The System and The Helmet

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    Sooooo I stepped away here for a minute. Mason told me I needed to carve my own path – I didn’t know how, so I figured taking a few days away and coming back would help put some of this into perspective. Honestly, it hasn’t, and I still don’t know how to move forward on my own path… But anyway, last week and this weekend was SUS.

    This is too long. but tl:dr –
    – I think OSDM has developed a wireless version of The Helmet.

    – I think Mike has gone through The System – Horace says The System is “To create self-actualized people. People who would use their own individual skills. People who would use their independence to become the best people they could possibly be, the most powerful people they could possibly be.” But OSDM, who is affiliated with The System via Horace, is interested in influencing people against their will.

    – I think the OSDM is using the wireless Helmet tech to influence key members of our community in order to spread incorrect info. People believe or cannot explain these meetings because of this Helmet tech.


    For months, The System and the Sinclairs were at the top of our minds. They had ins with the OSDM and with BOS. Maybe even “Briarberg.”

    The last big move Noah made was when he called out Horace, his father and who we assume is a/the leader of the OSDM, for being less than transparent in his beliefs, affiliations and goals. I believe he said something like:

    N: “I don’t think I’ve ever actually called you dad before..”

    H: “No you have not.”

    N: “ So dad, you are the creator of the system, are you not? You created this entire thing, did you not?”

    H: “I did.”

    N: “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck a HUGE ROUND OF APPLA– USE FOR MY FUCKING DAD! GIVE IT UP FOR THE CREATOR OF THE SYSTEM! Now whyyyy did you do that dad?”

    H: “To create self-actualized people. People who would use their own individual skills. People who would use their independence to become the best people they could possibly be, the most powerful people they could possibly be.”

    N: “Well.. I think you did a fucking bang up job. I think you did such a great job, I think you did better than anybody could’ve ever expected. And you know, t here are people out there who have some questions for you, and I think it’d be a fucking great opportunity for us to address some of those. Let’s see what we have here, let’s see..

    Oh how about this one.:

    ‘Do you believe in Anoch?’

    Oh, nothing? Ok let’s move on to the second one. Let’s see what else we have here. Oh it’s a good one!

    ‘Are oracles real?’

    Isn’t that fucking great! Are we gonna give it to them or what?! No? Ok, third time’s the charm. Here we go.

    Oh! Fuck I think this is the fucking winner of them all.

    ‘In what way are you tied to the O[DS]M?’

    Wow, I don’t think we have fucking anything here, so we can move right the fuck along. I think since you’re not saying anything, it’s giving me the impression that you have let these fucking assholes to get a one on one consultation with you, huh, is that how it’s going?”


    Also at The System Seminar – certain ticket tiers received posters with quotes from Noah Sinclair. However, in a call I had with Mason (of Briarberg) a couple weeks ago, he attributed one of those quotes to Joyce, his wife, and a known employee of the OSDM. And Mason has been seen with Michelle – we knew she was working with/for OSDM as of last year. Things may have changed without us knowing, but nothing has been confirmed one way or another.

    So now we’ve linked The System, Mason and Michelle (so possibly Briarberg) and by association Morgan/BOS, all to the OSDM. But out of all these.. we haven’t really heard anything “official” from The System / the Sinclair clan.


    That’s not to say that The System hasn’t been around. Andy reached out to Kortney with a letter to send, and Fluffernutter was there (who was previously seen with Joyce and therefore OSDM). Kortney met up with Sarah Sinclair later that night to hand off a copy of the letter. But based on the content of Kortney’s meeting with Andy, it doesn’t seem like it was a sanctioned meet and greet per say, and Sarah’s appearance seems to have been one of necessity.

    Side note – if we say Morgan/BOS are associated with the OSDM (whether he/they know it or not), why were they trying to track down Sarah? Even if they’re not associated with OSDM, why? Are they trying to lure out Noah?


    But anyway. Back to this past week/weekend.

    – Mike has Russell handcuffed to a rail in his basement.

    – Mike meets with Brad, discusses and asks questions about Brad’s experience and life.

    – Brad meets with Cristen, talks about making a large-scale lifestyle change.

    – Russell periscopes, says “Briarberg does not exist” (we’ve heard this before – back when Mason was a disgruntled participant trying to gamejack)

    – Cristen periscopes, quotes the painting’s quote before it goes on Facebook.

    – Cristen meets with Bryan.

    – Bryan meets with Joyce. (we didn’t see Joyce, so her status is unconfirmed.)

    – Brad, accompanied by Mike, meet with Larry.

    – Russell comments on Monday October 30 painting: “Lessons. Life lessons. I wonder what being my friend offers others. What am I to someone else? Sometimes I have been used by others that claim my friendship means something to them. I’m known as a “nice guy” and some think that means I will always accept what is handed to me. That needs to change.”

