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    I was contacted this morning by The Powers That Be to address last night’s events and to ensure that we have a solution going forward. To start, let us be exceptionally clear about something last night. The drop last night was out of game, done by a game-jacker. Whoever this person is, you are threatening The Lust Experience directly and by undermining the trust of The Creators’, you are directly damaging the LA Immersive as a whole. If you’re reading this, what you’ve done introduces mistrust into every single interaction that any person has with any meeting in any immersive and you should be ashamed of what you’ve done.

    Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s address how we need to move forward. The Lust Experience requires a certain level of trust in The Creators. Unfortunately, as last night has shown us, that trust can be manipulated by those who would use it for their own gain. In order for the story to move forward, The Creators to remain behind the curtain, but the community needs an avenue in which they can address their questions or concerns.

    The Powers That Be have tapped me for this purpose. I can now be used as a go-between for the community and The Creators. I will act as quickly as I can to remove game jacking, spam, or overly aggressive posts. Further, if you EVER have a question or concern you can address it to me. If you want to verify if a drop is real. If you think you’re being unfairly attacked on a forum. If you want to see what is or what isn’t, I’ll do the best I can to immediately get back to you. I’m available on here, and I get push notifications on my Facebook account if you need a faster response.

    I can be used to address verification issues like that, and I can be further used to address other issues that some have had. Issues like the Noah email fiasco that some were hurt be. Remember this going forward: The Lust Experience is a huge, complex one, with multiple storylines and entry points. We’ve only just begun but it does not serve you to compare your experience to another’s. Everyone will have a different path, and some paths will be frustrating and dark and will make you feel things, but please trust that The Powers That Be are going to handle this. If you ever doubt that, please talk to me.

    I’ll be continuing to work with The Powers That Be to ensure that issues like this don’t happen again, but for now… Let’s talk about it here.

    TL;DR: I am now an intermediary between the community and The Powers That Be. Contact me here, on Facebook, text, or carrier pigeon if you ever want to verify, question, or complain.

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    We have our Dad back!!!! Hurray!

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    So much respek on your name for this right now ❤️ @thegilded

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    @michelle “daddy” would fit the lust theme for sure Hahahaha

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    Thank you in advance for your service, @thegilded. <3

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    The Sintry is back! Congrats @thegilded but I have a question re:

    If you want to verify if a drop is real. If you think you’re being unfairly attacked on a forum. If you want to see what is or what isn’t

    Wouldn’t this take some of the immersiveness out of the experience? What I mean is, if every time something happens, people ask you if it’s legit, it kind of ruins it. Will there be a time limit of sorts as to when to verify? Will there be a cap on how many times someone can ask? I know it sounds silly, but we’re supposed to be living in this world and if that world keeps getting verified, it might take us out of it.

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    Oh yay! @thegilded ! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. :3

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     Brad Ruwe 

    So glad to hear. Thank you for taking on this responsibility @thegilded!

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     Kyle Bown 

    I’m definitely not calling you Daddy…

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    @creepsociety You are definitely correct! hahahaha

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    @mike absolutely a good point. I will be very much trying to limit how much hand holding I give to people, and also remember that I am not the creators so won’t have the full story. I very much encourage and will be pressing for people to use that service as rarely as possible but if someone needs to have some reassurance that the geotag that they found under the stall in the bathroom actually leads to an in-game location instead of a rape alley, I can be that safety net.

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     Andrew Kasch 

    This makes me ridiculously happy.

    In total honesty, it’s been so frustrating trying to stay on top of all this considering how convoluted everything has become recently. The forums may be a gameboard, but it’s become impossible to see the playing field anymore. I’m glad you’re here to restore some order, @thegilded. Been waiting for someone to go all Judge Dredd on this place.

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    Awesome, thanks @thegilded Thumbs up 🙂

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     The Creators 

    Our last response before we disappear @mike.

    No, we do not want Participants calling and emailing to find out if things are in game or our of game all of the time. Yes, that will kill what this is.

    If something is out of bounds, it will be deleted from the forums.

    We consider out of bounds anyone or anything that tries to control, confuse, or manipulate players and the experience merely for someones own agenda.

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    Thank you @the-creators

    Noted in scope and mirror

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    Thank you @thecontroller and @the-creators I’m looking forward for the madness ahead. @thegilded I hope there is never cause to reach out to you in your official capacity but it’s good to know you’ll be there.

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    While I obviously can’t fault @thecontroller for choosing you, I’m kind of sad that all this responsibility falls on you @thegilded :/

    Personally, I think that’s a lot to put on one participant. Shouldn’t there be some other guiding force to facilitate? Or are they using you because of our implicit trust in you?

