure out later on the safety of the street if she’s an asshole that poured the gasoline or not.

     Kevin Hsu 

    I agree with @addisonborn and @daela. There are so many things that we don’t know and may never be able to prove, but we should try our best to do the right thing. I’m still a cautious skeptic, you won’t find me running blindly into danger; but if I can help somehow, I will.


    Just want to make it clear that in my earlier posts I wasn’t advocating inaction. I was simply pointing out reasons to be wary and the need to go into these things with eyes wide open and the knowledge it could be a trap…

     Lauren Bello 

    We got you @blondie! You’re right, odds are high that it’s a trap of some sort. It’s a tough balance for us all to strike, for ALL factions – following the leads we’re given without being too gullible. I think we’re all getting better at it with practice.

     Lauren Bello 

    Listening to this recording…do you think there’s a reason why the driver changes the music so often when they’re in the car? One song is interrupted after a minute, one is interrupted after five seconds or so…none of the songs ever seem to finish before we’re rushed into the next song.


    @daela Not to mention that some of the songs were chopped up. Moonlight Sonata does not sound like that.

     Lauren Bello 

    A few updates for the transcript:

    POS?: You! You there! Do not look away at the two bodies in front of you. They’re connected- inside and out. The procreate here for a purpose much greater than you can possibly grasp.
    Cynthia: What is this?
    SPOS?: Bring her forward.

    Between “much greater than you can possibly grasp” and “Bring her forward,” the guy says, “Watch without embarrassment or reservation.”

    Tonight, we remove the pressures of your life of your life by allowing her life to spittle freely.

    What I heard was, “Tonight, we remove the pressures of her world by allowing her life to spill freely.”

    You are apart of something-
    >some dude yelling THIS ENDS NOW
    and they are part of you.

    I heard only one person saying “You are a part of something and this is now a part of you.”

    There’s also chanting during the drumming, maybe someone with better audio equipment can figure out what they’re chanting?

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