Symbology For Fools

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       Lawrence Meyers

      And by Fools, I mean, mostly me.

      Crossed keys are generally associated with St. Peter, and in fact are part of the Papal Coat of Arms, literally the Keys to Heaven. They usually appear with one silver and one gold, representing earth and Heaven, but also emotion (Earth) and thought (Heaven). [See Matthew 16:19] Note, however, that the keys in this symbol are upside-down compared to the Coat of Arms of the Holy See. One might therefore consider this to be a symbol of…the opposite.

      This plays into what I think I mentioned to some of you — “Sin with Perfection” is an apparent play on the words “Sinless perfection”. This is the state of purity Jesus achieved and which man is encouraged to strive for. Perhaps another reference to the anti-Divine.

      The Eye with Wings is all over the place, but my first association is with Isis. The most powerful Egyptian goddess. Her sacred animal: the snake!

      I’m running the key inserted into fire past a symbologist friend. My first association is the key to enlightenment lies through the past of rebirth.

      So lube up.

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      Wow, nice analysis! Can’t wait to hear what your friend has to say…

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      These appear to be illuminati symbols, just on first glance.
      rising sun
      all-seeing eye
      feather??? a peacock feather? but there is no eye
      crossed double keys

      Is Cody here yet? That’s who we need.

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      This fool sees on this Valentine’s day eve, “Cupid’s wings behind a lustful eye belonging to a poor soul whose key to heaven is being burned in fire and brimstone”.

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      Hm. This sorta ties into something @kasch just mentioned onto another thread and that’s when the theory lightbulb went off.

      What if the eye with the wings represents “the all seeing from above”. Not necessarily a deity, but a governing body that watches all.

      You know, like the OSDM?

      The fire can represent Anoch. Remember the fire that consumed The First*? Yet rather than a spreading flame, this fire in the symbol is under controlled, like it’s on a log. In addition, the fire is in front of a key which often symbolizes liberation/freedom/success. In combination of the fire and key we could be looking at symbology that ties into Anoch and somehow being controlled.

      So what if the OSDM really does have ties into Anoch?

      This is OOG commentary: yes I realize LUST itself may be completely new season, not a continuation of Tension.

      *From the Book of Anoch (from The Tension Experience)
      “The beginning was merely a spark.
      The one who could see realized that the spark should be a flame. He took it into his heart, he let it grow. He burned and consumed him until he no longer knew who he was.
      Eventually he could hold it no longer, let it completely destroy him. With no other choice he opened his mouth and unleashed that spark, now a great and terrible flame unto the world. It burned with a glory that was previously unfathomable.
      The fire was knowledge and the fire was power. It engulfed nearly all of our realm, sending darkness back into the hearts of the weak small men as it elevated the potential of our very nature to a higher more perfect path.
      We were so close, the precipice of the great dawn, but alas the darkness returned. It too had grown stronger with desire inside the hearts of lesser men, the first betrayers. They unleashed their darkness and began to blind all of those around them until men questioned whether the fire had existed at all.
      What little fire that was left was taken for granted. It was hoarded and used as a weapon to control and manipulate, to cause fear and terror.
      With no more to do he then left to return to where he had begun. He returned to the darkness, he gave up. He began to die.
      It was then that he heard it, the spark was yet still alive, stronger, and now a voice.
      “The fire, you have returned” he said, but the voice called back from within and he spoke to himself. “No, that was then, for I am the light”
      “Do you have a name for I do not recall my own”
      The spark once a flame and now the light indeed had a name.
      But first he anointed himself.
      “You are the first, the first counted, and the last from the final, and I, I am Anoch”’

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       Andrew Kasch

      @mkarrett Nothing is random.

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      After the end of Tension, we’re still putting a lot of faith in the things that we’ve seen despite being proven that we cannot.

      Was the person who went by the name “Samson” even stabbed in the first place? Is the OSDM even in service of some god Anoch, or is Anoch just another lie as well? A while back we believed that the OOA were the biggest dogs in the yard, are we going to find the same thing about the OSDM and some other entity?

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        What was the thing Michelle say at the end while holding the book of Anoch? Something about “…i honestly don’t know if a word of this is true, and I don’t care. it’s bait…” or something? I think Anoch is probably bait. How do you get people to blindly follow? Give them a god. People like gods and having something to worship.

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      What was the thing Michelle say at the end while holding the book of Anoch? Something about “…i honestly don’t know if a word of this is true, and I don’t care. it’s bait…” or something? I think Anoch is probably bait. How do you get people to blindly follow? Give them a god. People like gods and having something to worship.

      ya I totally agree that we were duped big time. Further I agree that all of this was a giant fascade for what was really going on: OSDM simply baiting us for data. But what if Anoch really is a thing and they’re just keeping that under wraps as well? If that Book was nothing but jargon written up by an OSDM fellow Michelle could have easily just said “this is all bullsh*t guys, all of it”. Instead she questions the veracity of the book contents.

