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     Meghan Mayhem 

    “and we will release this earth of every false virtue and restraint”

    I’m apparently the worlds worst Satanist because this hadn’t occurred to me to post before now.

    That phrase means that sin is a false virtue and restraint. Live without sin by releasing yourself of sin.
    A big phrase in Satanic culture is “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”.
    It basically means “Do what you want without fear of sin because sin is a godly law and godly law is a construction of man to control.”
    It’s specifically used in the belief system of Thelema, which is a philosophical based religion created by Aleister Crowley.
    Aleister Crowley, who was a chaos magician and all around philosophically spooky dude, was who Anton Lavey’s buddy until Anton stole a bunch of his ideas (among other things) and went on to create Satanism.

    Alieister Crowley believed himself to be the prophet of a new age, the Aeon of Horus.

    From Wiki:

    Aeon of Horus
    The modern Aeon of Horus is portrayed as a time of self-realization as well as a growing interest in all things spiritual, and is considered to be dominated by the principle of the child. The Word of its Law is Thelema (will), which is complemented by Agape (love), and its formula is Abrahadabra. Individuality and finding the individual’s True Will are the dominant aspects; its formula is that of growth, in consciousness and love, toward self-realization. Concerning the Aeon of Horus, Crowley wrote:

    … the crowned and conquering child, who dieth not, nor is reborn, but goeth radiant ever upon His Way. Even so goeth the Sun: for as it is now known that night is but the shadow of the Earth, so Death is but the shadow of the Body, that veileth his Light from its bearer. (Heart of the Master)[citation needed]

    And also, in his Little Essays Toward Truth:

    The Aeon of Horus is here: and its first flower may well be this: that, freed of the obsession of the doom of the Ego in Death, and of the limitation of the Mind by Reason, the best men again set out with eager eyes upon the Path of the Wise, the mountain track of the goat, and then the untrodden Ridge, that leads to the ice-gleaming pinnacles of Mastery![citation needed]

    This is also a commonly used symbol in Thelema, the unicursal hexagram:

    The unicursal hexagram was created for the purpose of drawing the figure in one continuous movement, as the other magical polygons are created- the pentagram is one example. This is significant in ritual magick when invoking and banishing hexagrams must be made. Crowley’s adaptation of the unicursal hexagram placed a five petaled rose, symbolizing a pentacle (and the divine feminine), in the center; the symbol as a whole making eleven (five petals of the rose plus six points of the hexagram), the number of divine union.

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    • This topic was modified 10 months, 3 weeks ago by  Meghan Mayhem.
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    I’m going to bump what @meghanmayhem wrote all day today because I think it’s what we need to be talking about.
    The intersections of love, will, the construct of man, nature as chaos, freeing oneself from the guilt of sin because sin itself is a falsehood. This has been right in front of us. You can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Sin with perfection. One’s perfect self achievable through removing the shackles of man’s flawed interpretation of right and wrong.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @meghanmayhem Of course I missed your post while working on my little response. Really fascinating take on things for sure. Will have to contemplate this moving forward.

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     Maxwell R 

    Whoa, are the OSDM fucking with Chaos Magic?! I’m kinda way into this.

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    Split this topic off from the bigger thread per @meghanmayhem‘s request

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    Eight pointed stars also point to Chaos Magic… Also there is an eight point star symbol on the “activity” section on the Lust site. Power through chaos…no rules, no sin… Everything and anything is meaningful and meaningless…

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    And this is just the tip of the iceberg concerning Crowley’s crazy sex cult stuff!

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    Do what you want without fear of sin because sin is a godly law and godly law is a construction of man to control.

    Is there any kind of structure to this though? Is there limitations to do what you want? It sounds like there isn’t and that sends my mind to well what about people who want to rape and murder and that kind of that OK under these ideas? Or is it more like the wiccan rede “an ye harm none, do what ye will” because that at least implies don’t hurt anyone and everything is cool. I don’t know anything about satanism though so if you can break that down I’d appreciate it.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @pandace88 There is most definitely structure within Thelema and Satanism in terms of how to behave.
    The general idea of “Don’t be a good person because god tells you he will punish you if you’re not. Be a good person because otherwise you’re a shit head.”

    It’s about going through life doing what you want and focusing on what benefits you first and others second, without being a dick about it or hurting others.
    (I often phrase it like this: “If someone is in need and you have $10. You do not give them $10 and leave none for yourself. You can choose to give them $2 or $3, but in the end, you shouldn’t look out for others so much that you hinder yourself”)
    The only moments in which it’s appropriate to harm others is when they have brought harm to you in some way.

    Now, remember, this is the Satanic way of thinking, not the Cult of Horus’ Dusk or whatever. They may very well be into hurting first, asking questions later.

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    @meghanmayhem there also looks to be a contrast between Satanism and Duskism when we consider how we are being called upon to “submit.” There seems to be “His” overarching Will that would superceed our own.

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    @meghanmayhem thank you for the crash course! I can get behind those ideas but like you said Horace’s ideals may be way darker…?

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Just some things I found interesting while reading about Aeon of Horus, True Will from The Book of the Law and Crowley:

    “DO WHAT THOU WILT” can often be misunderstood to mean “do what you want”. When one says “do what thou wilt”, this means that the origin of will directs the path. To understand and act upon one’s True Will is a sort of “enlightenment” to Thelemites. The ultimate goal of a Thelemite would be to understand and perform their True Will. True Will directs the individual towards destiny and forces them into the joy of accomplishing what they were meant to accomplish without “lust of result” (outside motivations).

    This touches base on True Will from The Book of the Law. I have to wonder if “The Cult of Horace” will manipulate our True Will to change our destiny for something darker.

    Crowley defines True Will as the will which “does not rest content with things partial and transitory, but…proceed[s] firmly to the End”, and in the same passage he identifies that “end” as the destruction of oneself in love.

    We keep getting clues that mention love and friendship, is this what our ending looks like? iS love going to be used to lure us in and ultimately destroy us? Maybe this is the purpose and once we are broken, we will be much easier to control and/or reprogram.

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    This has always been designed to break our hearts. Even if we don’t have a connection to Kristen, Noah, Stacey, our strongest connection is to each other. How frightening, the idea of love as a weapon.

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