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     Winston Smith 

    @remrelganaps It totally reminded me of Sneakers, with Whistler duplicating the tire noises to determine which bridge they crossed.


    @winstonsmith I am comforted to know that you and I enjoy a civil skepticism of each other’s positions, more of that, please.

     Robert Fuller 

    @winstonsmith I think you kind of nailed it. So what are we saying here? What’s the endgame? What do they want to build with the Lego blocks?

     Twan Intarathuch 


    I really enjoyed your breakdown about modularizing participant’s experiences. There’s something for everyone. I just want to point out that no matter what path we find ourselves on, we are probably all fucked. I can’t really see a scenario where anyone has a happy ending 😉


    Exactly @genghistwan. Nobody “wins,” and whatever happens to us, happens to all of us, no matter where you lay your cards.

    And damn it’s good to have you back.

     Winston Smith 

    @wanda102 If I’m ever not civil to another participant, I would hope someone would smack me upside the head, and let me know. Even when we disagree, the other participants are the reason I want to be here. Shit’s gonna get heated, but it should never get personal.

     Lauren Bello 

    I agree with Erzen, this is the New Moon ritual. Note the name of the file: 7-24-17b.mp4. The New Moon was on 7/23/17. If this recording were made after midnight that night, that would explain the date.

    A reminder of what happened that night, according to Instagram: “The New moon brought with it New life.” Was something conceived during this ritual?

    Also, according to Instagram in reference to the New Moon, “His sacrifice delivers change.”

     Winston Smith 

    @remrelganaps Perhaps we’re all just rats on a treadmill, furiously running nowhere, while TPTB harness all that energy, and direct it towards some nefarious purpose. As long as the rat is running, it thinks it’s getting somewhere.

     Winston Smith 

    @daela Oh shit, the full moon was last night.

     Twan Intarathuch 


    It’s good to be back. When shit goes down, I know I’d want to have you as an ally. *cue Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring music

     Lauren Bello 

    On the subject of whether or not the Hostess truly needs our help…

    We’ve spoken a lot about the boy who cried wolf. I wonder if crying wolf is a desensitizing tactic of the OSDM.

    Tom asked for us to help Addison by giving her Cat Bear. If all he needed was for someone to “trigger” her, he could have given Cat Bear to her directly: he had hired her, brainwashed her, and most likely had better ways of accessing her. But he involved Russell, he involved us, so we’d jump at the chance to save Addison, and fail. First case of crying wolf.

    Kristen called Morgan and urged him to run. Urged him to tell all of us to stay far, far away from the iConfidant Meet and Greet. Turned out, she didn’t actually need our help. She was playing games to get us to show up. Second case of crying wolf.

    Now, we’re suspicious of anyone who asks for our help. Our first reaction when someone asks for our help in escaping is to accuse them of crying wolf.

    Could this be exactly what the OSDM wants?

     Brad Ruwe 

    @daela THIS THIS SO MUCH FUCKING THIS. “Boy who cried wolf” was one of the very first things to come up from our interactions with Noah. This “System” Noah rubs me the wrong way in every possible way, but I really think that’s not the REAL him. Helmet, sex ritual, whatever the hell happened I think this isn’t who he really is, and he’s dropping hints to that.

    When the boy cries wolf time and time again, no one listens to him when wolves ACTUALLY show up. It’s entirely possible he saw that they were prepping us to not believe what we were being told, and slipped that reference to us early on as a means to remind us that there will come a point when the person crying for help is legitimately in need of it. Could we be getting played AGAIN? Sure. But it’s entirely possible that’s exactly what OSDM wants us to believe so they can keep getting away with what they’re doing.


    Wow, all caught up!! Not much to add but here are some thoughts about last night:

    “Elizabeth” the iconfidant hostess is looking for another “hostess in black?” On slack someone referred HIB as Briana or Cynthia? Anyone know where that came from or where she could have (played) a “hostess”?

    What did “Elizabeth” do at the retreat? “I’ve done things…” Not just a sex ritual.

    We are supposed to ask questions and dig deeper, look to the side of the cardboard castle. I’m laughing thinking of all of us asking “what happened at the retreat? What were you shown?” to every cast member over and over on the 13th!!


    @sfire8 Elizabeth (among other names she’s used) is the one who met with @mamatato last night and it looks like she was the host from the iConfidant event. She is not Hostess In Black. She doesn’t know where Hostess In Black is, but confirmed that HIB’s name is Brianna.

    When she said she’d done things, I took it to mean that she had deceived or done things to us. At one point on Slack she mentioned that she recognized people at the iConfidant meet, but hadn’t said anything.


    @daela @nothenrygale so with the OSDM desensitizing us with all the “crying wolf”, we’re being given two choices.

    – call any call for help a false flag and walk away. we’re not giving the OSDM what they want, we’re walking away unharmed, but there’s a chance that whoever’s reaching out to us may not be, and that’s now on us.

    – assist those looking for our help. as we’ve seen so far, we’re most likely getting played. BUT the 1/10 times we’re not, we’re legitimately helping someone. for the other cases, we just need to stay strong.

    We’re already marks for their bullshit, and if they wanted us gone, we’d be gone. They want our emotions, but if we stop playing ball, they’ll figure out a different way to get what they’re looking for.

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