      Side note: I’m copying/pasting responses so you don’t get confused to what I’m replying to. 🙂

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       Kimberly Stewart

      To add to @chelsea’s comment, here is the relevant part of Michelle’s monologue at The End event that many of us here attended:

      “Actual faith, you see, that is the one thing we couldn’t program out of you [Addison Barrow] no matter how hard we tried. But you’re not alone. My superiors watching us, right now, in the shadows, they believed in this book [The Book of Anoch] too. They hid their beliefs for centuries and now they’re going to be a punchline! We (word?). We evolved. Now I don’t know if a God damned word in this book is true or fantasy, and you know what? I don’t care. I care that it is a bait, just like you [Addison Barrow]. You see it’s all part of a narrative that pulls them [audience] here, that makes them care. The mysterious cult! You see The Clockmakers thought the words in that book were power. A mysterious God that speaks only through Oracles. A God that no one has heard from for centuries. No. No no no. The real power lies in the faithful themselves.” [And then monologue changed to the topic of brainwashing…]

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      This might be nothing, but the crossed keys in the Circle are different than the crossed keys graphic for “settings” in the profile pages. The key teeth (?) are reversed, and so are the swirls in the key designs themselves.

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        @izryn The keys are an interesting observation. The reversed being the icon for Settings… Options. So the keys in the circle of lust may be the opposite of options.

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       Christine Barger

      So is Lust a continuation of Tension or a whole new thing? I felt like the last show where everyone was dead represented the end of that and this would be a new beginning. If that’s the case then crossing the streams may be more confusing than helpful…unless it IS a continuation. Do we know?

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       Taylor Winters

      The second time through Ascension and The End provided a look behind the curtain. Walking out of The End, we saw the sets already striked, like a set torn down after a movie. The deaths were fake–they were just to judge our reactions and to give the OSDM the data they desire.

      I would speculate that this is a whole new “world” created by the OSDM to judge a new set of emotions and reactions. For those of us who have seen behind the curtain, we are willingly give them our data, and those new to the experience are doing so unsuspectingly.

      If they want my data, then so be it. But I want data on them in the process.

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       Kimberly Stewart

      As a left handed person, I find it very interesting that the “hand in eye” symbolism being used for the profile icon as well as @thevoyeur ‘s profile picture is of the left hand, rather than the much more commonly used and depicted eye in right hand (Hamsa).

      Since ancient times, superstition and symbolism denotes the left in generally much more negative terms than the right. To this day, children are often trained away from left handedness. Inconvenience, evil, impurity and even insanity have been related to the left, while goodness and righteousness conversely go along with the right.

      This writing sums up many if the issues in a quite fascinating way:

      “In the ancient world where food was eaten out of a common plate with bare hands the right hand was for eating and the left hand for the unsanitary and dirty tasks of life. This is probably the reason why the right hand is still associated with more positive attributes than the left hand. The fact that the right hand was considered to be the more powerful hand is demonstrated in many of our customs today. It is still customary to shake the right hand. Military personnel salute with their right hand. Americans pledge allegiance to their flag with their right hand. The sign of the Cross is made with the right hand and it is with the right hand that blessings are given. It is said that all our life’s experiences are reflected on the palm of the right hand. People who use their left hand as the dominant one were viewed as, less talented or even evil in many cultures. The word sinister is rooted in the Latin word for left hand, which is most probably the reason why in the past left handed people were forced to write with their right hand. The palm of the right hand is said to reflect our outer personality and the evolution of our life’s path and our life’s experiences. The left hand is considered to be the more passive hand. The palm of our left hand is said to reflect our inner world and our authentic personality, that which we were born with and which we build upon throughout our life.”

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      I applaud you!!!! You guys are so quick and smart. 🙂

      Already fastidiously examining every shred. Your diligence will surely be rewarded!

      I agree with so much of what’s already been said.

      Taylor has mentioned the data mining aspect. That the OSDM is the show runner (projected), we were given a look “behind the curtain,” so to speak through The End of Ascension (; ,& that we generally assume an AHS type system for the seasons.

      I do have a question about this: are we sure this thing isn’t being run by Trump or something? Or some weird government social experiment? (js)

      Kim- that was a fascinating read! I am definitely going to look more in depth on that.

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      I don’t know if it is my imagination, but the keys in the circle of lust image have the number “3” in the bow and the letter “D” in the bit.

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        @dawsonc, 33 is the highest degree in Freemasonry, and some conspiracy theorists link Freemasons with the Illuminati and claim that they are working in tandem to create a New World Order. Hmmm…

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       Lawrence Meyers

      verrrrry interesting…..

      LUST in 3D? @mike

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      View post on

      If anyone tried to pull off ‘Sacred Fist’ iconography, I suppose it would be Noah.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      My symbologist pal has been dealing with family matters but offered this:

      “Look into the Sinclair lineage and the fringe theories about Rosslyn Chapel”

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Sinclair — one of the oldest families in Scotland. They were linked in THE DA VINCI CODE to Rosslyn Chapel, which was alleged to house the remains of Christ, The Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, and other rare treasures. Most importantly, the legend is the descendants of Christ live within the Sinclair family.

      Note this:

      See the coat of arms for the Sinclair family on the right? Noah’s words are the opposite, suggesting Noah’s Sin is Clear.

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      More from Wikipedia:

      In her 1993 book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail, Margaret Starbird developed the hypothesis that Saint SARAH was the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalen…She also claimed that the name “Sarah” meant “Princess” in Hebrew, thus making her the forgotten child of the “sang réal”, the blood royal of the King of the Jews.

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      So, I’m watching Grand Budapest Hotel tonight… and, right around minute 3:08 I notice the pin on Jason Schwartzman’s lapel…
      fast forward to 3:08-ish

      …Which makes me go, “Huh????”. And then, at the end, I see that the movie credits this book…
      The Society of the Crossed Keys

      …Which is, apparently, a real society…
      Les Clefs d’Or

      So…maybe The Noah System’s working on building an army of robot concierges? You know… to serve man. 🙂

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