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     Lawrence Meyers 

    I received a text at 422 PM from a source I will not disclose, given recent circumstances:

    Source: “I am embarrassed and hate to ask this, but do you still talk to Clint regularly?”

    Me: “Semi-regular FB chat. Maybe once a week for just a moment or two. What’s up?”

    Source: “Nothing, I just, just find it strange that you have such close personal friendships with the ‘creators’.”

    Me: “Clint and I just talk about politics and immersive theater and sometime pick his brain”

    Actually, the call was pretty uneventful, all in all. But in the essence of “never silent”

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Followed now, to the surprise of no one, a No Caller ID with two short heavy breaths, and a female voice saying, “Don’t”.

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    I wonder if “second” MSE is what they refer to when they say some might be asked to stay longer… also didn’t @meghanmayhem say steph mentioned somewhere off site? Maybe some will be taken to a second location?! (If so me please! Haha)

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    Welp, looks like Larry’s post got the same editor’s touch my post did.

    Haven’t we already told you pesky people trying to limit our discussions that you can’t unsuck a dick?

    “I received a text at 422 PM from a source I will not disclose, given recent circumstances:

    Source: “I am embarrassed and hate to ask this, but do you still talk to Clint regularly?”

    Me: “Semi-regular FB chat. Maybe once a week for just a moment or two. What’s up?”

    Source: “Did he saying anything about the other mse event going on?”

    Me: The OTHER MSE? How many are there?”


    Me: Go on.

    Source: Nevermind. I shouldn’t have asked.

    This source has not proven to be reliable. However, the reference seems to match what @meghanmayhem was told.”

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     Drew Huntley 

    They are spiraling to keep this under wraps.
    There may be a second event being orchestrated.
    They should know they can’t keep these things a secret from us. It will always make its way out. Especially when you put trust in an individual that aren’t stable with the info.

    The MSE may just be a distraction to keep our attention diverted from this second event.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Thank you @meghanmayhem. Yes, my initial Slack post was deleted and my post here has been edited.

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     Drew Huntley 

    When Larry brought this up in Slack, @a started to really clean house and delete anything with reference to Clint and the second event. They went above and beyond and even blasted away stuff posted in #catchup.

    Prominent messages deleted:
    daela Dec 7, 2017 17:30
    My question is, did the source already have all the info on the second MSE, and want to know if Clint was spilling the beans about it? Or do they know almost nothing about the second MSE and are sniffing around trying to get more info or confirm suspicions?
    The answer could perhaps tell us if the second MSE is from an opposing side, or if they’re all from the same source

    meghanmayhem Dec 7, 2017 17:31
    Steph referred to it as “some other event off site that’s taking place at the same time” that they were making her be a part of instead of the MSE and it pissed her off because she’d put in so much work for them.

    daela Dec 7, 2017 17:33
    Wonder if this is where the whole “no sharing addresses” things comes into play
    We won’t know if we’re at the original MSE or the off-site MSE

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    Discussion on Slack of what the MSE vs “2nd off-site event” could be, and how that relates to “no sharing addresses”. If we are to be taken to 2 different locations, well how will we know?

    At the investor meeting, we had guy with stick, and for a short amount of time Remy was in the position guy with stick was in. And with @lilmsfancpants and I Remy had no accent, for others he did. And for some of the day Nicole was one woman, and for the rest of the day she was switched with another woman. When we tell stories of that day, our stories contradict one another for those reasons. Truth hidden in lies and we can never be certain which is which.

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    If there’s two different events ostensibly from the same source (“Them?”) as Steph’s call to @meghanmayhem implied, I’m interested in the “why” of all that.

    If we think of it like an experiment, a data experiment, would the standard, Facebook advertised event be like the Control Group? And this alleged alternate event is almost like a secondary non-placebo phase of testing?

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    Or could it like @daela mentioned in the Slack?

    At one, they collect footage of a harmless theatrical performance. At the other, the real shit goes down. And who’s to say which we attended, the theatrical version or the real version.

    Maybe one is supposed to be the “fake” theatrical version, darkly sexy and culty like the photos show, but ultimately theatrical. And then the other has the actual sex cult, murder, sacrifice, rituals, and other dark and dirty nitty gritties going down. Maybe that’s the one the phone calls are saying “don’t” to?

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    Here to chime in with my signature DIS TEW MUCH

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    The talk of a second (possibly more sinister) event makes some sense to me.

    The “basic ground rules” email from The Creators that went out to everyone was a bit over the top playing “this is only theater” that it made me think it might be put on.

    I have no idea how this will play out for those not following closely.. a part of me thinks it’s near impossible for them to *actually* put on two events but who knows at this point.

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    Also, though, to mess with that a little more, not everyone has received the ground rules email, but I think we’ve all received the TMC email. So we’ll be masked, unsure of who’s who around us, potentially at different addresses, unsure of whether folks are Steph or Stef, and some of us will be treating this as theatre with rules and some of us may be assuming it’s all real.

    I have to say, I’m leaning toward what @wanda102 mentioned of different tests for different data collection. But then my next question is whether the division will be purposeful or random.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    NOTHING is random.

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     Robert Fuller 

    I was trying to find a pattern among those who haven’t received the “ground rules” e-mail, but there isn’t one. I’m just going to chalk it up to a clerical oversight, because I can’t think of any other explanation. I mean, why would they NOT want certain people to know the basic rules and etiquette?

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