    – Russell changes his Facebook profile picture to a stylistically different type of photo than he normally uses as a profile pic.

    Mike and Brad have been involved in most of the moving and shaking going on in the past 7 days.

    The last time we saw Mike was at The System event. He was deep in it, making sweeping lifestyle changes, and credited Noah with this change.

    Now we’re seeing a very different Mike (at least in my experience, Mike wouldn’t necessarily lock Rus… actually idk. But he typically wouldn’t do a one-on-one focus group with someone about how they’ve changed to seemingly feed the info back to an unknown party). We’re actively watching Brad change before our eyes. Suddenly Russell is making gigantic claims on things he heard “On good authority,” Cristen is clairvoyant, and Bryan is seeing dead people.

    Or there’s a conspiracy by a bunch of our friends to do… something.

    Or maybe we’re seeing “The System” in action.

    OSDM was behind the OOA – for a large portion of last year, recruitment into the OOA was a focus. They cast, and honestly WE as the participants cast, a pretty wide net. And many of you here today are here because of that net. But now (we think) we know more, and most of us have our own plans and ideas about what we’re doing here. So now the focus has narrowed, at least for the time being. They’re calibrating before using us as means of expansion, and using The System to do so.


    So now. What’s up with everyone else? I think we’re seeing a reappearance of an old friend from last year, though in a different form. I think we’re seeing the next phase in Helmet tech.

    I’ve been googling wireless/inductive charging stuff recently. It works via electromagnetic induction, which in 2014 found medical use (link) when coupled with a proper placement of Acoustic Shear Waves (link)

    Also worth noting, this new “truly wireless” charging tech was supposedly ready for release this year.

    I’m not a scientist, obviously. BUT the man we know as “Tom” is, he said it himself at the iConfidant “meet and greet.” The man who said you can’t really straight up control someone, but you can manipulate them via the power of suggestion, and with the helmet, you can be the voice of god.

    I have no idea what we’re looking at with Acoustic Shear Waves, but I feel like it’d probably require a quiet room, and does need to be done in close proximity to the place it would be effecting. Maybe it could be done via phone, and maybe it sounds like a sort of mechanical whooshing. If though the phone, it’d be vibrating your brain via you inner ear, so maybe you’d feel warm or experience some nausea. idk. I know there’s also been some discussion of maybe hearing this sound again recently in the background of some videos? But I can’t seem to find those posts..

    Hopefully you see where I’m going with this. I don’t think it’s too far of a jump to wonder if everyone we’ve seen acting differently may have been influenced by a wireless version of the Helmet tech. It would explain how Cristen knew what the next quote would be. Why Brad was acting sus af in general. Why Russell goes on periscope, acts VERY differently than normal, and makes sweeping claims. Why Bryan suddenly sees Joyce, previously beaten to death and stuffed in a trunk, living and breathing.

    Sure, maybe all of this is actually happening. Or maybe it’s a conspiracy being put on by this group. Or maybe we’re trying to find signal in the noise and there’s nothing suspicious here. All of these are the easy answers.

    And the whole weaponization of truth, apples and pears, the boy who cried wolf angle – Brad seems to actually be making a large scale change. He’s tweeted about finding a new gig, he’s talked about leaving Dark Harbor, he’s putting things in the public sphere that could be damaging if not true. It seems to me that they’re trying to make us wonder if the rest of these things aren’t also true.

    Or maybe Bryan only thought he saw Joyce – just like Joyce spoke about seeing things that didn’t exist when at the retreat. Maybe Cristen knowing that painting’s quote just before it goes up is some sort of mental residue from whatever happened. Maybe it was “suggested” to Russell that a source he was literally not physically able to name beyond “an authority” says that Briarberg didn’t exist.

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     Unseen Presence 

    I wish such technology actually existed, but I remain highly suspicious in the idea of “mind control” under any circumstance, much less wirelessly.

    I think your theory is interesting, but barring seeing it in action myself, I think it’s at the edge of possible but not terribly probable.

    Then again, I’m quite aware that I don’t have the history with all the various people and participants and interactions that most of the rest of you do. I can only see the reactions and changes from a post-perspective through daily recaps and such. So I do not discount the recognition that so many of you have that there is something wrong/changing/different. There is, most likely, an explanation.

    But barring definite proof otherwise, I tend to gravitate towards simpler answers. The people that are changing were always part of what they now appear to be part of from the beginning. They have been bought off. They have been paid enough to change their public stance. They have been blackmailed. Options that I -know- can happen, rather than looking towards more technologically problematic solutions.

    It is entirely possible you are correct–I don’t erase that chance. But I’m about as sure as I can be that my mind can’t be controlled that way. I’m even fairly resistant to hypnosis unless I choose to allow it to affect me (for entertainment events, for instance). I tend to believe that most people are harder to influence than we give them credit for in pop culture and pop psychology. But that’s because amongst other things, I teach students about entertainment and its ability to affect audiences, and the real data on how possible it is comes in as far less powerful than people realize.

