Stephanie has gone dark

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    A wise move —

    I noticed that both Steph and DLB tuned in to Mason’s little psychopath display tonight on FB.

    While chatting online with @bcbishop, I noticed she was online…but when I went to her page…it was gone. Bryan confirmed. Other actors’ pages still up, as are DLB’s and CS’s.

    Her website is down. I just texted her — Delivered but not read. @shankfx22 texted much earlier today and got the same. …oh wait…just read now. No reply.

    I’m very worried for all the actors now. I’m concerned about exactly what went down at this retreat. I have some theories but since I seem to be striking out on those lately, I’m not ready to proffer anything.

    Steph, if you are out there, stay safe. Stay hidden. Watch your back. All of us are here for you and the rest of the cast.

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