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    So, aside from the collection of material in the Prologue, I’ve noticed that there is a theme that culminates from the quotes that encompass Chapter 1 thus far.

    Altogether, it describes frailty.
    Here are my interpretations:

    • Self-inflicted problems (Kahlil Gibran)
    • Inability to sustain love due to human frailty (Anais Nin)
    • Fear of personal action and potential action, thus fear of self (Murakami)
    • Seeing the world through the lens of one’s own gift/tool (Maslow)
    • Reinvention or rebirth can only happen in defeat or death (Butler)

    Based on what is happening so far, it does feel like there’s a connection between those quotes and the Sinclaires— and the more recent Ritual incident likely has a connection with that last quote from Octavia Butler: “In order to rise from the ashes, a phoenix must first burn.”

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    With the end of Chapter 1. I’ve recently been followed by an instagram that I believe some of you have also encountered. I wasn’t sure if it was connected to this, but the approach seemed similar enough. The Midnight Commission? It takes about darkness, a She, and the use of the Mind. Curious.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @argos5 Not connected.

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    Ah. Glad you clarified. Moving on. D:

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