Stacy Live 6/07

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    @coryphella I think you’re on to something with iConfidant being Lust’s questionnaire. It would make sense that the investors are being sneakier with it, after OSDM Michelle went and called everyone idiots for doing it the first time around.


    I’m thinking either the investors hijacked the beta and used real people instead of the AI OR Stacey’s AIs took on a life of their own and have taken over!


    Did Kirsten? call Stacy “Lauren” at one point (about 1:53), an OOG slip up, or another layer of someone being brainwashed? Or am I just hearing things (possible since I watched the video with a migraine).


    @lenize, I think she was referring to Lauren Bello, the person on this forum whom Stacey visited and where she found the bug. I was confused at first too!


    @lenize She was definitely referring to @daela


    Cool, thanks @sfire8 and @kipsie! That makes more sense!

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