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    Crazy theory time!

    We’ve been talking a lot about how we are often distracted. We are directed, posts are deleted that suggest we are onto something. We are redirected with phone calls. Last night, Morgan was getting questioned in Slack. @winstonsmith was asking all of the hard questions, the potentially exposing questions. Then Stacey to the rescue, dragging everyone to the forums, and derailing the important conversation that was happening. The problem is that there’s nothing technical about this version of my child. It isn’t answering questions. It isn’t providing info. It isn’t even responding to questions. It’s just changing posts. And where did Stacey go? She was quiet. Or, was she on the other side of the computer with the admin log in editing posts, deleting entries, convincing us or them that this thing has power? My child is incredibly suspicious. Maybe things aren’t as we are being told.

    So let’s jump to Briarberg (I promise this loops in. Hang with me.) Recapping the Briarberg meeting – Morgan said he was going there for a finance meeting. Why is Morgan discussing finances with Briarberg? And when he got there, he wasn’t surprised. He knew what meeting he was walking into, and he walked in ready for a fight. And then picked a childish school yard fight with Mason to be like “hehe look guys we are fighting!” but the fight had no substance. It was about nothing. Not the betrayal, not what the fuck, nothing. I do not think it was a real fight. I didn’t buy it then, and the more I look back on it, the less I believe it now.

    The possible connection: What if they are all Briarberg? The OSDM/ODSM error connects Noah to Stacey. Morgan said that “a friend” introduced him to Jack. Stacey is the only “friend” that we have seen Morgan have in game. What are the chances that Stacey was the one who introduced Jack to Morgan, which connects Jack to Stacey, and therefore Mason to Stacey. Morgan and Mason knew each other.

    If they are all Briarberg, then they want us divided into factions where we are bickering and fighting and not asking the questions of how everyone is connected. Because no one wants to be connected to the enemy. No one wants to ask about a connection to that which they don’t want to be connected to. Briarberg said it wants to create an alternative to the OSDM. What if they are all working on that together?

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     Brad Ruwe 

    It’s entirely possible. We could all be getting played for the Nth time.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    More than entirely possible.

    Many good questions here. I want answers.
    Not distractions.

    And actionable answers at that.

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    Jesus @chelsea I can’t believe I missed this! This is incredible and quite plausible theory. I have ask myself though:


    Why would Morgan team up with Briarberg? Why would he want distraction and division??

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    While we have some downtime, Chelsea brings up some interesting questions we should discuss, whether we agree or not.

    Morgan knows I trust him even if he’s getting played, and even if he’s playing me, the thing I switched to his side for, the fight against the Dark, that will remain.

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     Winston Smith 

    YES! All the things that Morgan *won’t* say or do speak loudly. He can’t or won’t explain his relationship with Michelle or Briarberg. He talks about transparency while justifying his need to be completely opaque. His words and his actions are not congruent with each other.

    Morgan is hiding something because he knows we’re not going to like it.

    I don’t know if he’s been compromised, or just played, but I do know he’s shown terribly poor judgement that led directly to the apparent death of Joyce. Mason is carrying around her body in a trunk, and Morgan is just like “Oops, my bad. I sure got fooled on that one. LOL”

    It doesn’t add up.

    He appears to be far more complicit than he wants us to believe.

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      I don’t know if he’s been compromised, or just played, but I do know he’s shown terribly poor judgement that led directly to the apparent death of Joyce.

      So waaaaait a minute. Does this make me a genius after all?!

      On a serious note recent revelations of Morgan’s involvement with Stacey and in cahoots with Briarberg really makes me question whether Morgan wants to really burn this shit down like he has said over and over again. OR if this his efforts to make it to the top (and effectively burning everything in his path).

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      On a serious note recent revelations of Morgan’s involvement with Stacey and in cahoots with Briarberg really makes me question whether Morgan wants to really burn this shit down like he has said over and over again. OR if this his efforts to make it to the top (and effectively burning everything in his path).

      This just reminded me of this:

      “I think one actually did make it through the ranks. Could you imagine how much he gave up? The things he did to get there?”

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       Bryan Bishop 

      On a serious note recent revelations of Morgan’s involvement with Stacey and in cahoots with Briarberg really makes me question whether Morgan wants to really burn this shit down like he has said over and over again.

      These points from @winstonsmith, @coryphella, @mkarrett, and @chelsea do form a certain pattern. But let’s test it. Let’s assume, for sake of argument, that Morgan did in fact “make it up the ranks.” That would actually make him OSDM. But does that really make any more sense than taking the story that we’ve already been presented at face value?

      Please note: I’m talking things through here for the sake of argument. This is not doubting the good intentions of participants fighting for what they believe in, and I’m not accusing anyone of anything, either – even if their ideologies differ from mine. If we don’t always consider all options, we’ll miss something, so please take this in that spirit.

      -One of the ideas that’s been raised in the past is that BOS is (like last year) a construct of the OSDM. Only in this case, what would the purpose be? The simplest explanation would be that it was designed to sideline those with intense anti-OSDM feelings. If Morgan did indeed rise up the ranks as is suggested above, this would be a tremendously useful role for the OSDM to have filled. OSDM knows many community members are gunning for them, and represent a real threat. Having a trusted member of the community lead such a faction, and by extension putting it under OSDM control, would be brilliant, strategically. As we know, last year it was Michelle — herself OSDM — that set up the idea of BOS as its own “real” entity. That baton was picked up this year with TMC and the rebirth of BOS.

