The System relaunch is fronted by IT

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    I have been obsessing over one line in this video: “our methods are backed by the latest in science and technology”.

    I don’t remember science and technology ever being mentioned in The System’s marketing materials.

    I started to think about IT that Noah posted about here and he said: “You think IT can talk like me?” … “I am goddamn original and YOU, them will NEVER copy that.” He was clearly implying that someone was working on a copy of him.

    She refers to Noah in the video as an “unmistakable resource that can’t be duplicated”. Is it possible the obedient company line toeing Noah we see in the videos is IT? That they used “science & technology” to duplicate Noah?


    And if it is (possible) where is the real Noah?


    oh shit, if AI is involved that makes a whole new level of fucked!!!

     Buz Wallick 

    Perhaps but this isn’t exactly towing the company line Noah.

    He specifically asked for this in the warehouse break in video.

    And it’s not like he’s acting out of character here.


    Any speculation on the science and technology aspects of The System?

    I’m struggling with that part as it seemed to come out of nowhere. It makes me think of iConfidant. Or maybe the helmet is at play?

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Well, Noah did show up at NoBar and directed us to the new System video.


    @larry do you mean using tinyurl for the link to The System video as using science and technology? Or that he’s toeing the company line by pushing The System?

     Lawrence Meyers 

    @shaun Yes SinclairFucks.


    Maybe they’re fans of the show Silicon Valley, on HBO.
    Russ: (points at Jared) This guy fucks.
    Erlich: You know, Russ, I’ve been known to fuck myself.

    This guy! Sinclair fucks!

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