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    @chloe, @kevin, @bcbishop, @kortneydarling, @wanda102, @mumumusings, @mkarrett, @coryphella, and @meghanmayhem.

    I can’t meet with you all, but you are on the right path, continue.

     Mustafa Said 

    More than fine if you can’t, no worries here 🙂

    So exactly how should this work? Maybe a live-stream for those who can’t physically be there?


    Who are you ?!?


    Can’t wait.


    @joycecarlberg – much appreciated, please let me know what I can do.

     Buz Wallick 


    Impotent Rage 2: Electric Boogaloo.


    Thanks Joyce. I think we all come here out of curiosity and to put to logic some things we have yet to understand. I’m listening, venom-free. Let’s give each other a hand.


    Definitely understand, no worries.

    Interested to see what’s going to happen in the future for those of you who will be meeting with her.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Whether it’s for the opportunity to gain some insight, or just for my own personal amusement, I will gladly continue just being my awesome self on my own absurd path.

    I like your “no time for your coddling” attitude, Joyce. Let’s get weird. Help this little fly learn how to read schematics.

     Bryan Bishop 

    Thank you, @joycecarlberg. What I’m already finding intriguing about the conversation — both ours, and the group’s as a whole — is that it is daring us to cast aside our masks, our personas, and our sense of entitlement. It’s almost a dare: can we go forth — whether in our daily lives, or in our conversation with you — without the bullshit.

    We’re owed nothing. Not answers, not structure, not affirmation. And perhaps what you’re offering can be seen as an opportunity to cast aside our obsession with ourselves — that same thing that can so easily cloud our judgement and make us feel indignant, or think that the world is wrong simply because it does not bend itself to our own sense of what is just.

    It’s only with a open mind, and an open heart, that any of us can truly see clearly — and what potential may lie ahead for every one of us.


    @thebuz Haaaaah. And, Joyce is rolling in here like..


    It would be my pleasure to continue this conversation.

    As I was getting at, this investment is mutual and should be beneficial for all parties involved. We want something, you want something, and your superiors want something. Are they all the same thing? Probably not. Most of the people here are at least kind of interested in what you have to say, so you could provide us some information. You like getting paid, as you made clear, and a working relationship and connection with everyone here helps you. You want to keep your bosses happy so you can keep getting paid, and they need someone (currently you, could very well stop being you) to build a connection with us for their goals. We want your superiors to invest in us, whatever form that may take, but they need us too (as food, to wind the clock, for their precious data). Repeating myself again, but these are all two way streets; each group needs the other, and I think you may need us more than we need you.


    Joyce, @joycecarlberg I’m flattered for the invitation to… whatever will happen. I’ll do my best to keep my schedule open so consider this a “yes?”.

    Forgive me though for one “but” in this reply*.

    I don’t know what I did to deserve this invite but I know there are many here that want to have this conversation with you. Many here are hungry for information, knowledge, and so forth. Yes, some are coming off a bit…strong and if I was in your position I’d probably turn them down in two seconds flat. But some haven’t had the chance to see what’s new today for all sorts of reasons and…maybe give them a chance to be part of this? Sorry to put you on the spot but I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask. 🙂

    *Obviously I have zero information about your schedule for tomorrow so mea culpa if this request is basically impossible.


    Hahahaha!!! @111error That is my favorite comment ever.

     Julie R Goldstein 

    Looks like she’s found some willing test subjects… This is going to be delightful!

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