The red candle in the red room

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    Reposting this from Slack with some detail added.

    Last night was my first experience with The Experience, and needless to say I dove in headfirst! I was in an earlier group (8:30) before all the crazy shit went down, and from the first room, I noticed that many of the girls being kept at the compound were being horribly mistreated. So, I made it my mission that night to help as many of the girls being held against their will as I could. After standing up for Jennifer in the dining room with the asshole counselor, I was taken to the bathroom with them where I continued to hold Jennifer in my arms and protect her from this rapey asshole, reassuring her that I was here for her and I wouldn’t let anything happen to her that she didn’t want. The scene played out mostly like others experienced, with the gorgeous black woman with the shaved head (didn’t catch her name, but she seemed very powerful) coming in and admonishing the counselor for his behavior, before taking him out of the room to be punished.

    That left Jennifer and I in the bathroom with Skye and another female participant. Skye checked on Jennifer, and told her to go hide in a closet. It seemed like this closet was a regular hiding place for the girls being abused, which broke my heart. Jennifer left, and Skye started to casually chat with me and the other participant, while she took off her shoes. At one point during our convo, I asked if she was happy there, and after a really long pause while she stared into my eyes, she dropped her air of confidence and gave a really weak defense of her position. She said at least she didn’t have to worried about being fired like at a normal job, implying that even if she fucks up, they’ll never let her go. Her eyes and body language told me she was just as miserable and desperate to escape as the other girls, so I asked if there was anything I could do to help.

    Skye told me that if I retrieved the anoch pages from the tables in the bar, and found a red candle in the red room, that we could create some kind of seal, and that it would help things somehow. I kept my eyes open for the opportunity to find these things, but never got the chance.
    There was so much red moodlighting in the bathrooms and the ceremony room that I kept my eyes peeled, but I think we all know what red room she was talking about. In the ceremony room, I asked Vanessa (Gretchen’s mother) about it, who brought Stephanie over and asked her about the red candle in the red room. Steph shut us down, saying we could get in big trouble for asking this, and the ceremony went on as usual.

    By the time I got home last night it was too late to share this info with any of the later groups, and it didn’t really hit me that I probably could and should have done so until now. As I said before, this is my first experience, and I’m still getting used to the “share everything” mentality. The other participant who got these instructions was a vet of tension, but she didn’t seem too concerned about the situation, and I was kind of following her lead. I’m so disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to help these girls. I hope that when the time comes, I will prove to be more useful than I was last night. I would do anything to help them.

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     TC Mortem 

    I had similar interaction. I have a page from the book of anoch. I will scan once back home. It looks like german.

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     Drew Huntley 

    Two of the pages were scanned and posted in #mse_spoiler and @blondie and @coryphella started to delve into the translation. Hopefully that will make it’s way to the forums, because it was super insightful stuff.

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      @meghanmayhem has the images I believe? If she is willing to share on here, I can chime in with my Latin translation (sadly we only have a third party translation for the German) and everything else we uncovered. It gave me chills in all honesty…

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      Check out the slack discussion – there are links to translations of all the pages of the book. It’s The Book of Abraham the Jew or Abraham Eleazar or A Very Ancient Alchemical Work. I don’t know what the other pages in the bar looked like compared to the real thing, obviously one of them was changed – the Lust symbol swapped for the serpent.

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    Just putting this out there. I’m so curious if anyone at the last show would have known about the possibility of finding the red candle and book pages and making a seal, would they have tried to do it??

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     Anthony Dux 

    Absolutely! I was at the last show and wish I would have known to dig deeper.

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