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    Oh yes, totally convenient timing… But too clumsy, too obvious, too BASIC, for it to actually be The Resistance.

     Brad Ruwe 

    I’d agree. The thought that this could be @111error‘s doing did cross my mind for a moment. And hell, it still may be. He did say he was looking to copy the OSDM’s tactics. BUT, after this weekend, I feel like I know his motivations are not nefarious. I could have misread him, but based on what I saw when I stepped into the darkness, I don’t believe that to be the case. This is a case where I absolutely do plan to follow her instructions, ask the actors about the retreat. See how they respond.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @blondie Going less for it being them… more that The Resistance has been serving the ultimate goals of The Experience…


    Could it be someone else entirely? It feels too easy and obvious no matter which side you come at it from right now. Hostess in Black indicated that the current Resistance was a game, which could point towards a new, third faction. We have no way of knowing if there are more people on board with that right now though.

    The woman @mamatato spoke with last night confirmed that HiB’s name is Brianna last night on Slack. I don’t recall anyone showing up by that name, does anyone else?


    I’m with @blondie and @bcbishop and @wanda102. No surprise there.

    We’ve been told over and over – there is no more out of game. There are no more walls. Sometimes we’ve been told this en masse on these forums and sometimes in private conversations but regardless when do we start listening? We are being tricked into believing there is a fiction, very conveniently created to keep us here. God even I was convinced to stay after I said I was leaving! That’s amazing when you think about it.

    And speaking of no coincidences did anyone see what mike posted with the photo of the contract? The last line from Hotel California. We are stuck here and they’re going to keep inventing exactly what we need to be convinced to stay.

     Twan Intarathuch 

    All I can say about everything is that watching everyone jump into action, organize all the data and come together to decipher clues is very satisfying. Whether or not this is just another wild goose chase or legit warning, I am eager to see how everyone bands together to uncover what lies within the shadows.
    @nothenrygale @mamatato GOOD LUCK!

    @thebuz Thanks for bringing me back. I forgot how fun this is.

     Bryan Bishop 

    Hostess in Black indicated that the current Resistance was a game, which could point towards a new, third faction.

    Good point, @kevin. Is it time for a new Team Fuck Everyone to emerge?


    But what could a third faction be, saving of people? Hunting down the missing family members and friends? Spurred lovers? Fuck the Experience as a whole?

    Just more distractions.

     Twan Intarathuch 


    I’m already on Team Fuck Everyone OOG

     Bryan Bishop 

    @theladyj Would probably have to be a faction aligned around not buying any of the convenient, pre-digested narratives we’re being fed on all sides. That would include “honorable rebel alliance” narratives.

    According to the Slack discussion last night (if it’s legit), the retreat ritual was designed to look like theater. It wasn’t. It’s probably wise to assume that everything we’ve seen thus far across the board could be the same. As @coryphella pointed out, there is no fourth wall. And almost everything in the past six weeks has been designed in some fashion to get us to stay. To buy in. To engage. With The Experience.

    On one hand — sure, they’re distractions. But on the other, we’re all still here, living it up in the Hotel California.


    @nothenrygale (knowing that I may have to eat these words one day, in this fucked up world) I wouldn’t say Morgan’s actions are nefarious, not at all. He is one of the finest people I know and if his movement proves to be serving nefarious means, I’d think he’s completely unaware of it.

     Buz Wallick 


    But what could a third faction be, saving of people? Hunting down the missing family members and friends?

    Saving people, hunting things. The family business.

    Team Sam and Dean forever.



    I’ve always thought, along the ideas of ‘Promised theater was not theater, but some wonky on the DL shit,’ that escape rooms in the wrong hands could easily create a farm of victims. And one pays to do it. Immersive theater and pseudo-escape-horror themed adventures ask us to ignore the safety mechanisms in our brain, against all reason and logic because…like, right?…Right? no one ever died from a game? Especially not a deal Shannon found on Groupon? There are horror stories about casting calls, but that’s not you right, not on your first big break in LA?

    We’re all cautionary tales at some point. So is this a true event, or a spiced up Urban Legend with a Noir flair promotion.

    Yes sir, you were eagar to light fires from the beginning.

     Winston Smith 

    @wanda102 You make some really good points, and you’re absolutely right that we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion “OSDM BAD, BOS GOOD”, just because someone showed up telling us what we expected to hear about OSDM. I happen to think she’s likely to be credible, but you’re absolutely right that the “damsel in distress” bit is more than a little familiar at this point.

    If the point is that the “damsel” is one of their standard tools, then I guess the takeaway is that OSDM has graduated out of it’s “startup phase”, and is now in full growth mode, spreading its poison around the world. That could also explain the apparent willingness to absorb significant financial losses as a consequence of their startup phase.

    If the point is that BOS will save the cheerleader, and save the world, then that does feel like a bad omen. There’s definitely something to the idea that whatever the subjects “want”, gets delivered to them in a well controlled package, almost as if it were collecting dust on a shelf, waiting to be called into action again.

    “Oh, you’re the rebellious sort? That’s great, we’ve got just the BOS for you. RABBLE RABBLE!”

    “You’re looking for a greater purpose in life? Have you met my friend Anoch? Isn’t he/she/it the greatest?”

    “You’d like to be more self-confident/assertive in life? Well, my friend, let me tell you all about The System, and what it can do for you!”

    “Feeling lonely? Wouldn’t you like an iConfidant to share your deepest, darkest secrets with? You know, someone who *really* gets you?”

    These components *do* feel suspiciously modular, like Lego blocks.

     Robert Fuller 


    The weirdest and most unnerving thing is how long the classical music was going on…without any other voices or movement. It almost sounded like someone walking through an empty party for a long time.

    I think they’re in a car. There are engine sounds, and then we hear the music being shut off and keys jingling, and then outdoor sounds and a door closing. They’re taking her to the location, with a hood over her head so she won’t know where it is.

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