Two Calls on 03/01

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    Yesterday I received two phone calls.

    The first call came at 5:25. It was a automated female’s voice.

    Voice: The Halfblood Princess. How are you?
    Me: Good
    Voice: Do you trust Cristen?
    Me: I do
    Voice: Why?
    Me: Because she’s always had my confidence. I hope she does. She hasn’t given me a reason to not trust her.
    Voice: It is always darkest before dawn even before a full moon.

    So the speculation went to why would Cristen come under suspicion. Why would they want me or anyone to think @wanda102 isn’t trust worthy? She has never given me a sprinkle of doubt that she isn’t.

    As people were discussing this in Slack, I got another call at 6:43. This time it was a man. He spoke in a whisper. After saying “hello,”

    Him: She lies
    Me: I find that hard to believe
    Him: You will soon see

    I hate myself for not asking who. Like I really feel I fucked that up. Because I was naturally thinking he was speaking about Cristen. Just about an hour before, I got a call that asked me if I trusted her.

    After everything that happened last night with the 5 who met with Morgan, I can’t help but lean towards the second call being about Lia. I’m not saying she’s lying. I’m saying that the caller is saying she’s lying.

    I’m trying to connect things. So, here we go….

    I was the one who spoke to Zane about DLB at the MSE. When this got brought up again, things started happening… @111error said the creators were not to be trusted. @a said they weren’t. Weird things started happening on Slack. Cristen is close to some answers. She’s getting on target. Everytime she does, something goes awry.

    People stated getting calls from the automated female. I think they’re all connected to mine about Cristen. Do I trust her enough to listen to her? Maybe the call wasn’t negative but positive? A few people were asked if they were ready to follow and the word illuminated was used.

    They talk and they talk but should you be listening? They lie. They distort the path. I hope your desire to be illuminated remains strong

    Thank you @kevin for giving me Candace’s call:)

    Illuminating is to be made clear, to throw light on and also to enlighten with knowledge. Cristen has been throwing light on pieces of the puzzle someone doesn’t want us to solve.

    When I met with Zane, he did tell me not to trust “The Master” who we know is DLB. He said bad things always happen when he is around, really bad things. But, I also said he could have been an unreliable narrator. At the end of our conversation, I asked Zane what his name was… He replied “Zane.. as in inZANE” and began to laugh hysterically. His flip in personality offers some doubt in his stability.

    I’m not jumping on the train just yet that @the-creators are bad. There are still a lot of holes and questions. My gut right now is telling me that the one I should trust is @wanda102.

    @wanda102 Has been quoting “The path of least resistance is the path of the loser.” Look at the community now. They were handed a villian last night and they ran with it, the majority of people accepted that DLB and Clint were the bad guys (and maybe they are). My mind was blown by what was being told to us. But, believing this immediately is the path of least resistance. It puts a group that was so divisive on the same page for a common fight.

    People want to blame someone for atrocities they believe have been committed against people by The Order/OSDM etc.. They were handed two villians (scapegoats?) last night by someone in the community people adore and love. Especially Clint.

    My gut is telling me there are so many more questions that need to be answered (of course, new info = 1000 more questions). I know the community will start asking. Isn’t it foolish to jump without looking first?

    But… Where is Noah? Where is Sabrina? Where is Mason? Where is Cecilia (because I especially miss her)?

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