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    Chanting? Drum beating?
    Weird sounds ahoy!

     Brad Ruwe 

    Well I was going to sleep tonight…

    It sounds like if any of us are friends with the Tension cast, they may be in some serious trouble.

     Brad Ruwe 

    And is the voice on the audio file Horace?


    Yup. No sleep tonight for me. This is insane.


    @mamatato @nothenrygale

    The drop box audio file has to be recorded in the Sinclair house, Classical music is like the Sinclair (house/compound) theme. Like from the happy family periscope and otis’s as well.


     Sarah Musnicky 

    I am going to get ready for bed. I am sure Ruck and Kevin have proper screengrabs of what transpired in the Slack. I hope things are alright for my mysterious visitor


    @mamatato I’m working on typing out what was said in the slack. Hold tight.

     Brad Ruwe 

    Exhaustion And nerves on high levels tonight. I swear, if I have Lust nightmares again…

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    From the slack:

    “I only have a few moments, Sarah. I’m sure you can verify my identity. We don’t have a lot of time. No, I don’t have a lot of time. Most of you will write this off as some hoax leading up to something. Others will make a joke out of it. My friend went missing because of it. I love immersive theater, I thought I was joining something amazing. Don’t let any of them fool you. What transpires behind the scenes, the training, the ‘theatrics,’ I know you have no reason to believe me. I wouldn’t. Next time you cross paths with an actor, ask them, look in their eyes. Look in there [sic] face and ask about the retreats, what they are shown. Don’t believe something just because it pretends to be entertainment.

    Sorry, I was kicked out [of the slack chat]. Even for us [the actors??] they make it a show. A game. Theater. This is much darker than the system, or a dating site. These are their lures, how they try to catch you.

    I have to run. Listen to the audio. On the surface, a mock event for us, bonding, building, giving us a taste. It wasn’t. I was hired two months back for some event, some bar. Some of who were there I couldn’t talk [to]. I tried to. [Hannah: “Elizabeth?] I have so many names. Elizabeth, Janice, Nancy. They change them, and us. They hire a lot of people out of town and bring them in. They want people with low social profiles, people harder to trace back. Sometimes they can’t. They use a ‘Sabrina.’ No everyone are actors. They put us in so people think it’s ‘theater.’ I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up. I am sorry to all of you, for anything I have ever done to harm any of you. It’s not ever going to be okay, and I was partially responsible for this. [People in chat are telling her to go, to take off] I am going, but I’ve done things. How do you wake up tomorrow and pretend none of this happened? I don’t know the plant. Brianna never told me. [She] was scared. [Kevin: Brianna is the Hostess in Black?] Yes.

    Listen to me. Look closer, ask more questions, there [sic] cardboard palace only looks legit from the front. Go to the sides.”



    Part of the audio mention that these “strangers will become your brothers and sisters.” There was a strong sense of familial bonds running through the iConfidant event and @bcbishop‘s Joyce note mentioned something about being connected through bloodlines or something similar. Clear through-line there between everything all pointing back to OSDM.

     George Zuniga 

    I have a transcript of the audio here!:


    Cynthia: Hi, how are you? Where are we going?

    Unknown: Cynthia, moving forward, there is no more talking. Please put on this hood.


    >car starts moving

    >someone gets a text (phone vibration)

    >some weird ass unintelligible noise

    >more ear rape/movement within clothing

    >fucking creepy piano music

    >this goes on for a while

    >random skipping of piano arranged classical music

    >…. same shit

    >oh, suddenly violins, how exciting

    >suddenly more ear rape/movement

    >9:20-ish car suddenly stops

    Unknown: Please take off your hood.

    >shuffling for a bit. probably walking.

    >footsteps through grass, maybe leaf-covered pavement

    >timpani drums

    >more shuffling, walking

    >timpani drums continue, followed by weird deafening tone

    Some Priest or Something?:Tonight, and each night after you are reborn, you walk toward us and be with us(?)… power of sacrifice. We all sacrifice. Some with emotion. Some with power. And some… with blood. Tonight, however, it’s about bonding. You’ll bond with us, and those who you stand with. Look around you. To your left. And right. You stand with strangers! In a moment’s time, these strangers will become your brothers. You all share something that cannot be bought, or downloaded or described.

    >Sudden pause

    SPOS?: You! You there! Do not look away at the two bodies in front of you. They’re connected- inside and out. The procreate here for a purpose much greater than you can possibly grasp.

    Cynthia: What is this?

    SPOS?: Bring her forward. She stands before you. As was the day she was born. Look at her. Soak in who she his. Her hopes. Her dreams. Her fears. Look her in the eyes- she, her as a person who is sacrificing her modesty for you. Touch her. Feel her skin. Her warmth. Her heartbeat. Now realize, this is but a vessel. A suit of skin. The life inside her is trapped- trapped by flesh and bones. She has a name. She has a name. Her name can change. She had a career. Her career can change. She is whoever we say she is.

    Tonight, we allow her to reach her full true profession. We give her the feeling of repreive from the perils of this room. Tonight, we remove the pressures of your life of your life by allowing her life to spittle freely. THE NEOPHYTES SHALL NOT SPEAK.

    >drumming starts again

    Cynthia: What is this place?

    >drumming, weird low droning noises- maybe another drum

    SPOS: Who you all once were will die tonight. People will look at your bodies and remember you by another name. Smile at them. And nod. Act the part of who they remember you being, but know you are not that person. That person died here, tonight. Tonight, you are somebody new. You are apart of something-

    >some dude yelling THIS ENDS NOW

    and they are part of you. The events tonight never happened. You will never speak of the things that occurred here. If one talks, you endanger all. Now go. Go in his light. Become the name you have been given.

    >Chanting. Anoch.

    Fucking. Creepy. Also, excuse my sassyness. I’m not keen on my ears being attacked.

     Winston Smith 

    Great transcription, thank you so much for that. It’s gonna be helpful in the morning when I’m not on Ambien.

     Brian E 

    Excellent job on the periscope @mamatato , and @nothenrygale thanks for getting the file online so quick. First thing I did when I woke up was listen to the file.

    Could this have been the New Moon event that was supposed to take place?


    “They’re connected- inside and out. The procreate here for a purpose much greater than you can possibly grasp.”

    ….sounds like ritual sex to me.

    “She has a name. Her name can change. She had a career. Her career can change. She is whoever we say she is.”

    …. is this how the handlers/attendants got their names?

    So many questions.

     Julie R Goldstein 

    “Go in his light…”

    Horace is a true believer… He understands the power of Anoch…

    I’ve been wrong about him…

    Glory Be, my brother in Anoch!

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