    Suffice it to say I’m not worried about myself being ‘altered’. I have weaknesses that could be exploited (as anyone does) and that could allow someone to potentially change my stance on something. But those weaknesses are far simpler than a helment–and for me, far more likely. YMMV, of course.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Lots to chew on here, Addison, and it sparked an idea that I actually hadn’t considered before. What if there is no “helmet” in the sci-fi way we’ve been thinking about it all this time?

    What if The Experience itself is the helmet?

    This past week we’ve seen our fellow community members do things that seem out of character. That make us distrust them. That make it seem like they’re motivated by something sinister — but there’s a very real possibility that they are just following their _path through The Experience, and that is all the magical power that OSDM (or whomever else) has ever needed.

    Last year they weaponized the community’s concern over a young woman named Addison Barrow and used it against us. Perhaps now they are using our collective interest in being part of this unfolding story, and using it in the exact same way?

    Example: I know there’s doubt about whether I saw, or didn’t see, Joyce last Friday. I can only explain what happened from my subjective perspective, of course, and the way things were set up were designed to make everyone question me because of that.

    But the ruse only worked because I willingly jumped on a FB Live video and did exactly what Joyce said, without her showing herself. I even jumped to the point when she gestured for me to wrap things up from behind the camera. I willingly took part in behavior that made me seem sus.

    Then, Mason told me to keep quiet for 24 hours. At that point, I realized Mason and Joyce were probably aligned, and just from a broader story sensibility I recognized, “Oh, this is where I go dark, and everybody wonders what is happening.” I stayed quiet at first because I thought it was what The Experience wanted.

    I was being manipulated, just by participating and wanting to ensure the Experience moved forward in the best way possible. No technology was needed. It was just a matter of someone knowing that I would play along in a certain way, because they knew how I approach these situation. I acted with free will and what felt like agency, but it was easy to predict what I was going to do.

    Then I had the call from Joyce, asking me if I always did what they tell me to. The cognitive dissonance on this one threw me off-course, and I ended up coming clean about the entire thing because it felt like the least-compromised position of them all.

    But what if that entire thing had been designed to highlight the manipulation we are all being subjected to just by wanting to interact with this Experience? What if Joyce was trying to highlight that we did the bidding of “THEY” every time we followed a directive, or relayed a No Caller ID call, as part of this show?

    We’ve all been conditioned and manipulated. Every one of us. And no technology has been required. Only our lust to engage with this experience and become part of its storyline.

    I’ll admit I’m much more inclined to think that Cristen has become mysterious because of something this Experience has dictated to her rather than a mind control device. Same with Brad, or Mike, or Russell.

    To get really pretentious here: Art is one of the best ways to change people’s minds, and condition them to new ideas and new ways of thinking. We see this all the time, and it’s usually something done for good. But what if this is art being used to condition and manipulate for non-altruistic reasons — and we’re all playing along, just like Sabrina coming back for more, because everyone wants their turn to be in The Lust Experience spotlight?

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    That’s a solid read @bcbishop. It also fits in with today’s FB quote from Plutarch about the kindling of the mind and taking action for oneself instead of sitting idle. I can dig it.

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    Mixing and matching a bit from both @addisonborn‘s and @bcbishop‘s ideas, but what if The Lust Experience is actually The System?

    The System via Horace claims to be pushing us to self-actualization, Noah was doing the same, and in similar ways Lust is too.

    Backing up to Ascension, there were a lot of questions about why we were there (and on return visits, why we came back). The answers were probably all over the board, but I suspect a decent amount had to do with learning about what was happening there or learning something about yourself. Now we’re being asked who we really are, what we want, and how far we’ll go to get it.

    It all seems to be pushing us towards some form self-actualization and coming to terms with who we are as whole people.

    As for the why? My best guess is that the OSDM needs (or wants) people who understand themselves for something (the Encroaching Dark email may offer a hint here?). And while the helmet (if the tech exists at all) may make people compliant, having people ready and willing and happy to work with you is always a better option. If people realize (or think) they’ve seen a marked improvement in themselves and their lives, they might be willing to help the OSDM accomplish their goals.

    Those goals may stretch out further than we even realize and this is just a necessary step in their process. If Tension helped prepare us for Lust in some ways, the self-actualization could be vital for what comes next in the rumored Adrenaline and Nefarious.

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    i’m digging it, @kevin. i completely forgot Adrenaline was the next planned sequence. self-actualization is an important topic in today’s society. that’s why we’ve seen so many self-help material over the last few decades… i mean, it is after all, the work that various key people are pushing towards. the only issue right now, is knowing whether we think for ourselves or follow the pathways provided by these key figures.

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