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    @kevin I did not go to registration, I was out of town that weekend.

    I’m wondering if these could relate at all to this weekend. Things seem to be happening this week, to a larger number of participants. As in, it’s not just one person getting the interaction. It sounds like this call went out at least one more time. Maybe gearing up for an announcement of some sort. Dusk when?


    @brianamatopoeia – are you saying that you know of another person that got it?

     Tom Kircher 

    It’s interesting that he said power is the ultimate lie. Given that he’s potentially part of an organization that claims to be incredibly powerful, this kind of statement seems somewhat conflicting. Maybe I’m just misinterpreting it, but perhaps that statement is about the ODSM itself. That it only has power if we allow it to have power.

    I apologize if this has been said already, but I figured I’d give my two cents.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    I gotta say, power is relative.
    The existence of power is only true power to those that are under it’s control.
    A famous celebrity is a a big deal to those that know who that celebrity is. My parents don’t give a shit about some Youtube celebrity that 5million teen girls faint at the sight of.
    The president of a country may think he’s the most powerful person in command, but the president of a different, larger country may think he’s a cute little baby who plays with toys.


    @coryphella yes, at least one other received this call. I will wait for her to post about it if she hasn’t already.


    @brianamatopoeia What an exciting day for you! First a mysterious call from The Russian, then you got your very own @theladyj poster! It’s all happening! 😀

     Hannah Schenck 

    @brianamatopoeia Hello fellow call-receiver of today 🙂 I, too, did not go to registration as I was stuck on set.

    You are right, it seemed as though he was conveying a reading to us. It was as if he was telling a story. Maybe dusk on 6/3 or maybe it is not meant to be interpreted as a specific day. Maybe it’s meant to be more or a “every night at dusk” kind of message.

    Isn’t this the same guy that placed his hand on people’s hearts at registration? He sure is trying to relay the heart’s role in all of this.

     Taylor Winters 

    I’m curious who he affiliates with. So far, we’ve been seeing iConfidant as the “heart” and The System as the “head.” WIth this new man calling pushing this message–I was assuming he was a liaison between the two. As @kevin said in a previous post, he said we’d need both in this experience.

    And while it’s obvious that we need both in life–I like the aspect of exploring which one you align yourself with more, and what exactly you lust for within it.

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