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    Awesome, so that’s @wanda102, @kevin, and @bcbishop. Have a nice chat tomorrow, you guys!

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @joycecarlberg, you got a good one with that tall drink of water @wanda102

    Keep your eye on @bcbishop though.

    Congrats all!


    (Psst, @wanda102 – ask to get a photo of her so I can make her into a card)

     Brad Ruwe 

    Even though I ain’t the biggest fan of @joycecarlberg, I’m so excited for those picked! Have a great meeting!


    Congrats!! Periscope time??

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Y’all are gonna die.


    Congrats to all getting to meet with her!

    Also, wasn’t ignoring you @joycecarlberg with the numbers, it was 11 where I am and I had gone to sleep by the time you started.

    No sleep. Only LUST. LUST sustains all.


    I wonder if the number 7 has any special significance for @joycecarlberg or if she simply likes the number?

     Mustafa Said 

    Bit of a shame I was asleep when this happened but oh well. Good luck to those going today! As for @joycecarlberg, I sincerely hope you and I get to meet someday in person. 🙂

     Andrew Kasch 

    Will be watching Periscope like a hawk today. Can’t wait to see what happens.


    Going off average Tension patterns, if we haven’t seen something by now I’d suspect we’d see something within the next two hours. Lust patterns suggest that we’d see something in roughly 3-4.

    Certainly no promises either way, just classic “looking forward to it” style countdowns over here


    @thegilded was dead on. Just got a call from Joyce asking me to be in a certain ZIP code at 8:00PM tonight.


    Fuckin’ lucky shot on my part.

    An in person meet, though?! With all the out of towners as initial possible choices, I was not expecting one. This could be good

     Bryan Bishop 

    Message received, @joycecarlberg. See you at 8pm.

     David Shields 

    So people are going to meet up, this should be interesting!

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