    I’m not so sure how glad I am for you, my friend. I’m more glad for us, as the community. We’ve needed you desperately.

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     Alejandra Acosta 

    All I can say is:


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     Bryan Bishop 

    Yes! Congrats @thegilded – stoked you will be ensuring things stay on course.

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    Good to hear @thegilded. I hope this will all help us move forward.

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    Awesome @thegilded! Glad to see the Creators are in fucking control!

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     Meghan Mayhem 


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    @thegilded As a newbie, I hope I don’t have to use your services. But, I am glad if I have questions, I know where to turn.

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    Thank you @the-creators. Thank you for stepping into the role @thegilded

    Your are all appreciated.

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    @thegilded Hope this isn’t a dumb question (I’m a newbie, so…): What about instructions received via phone call? For example, a mysterious voice calls a player and says, “Go to such-and-such address. You have ten minutes.” How should we confirm it’s actually IG? FB message you? I wonder how this will all work under time pressure.

    ps: THANK YOU for taking on this huge responsibility!!

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    I want to clarify a little, been thinking on @mike‘s point and I didn’t really say this as clearly as I should have.

    This verification thing isn’t a cheat code. If you call me asking if the janitor at the event is really in game or not, that’s not the type of thing I’m going to be able to answer. This verification service is only going to be done if something endangers someone physically or is destructive in a narrative sense.

    I don’t have the full picture and The Powers That Be haven’t given me the full road map of what is and what isn’t, so I honestly don’t even have all the answers, so even if I wanted to I couldn’t tell you if you were on the right path or a path at all, I can only tell you if you’re placing yourself on the train tracks, about to get hit.

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    @superstar – The easiest way to deal with things like this speaks to the Never Silent motto. If you get a call, come to the forums. Talk about it. The Creators are on higher alert and so am I. If someone starts talking about something that isn’t In Game, that’s gonna get shut down so fast that you’ll get diabetes-based-paranoia

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     Twan Intarathuch 


    This does make me feel a lot better. =)

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    Thank you so much to @the-creators for… well… pretty much damn EVERYTHING. And @thegilded for taking this crazy responsibility on.

    I will say this, I think the only danger and need for verification may come again if something appears at a community organized event.

    Obviously if it’s something we were guided to by one of the main forms of communication, it’ll be pretty quick and easy for TPTB and our mod to put a stop to it given the “Never Silent” motto.

    Let’s continue as a community to show respect and trust for this amazing creation that has been gifted us.

    Glory Be and Never Silent!

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    Impressed with and grateful to @the-creators for making this decisive move to address our concerns so quickly. And as with everyone else, thank you for taking on this huge responsibility @thegilded. I hope this new position won’t interfere with your own engagement and enjoyment down the line. This experience is built on passion from both sides of the curtain, I can’t imagine how they felt last night seeing what was going down. Hopefully our activity feed can now go back to discussions of Otis’ dateability and whether diabetes is a metaphor for truth.

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    Thank you so much, @thegilded and @the-creators for keeping us safe. I’m so grateful to you for your care and maintenance of this experience.

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    Something else to keep in mind for those of us using Periscope to keep the community informed. Whenever I’ve been sent to a location/event by TPTB, I’ve noticed the Tension Periscope will join my feed, which is great because I can dive head in and trust they’ll course correct if some reason I happen to step outside the boundaries. The first major red flag for me last night was them not joining any of the Periscope feeds.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @julierei I agree completely about Tension joining the Periscopes. This is a very very good point.

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    Thanks for the heads up @thegilded. This is the type of thing that can make an outsider hesitate to join. There should always be the concern for your safety. The creators can only be responsible for the things they create.

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    THANK YOU, seriously, thank you so much @the-creators and @thegilded. (SEAN FOR DAD!)
    I sincerely hope that the words about all having their path will be heard, and we can be patient.
    Now back to see what the narrative actually has in store.

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    Thank you @thegilded for taking on this responsibility and thank you to the @the-creators for being transparent with us regarding this whole manner. One day I hope to give you thank you cookies.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @the-creators I can attest to the deliciousness of @birdiesrunamok’s cookies. I know a few others here (like @taysavestheday) can as well.

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    Thanks to @the-creators for keeping everything on track and to @thegilded for taking on this responsibility, it’s much appreciated.

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    Thank you @the-creators and to @thegilded for the work you all are doing. It’s very much appreciated!

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