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    With an announcement of this magnitude I believe it is important that you know my name just as I know yours. My friends call me Remy and I hope that I can consider you all friends.

    Money is easier to talk about for some than it is with others but that is why you are hearing from me today.

    First, let us talk about history.

    The Lust Experience and The Tension Experience has provided countless hours of entertainment for all who were willing to join, often times with no cost to the individual at all.

    Why is this so? Because we care about bringing the audience entertainment in a way that stuck with them and provided them with meaningful experiences in ways that simply can not happen with televisions, movies, video games and even virtual reality.

    The simple truth is that for too long each one of you have enjoyed the fruits of our labor for free. I am afraid my friends that this day is over starting now.

    Today we announce a special tiered pay gate that will separate this experience and all future experiences into no less than seven different layers. I will announce these tiers and their detailed structures momentarily in their own threads as to avoid any confusion

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    7 Tiers… 7 sins…

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     Kyle Bown 

    Tier 7 is Remy moves into your apartment.

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     Andrew K 

    7 tiers, 7 sides to the LUST logo- power, sex, love, control, lies, reflection, desire.

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    When our hearts and souls weren’t enough anymore….

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    7 tiers, 7 sides to the LUST logo- power, sex, love, control, lies, reflection, desire.

    Can I sign up for the sex tier, then?

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     Bryan Bishop 

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     Andrew Kasch 

    Hello again, Remy.

    This development is certainly…interesting.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Just when things were starting to get really good… I feel this is a wrong move on the chess board

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    7 tiers?

    Good lawd.

    Suddenly @addisonborn‘s theory earlier is spot fucking on.

    So there’s one that’s the artist’s original vision, and then one that’s essentially a facsimile created for commercial use.
    “Art” vs “profit” :: “down & dirty experimenting to create indie art” vs “allowing creative influence from The Investors in order to keep the lights on”
    I’m definitely reading too far into this, but it feels to me like a reference to the meta-narrative of the Creators, the Michelle’s theatrical experiment vs OSDM’s data mining, and (reaching here) Sabrina’s brainwashing by the OSDM when she only wanted to make art vs Sabrina returning on her own in the name of power and control.

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    initial reaction: Dislike.

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     David R. 

    Ah, the profit. It brings a tier of joy to my eye.

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     Tom Kircher 

    I’m very curious to see how this will play out. Color me intrigued.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Let’s be real Remy, you don’t need all of these tiers, we are just enough for you and your pals ?

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    @thecontroller, I’m glad to know that you are finally Remy (Gold Lips)! We met at registration, you listened to my story about my friend who died. You seemed caring and alright to talk to. I totally get it, you want your money back. Looking forward to the details.

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    Not sure how I feel about this, mostly how much am I gonna have to part with to stay active?

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    Is this where we post feedback? This is where I’m going to post my feedback.

    Paid tiers seem like a really great way to completely stratify the community.

    While on one hand, you’re going to have people pay to participate, which is nice because it keeps people from saying “oh noooo why don’t they pay attention to meeee” and lets them buy into that interaction they want. It also allows you to continue providing an in-depth, boutique experience.

    But on the other hand, you’re going to have people bitter that they’re not getting the same experience that those paying more are getting, and you’re going to have your audience drop off.

    I know I’ll likely walk away should paid tiers come up. Last year changed my life. This year I’m a bit busier and can’t consistently commit as much time here, and I understand I won’t have and have not had the same level of immersive experience as those that are able to invest completely. But I have received and appreciate the individual attention that I did experience.

    Should paid tiers come up, I know I will likely not have ANY unique interactions, because I’m not going to pay for anything that I don’t know if I can use during the full time I’m paying for it.

    And I realize this can come off sounding like “I am entitled to this for free.” That’s not my intention. But I do believe that I and everyone else deserve an equal playing field to receive the same opportunities to experience what The Lust Experience and future experiences have to offer.

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     Lauren Bello 

    @addisonborn Literally watched your post content change in front of me (activity feed only)

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