The Divine Feminine & The Mystic Moon

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    After a day of musing on different theories in Slack regarding Noah, Tim, Sabrina, Mason, leaked names, etc., @larry made a fantastic point that what we had missed in all our theorizing was the connection to the divine feminine. And the connections therein are pretty numerous.

    Traditionally, feminine energy has been associated with magick, creation, cycles, the Fates, the Virgin Mary, lust/sex, and the moon. To start with the latter, and to quote the article Larry shared,

    “The Moon teaches us to balance different aspects of our personality,” she said in an interview with Decadence Darling. “It teaches us that to be whole we have to accept the darker side of our selves — be it the destructive aspects or the more taboo (as judged by society) aspects of ourselves.”

    All of Lust and Tension so far has dealt a lot with self-actualization, realizing who we are, and as part of that, acknowledging the darker aspects of ourselves. The Moon, and the Goddess in Wiccan traditions by extension, urges us to do the same, tapping into our darker selves and accepting them as much as our lighter sides. Others have pointed out the moon phases that align with our visit to Anointment, namely that the new moon is the 18th, the waning moon the 14th – 17th, and as @salamandrina73 mentioned on Slack, this particular waning moon is the last before the winter solstic, the shortest day of the year, the Wiccan Yule, and the beginning of the traditional Roman Saturnalia. To quote @salamandrina73 again, it is the night “we huddle in the darkness, waiting for the light”. In the Wiccan Yule tradition, the story also often goes that the Holly King, who rules over the winter darkness, hears the cry of a babe on Yule, for the Oak King, the God to the Goddess, has been born again, from the Goddess herself. And as @erisbonn said, this brings up “the idea that creation often comes from a place of darkness”.

    Which connects us back to sex and magick, and also links in a certain leaked ritual audio and talk earlier today of an “Honoring”, nevermind the fact that all of Lust advertising so far has prominently featured women in the artwork and that lust itself used to be solely associated with the feminine (see medieval and pre-medieval sources in particular). If this is a time for creation in the darkness, and we assume the Honoring is a sex ritual of some sort, particularly from talk of procreation for higher purposes in the leaked ritual audio, then it would make sense that the way the OSDM would “honor” the Divine Feminine and the Solstice itself would be through sex and in particular something being created in/from the darkness of ourselves. It also is worth noting that creation itself, as well as procreation specifically, is often associated with the feminine. So what is rising from the ashes at Anointment? What will we create?

    It also can be mentioned that the name Cecilia, which we were gifted today, connects to this Divine Feminine as well. As @wanda102 brought up on Slack, Saint Cecilia is one of the still oft-honored Christian women, a virgin, and “notably sentenced to death for refusing to worship the Roman gods, the Old Gods. They attempted to burn her to death but she was unharmed, and attempted to behead her three times, still she lived for three days before dying”. If we let this connect further along the Christian path, we would also arrive at the Virgin Mary as Divine Femininity and the idea of the feminine itself as holy. This also made me think of the idea of trinities, which led me to the Fates — traditionally women, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. If we are led to be thinking of Cecilia amidst this all, and the possibility that she might be Noah’s mother, then we would arrive at a possible theory of Cecilia Sinclair as the Crone and the one who truly runs this all, the mother of Mason’s child as the Mother and why Mason may be playing a large role in the “Honoring” and thus procreation, and potentially Sabrina, the golden child of Tension in many ways, as the Maiden.

    What do the Fates have in store for us this weekend? What will the waning light of the moon hide in the shadows? What will we be creating or witnessing the creation of? A joining of the masculine and feminine energies, a worshiping of the Divine Feminine, or perhaps just a party filled with Lust?

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    A few additional notes on Saturnalia. It is associated with a loosening of social mores and role reversal – in Roman society, women would mingle more freely with men, owners would serve slaves at the table, and mask wearing was common.

    It was celebrated with gladiatorial combat, with the dead being considered sacrifices to Saturn and his consort (in the guise of Mother Destruction).

    It was also the origin of the Lord of Misrule, which syncretised with Christianity and continued through the Middle Ages. A mock king was appointed, making capricious demands and throwing order into disarray. The false king may have been sacrificed (or at lease symbolically so) to Saturn at the end.

    The idea of misrule, of throwing them known order into disarray, seems to fit with some of the emails and leeks that been happening recently. I need the link in the midnight commission emails was to a gladiator mask.

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    Thank you, @salamandrina73!

    Also, I’m noting from what you mentioned the “mask wearing” and “loosening of social mores” as also being particularly applicable.

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