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     Michael Rizzo 

    Hello to all you beautiful people!

    So when I had met Sarah outside my house previously, she had also given me a copy of the full tension questionnaire… I know alot of people had wanted a copy of the full questionnaire for some time now and figured it was only right to share what I had been given! I realized I lagged it a while to post it here, but that was only because I’ve been out of state without the folder on hand. BUT now that im back, I got to work on it. I was thinking of just making photocopies of the pages and redacting my responses but figured it would be easier for everyone to read it clearly if I just yped it up… so that’s what I did! Lol

    The link to the google doc that has all 12 pages (177 questions) is as follows:

    There was nothing “off” about the document, and I wrote everything down verbatim. Some of the questions, as you’ll remember, had multiple choices… however the choices were not shown on the papers I was given.


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    Wow I want to answer those questions 🙂

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    Awesome, @rizzzoooooo!!

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    Thank you, this is really great. I’m exhausted just reading through these again. It brings me right back to these unsure times when we had no idea what this was and took a leap of faith in giving strangers all this information.

    One question that I recall that they didn’t provide for you @rizzzoooooo listed a bunch of words and asked you to circles the ones that you felt most strongly described you. The OOA emailed me back, randomly listed some of the words and had me elaborate in various ways. The sampling of words they sent were:

    Good sense of humor

    This was maybe 1/3 of the words that appeared on the questionnaire.

    I’d answered my questionnaire about 90% honestly. I felt very strongly that anything about my family was off limits so I lied by omission or vagueness. A couple other random questions I wasn’t up for answering for a complete stranger either.

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    Thanks for uploading that! It wasn’t online anymore by the time I got into Tension, glad to get a look at it now.

    Quick glance through it and Tension asked about people’s relationships with their father while Lust through iConfidant asked about people’s relationships with their mother. Not sure how significant that is but a bit curious at least.

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    Fantastic @rizzzoooooo. I always wondered what was in there.

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     Michael Rizzo 

    Oh awesome @electrichippo! I’ll update the link with those choices as an example of what was given. I think my papers have my choices as well. I need to check real quick

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    On Page 29 of “Chronicles of The OOA” some of the words on the questionnaire are shown as blocked out by “OSDM DELETE PER INVESTIGATION 14B.87.” The blocked out words are:

    6.Have you ever believed you were being followed?
    7.Have you felt the possibility of a genuine haunting?

    …And, whatever written in answer the respondent might have added.

    Page 29 - Chronicles of the OOA

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    Thanks for sharing this! As a newcomer to Lust, this was a interesting read

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     Michael Rizzo 

    I just added the choices for the question about childhood that had choices as well, do we have an idea on what finishes that second choice? (Bottom of the picture posted by @electrichippo)

    Is it emotional/behavioral battery? It’s something that starts with a b

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    @rizzzoooooo there’s a bit of questionnaire stuff shown in The Book that Sarah might not have given you.

    The one you’re specifically asking about is:

    ___Unhappy childhood
    ___Emotional/behavioral problems ___Medical problems
    ___Sexual abuse

    Some of the other word choices for the one we were discussing above are:

    Full of regrets
    A nobody
    (more that are not shown)…

    Question #102 on the sight of blood has a few options I can see:

    ___Uneasy ___Excited ___Scared

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     Michael Rizzo 

    Oh man, glad we have the back to help fill in some gaps. I updated the docs page with those choices to keep it more complete. Gracias @electrichippo ??

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    Thanks I’ve always wanted to see these questions!!

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    Thanks so much @rizzzoooooo, I’ve always wanted to see what the questionnaire looked like!

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    I like to think that the Lust version of the questionnaire is the iConfidant match. Whatever you’re telling that person you’ve been matched with, that’s data on you that’s being gathered and will likely be used against you at some point. Make sure you’re fully honest & completely vulnerable with your new friend… 🙂

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    Exactly what I’ve been theorising @coryphella. We’re all wise to how a questionnaire can and will be used against us. But a friendly Trojan horse… Well I know I have no defence against that. I’ve already found myself pouring out my woes to my confidant…

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     Taylor Winters 

    @blondie, I agree fully. I’ve been completely open, vulnerable, and honest with my Confidant. I love having someone that I can talk to like that, and that I can trust. I just hope our trust is not sacrificed at any point in the future. Broken trust is one of the most painful things to experience.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @taylor @blondie “Gee, this beautiful and friendly fairy I met 20min ago told me to take all my clothes off, leave all my weapons behind, and follow her into the forest. She said we were going to have a picnic, and I’m very hungry. The forest is basically pitch black and I hear the faint sounds of screaming coming from within but…I’m sure it’s fine. What’s the worst that could happen?”

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    @meghanmayhem I admit it… I was distracted by the glitter… Dammit

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     Taylor Winters 

    @meghanmayhem, I think I like getting put in these situations–and figuring out how to get myself out again.

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