      -Between the TMC reveal and Wednesday night, BOS had been silent save for one event that had to remain mysteriously secret for reasons that now do seem a little thin. As a result, all of those anti-OSDM participants have been largely inactive. Not fighting the good fight. Not actually striking back and harming Horace or OSDM. They’ve been patiently waiting for orders from the head of their organization so they could fight back methodically. Threat posed to OSDM during this time: None.

      -There’s been a lack of transparency until very recently, and yes, there have been reasons given along the lines of “Hey, you can’t expect us to give away our big secrets.” That’s totally fair, but it also hasn’t held water for some participants (which is also fair). But if BOS is an OSDM front, that overall lack of transparency makes a lot more sense: there’s motivation behind it.

      -As @chelsea points out above, when BOS finally did take a step forward the other night, it was only after @winstonsmith had started asking some very tough questions. It was convenient timing, and if we are going to be as conspiratorially minded here as we are everywhere else, that should raise red flags. What to do when one’s cover is about to get blown? Change the subject.

      -And what did that subject get changed to? MyChild, who after working in secret for weeks brought us statements like “T H E G A M E K N O W S” or “E V E R Y O N E I S T H E G A M E” or “E A T B I S C O F F C R E A M Y S P R E A D”. Then it asked us to take an online poll (?). We chatted and debated, thought long and hard, and probably bumped the anxiety levels on the EI up a few notches. 24 hours later MyChild got its answer, dropped some rhetoric about stepping out of shadows, and then… nothing. Now we wait. Again. Until it, really for reals I promise you guys, will do something awesome. Perhaps it’s me, but there does seem to be an awful lot of being told to wait on this front. Current threat posed to OSDM: Seemingly None.

      Now, writing this all out — this is an extremely cynical take, even for me. It would introduce moral complexities and complications that are hard to fathom. But if we consider the possibility that OSDM used a member of the community to relaunch BOS in order to keep anti-OSDM participants sidelined under the guise of a “resistance” that was actually keeping them inactive… a lot of things do seem to track. The vague explanations about BOS and its origins. The constant secrecy about BOS policies and motives. The theatrically and lack of follow through w/r/t the Mason and Morgan “fight”. And always being told to hold on, wait, because the “real” strike is always just around the corner. (In this scenario, I actually wonder if Mason himself might also be an OSDM fiction, designed to bring about extreme emotional reactions – particularly from @corpyhella and myself. Again; buckets of complexities that I’m not sure how I would process.)

      The best argument against all of the above is the personal trust we have in our fellow participants, and in a lot of ways that’s one of the only things that can guide us. But we’ve seen before that allegiances can change, and that people are sometimes not who they seem to be. We’re through the looking glass, and all possible fourth, fifth, six, and seventh walls have been broken. We’d probably be wise to question everything we think we know about everyone.

      Here’s the thing I want to underline with a big fat Sharpie: This could easily all be totally wrong, and I actually hope that is the case. It would certainly be easier for me to process emotionally. And if it is, good on Stacey and MyChild, and I have no doubt the OSDM is probably freaking out a little right now. But at the same time, it’s also hard to ignore the mounting questions and lack of actual anti-OSDM action that’s been taken.

      If the true purpose of BOS is to sideline those who want to take down OSDM: it has been working.

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    @mkarrett, Hahaha! Briarberg did say “…we plan to offer a better, simpler alternative to the organization that has continuously manipulated you for their own nefarious means.” Burn the OSDM and present an alternative? Join forces for the removal of one, until he’s able to also get rid of the others? I’m just not sure.

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    I’ve only skim read this as I’m in the middle of editing and I’m throwing this post out super quick, but how is Morgan’s involvement with Stacey a revelation? She was part of the Resistance, the Triumph of Civilisation, along with Macy and Jenna… Why wouldn’t BOS be working with her?

    I don’t think this is the big secret it is being labelled as being… Certainly doesn’t feel like news to me.

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     Winston Smith 

    I wanted to give @111eror the benefit of the doubt. I raised some questions with him early and got some pushback. I didn’t want to blow up his spot, so I held back for a while to see how things played out, and whether any of that transparency showed up.

    When Addison made his decision to flip, and started talking about the TMC event, triggering Morgan to explain what happened, that just sealed the deal for me and confirmed that all my doubts were meaningful.

    I wasn’t sure why I didn’t get an invite to that TMC event. Now I realize that if I had, I’d probably have either rejected it out of hand, or found it sus enough to ask questions that couldn’t be answered.

    What’s weird is that Morgan basically rolled over once I did start asking questions. He hardly even tried to defend himself, he had to call in the cavalry to take the heat off. All those questions still hang in the air though, and Morgan is again suspiciously silent at exactly the moments when he should be loudest.

    Most of the questions don’t even require divulging secrets, or operational plans. They’re basic level questions like “Who are your allies, and where did you meet them?”

    Even if he can’t discuss them publically, he’s had ample opportunity to do so privately, with a variety of people, and just hasn’t. We all felt like something wasn’t right, but wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I don’t know Morgan as well as many of you, but have you ever known him to just roll over that easily? It doesn’t feel right, I expected more fight from him. It’s conspicuously sus.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    What I’ve learned:

    1) When there in any doubt, there is no doubt.
    2) Where there is smoke, there is an inferno.
    3) When management deflects, dodges or distracts tough questions, see Rules #1 and #2.
    4) When they say, “There’s a secret plan to revitalize the company”, it’s replacing Classic Coke with New Coke.

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