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    I just received a call from a Russian gentleman. I’m at work, so I stepped away from my desk, in case my interaction was needed.

    It wasn’t. Wish I had stayed at my desk to take notes. I apologize for what is missing, as I’m sure there may be something of importance that I missed.

    The male voice asked if I was being true to myself about my heart’s desires.

    He continued to speak, what felt like, very rapidly and through a poor connection. I attempted to listen and caught some key words- chained, book, He, etc.

    The gist (I think?) was that a book said that “he” will come and unchain us from (couldn’t make it out)

    He did say something at the very end that SEEMED EXTRA IMPORTANT, so I made a mental note:

    “Remember power is the ultimate (lie? I THINK it was lie, but it was fading out)”

    I tried to ask for clarification, but in doing so, I think I spoke over his final word of departure. The thing is, I tried to ask him to repeat, but he seemed very…robotic. He didn’t need a response from me to continue to speak, in fact, any response from me seemed like an interjection, so I refrained until the end.

    He did not give me a name. He did not care for a conversation. He had a message to deliver. I only hope that I was able to pass that message along correctly.

    It felt VERY much like one of those guys standing outside of Comic Con with a tiny little recorder on his hip that just plays over and over about how Jesus is coming to free us from our sins, etc. Not really caring who is listening as long it’s playing for ears, if you get what I mean.


    oh how interesting!


    Well, if it was a recorded message, I’m guessing someone else may be hearing it right now…

    Russian, eh?

     Haley Wilde 

    Seems like a theme has begun. At registration the lady I spoke to lectured me about listening to what my heart wanted and staying true to myself regardless of what “they” tell me.


    @bruinbown I don’t think it was actually recorded, just FELT that way. He knew my name, asked it if was me at the beginning of the call.


    So it really WAS OSDM that swayed the election!


    @brianamatopoeia Ahh, got it. Totally misunderstood. Good to know. thanks for setting me straight.


    With the accent and the subject matter, it sounds like The Man with the Stick from registration. Did you run into him at all @brianamatopoeia?

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    I wonder what aspects of our lives Anoch would consider chains? Technology, social media, our friends and family? What will he ask believers to give up in order to prove their love?


    @kevin to your point, this is where it gets muddled for me. Horace obviously believes in Anoch, as does Nicole, so there’s our direct link to the Investors. But the Stick Man, while obviously spiritual, doesn’t strike me as the Anoch type, especially with all his griping about lost money and his conversation with Darren. I would love to know how he and Horace work together. Who answers to who, and are all their interests shared?


    Sounds like the same guy who called Megan about the two books??


    @macbethinabathtub Yeah, I’ve been curious about that link for a while. I think I posted about it before, but Horace is focused only on the head but The Man with the Stick had mentioned both at registration. They would seem to be at odds though.


    It’s the human condition. A struggle between the head and the heart.


    @sfire8 – no the guy that called me most definitely did not have an accent. I won’t forget that voice anytime soon and the second I hear something that sounds like I will let you know.

    But…chains? Like…in a cave??

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