Stepping away

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    @thegilded‘s response is my favorite post EVER.


    You do you, boo. We’re happy you’re safe, and if you need to step away, step away – you know what’s best for you.

    Still a little nervous about whatever that was that you saw, and everything that’s going on recently, so please be safe regardless.

    to also paraphrase Crowley.. “shit’s all sorts of fucked up, dawg.”


    You do you, boo.

    This will never not remind me of III.

     Andrew Kasch 

    Until I see visual proof of Andy alive, I call foul!


    @addisonborn May I say I think the only way I will be complete as a human being is if you explain the meaning of life to me… just like this…

    “shit’s all sorts of fucked up, dawg.”

    You rock, Dude! 🙂


    Andy! If that’s you, at least come to the 11th, so we can poke you, give hugs, safety in numbers… But be safe. Warm thoughts.


    We thought you would never return, but here you are again. I hope everything goes well.
    Glad to see that you are hopefully okay.

     Buz Wallick 

    As a mod I want to lock this thread as it goes against our new guidelines.

    As a fellow participant I am just glad you’re alive. However I strongly urge you to call your mom.



    As a mod I want to lock this thread as it goes against our new guidelines.

    What guidelines? I’m confused

     Buz Wallick 

    @pandace88 I was mainly making a chuckle, but since you ask: RE: COMPLAINT THREADS


    @thebuz Oooh! I never saw any of that thread


    Andy! You’re alive!
    Take care of yourself, and hopefully you can return when you feel up to it.

     Andrew K 

    @confuseddude – glad to hear you’re “ok.” But, I want to know who told you to stay away from the forums- was it Noah?

    I’m having a hard time believing any of this, sorry, but this is just fishy.

     kody s Batchelor 

    Andy! Stay strong! As hunter s Thompson once said “don’t take any guff from these fucking swine!” Keep that chin up!

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