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    Here’s the Stacey/Kristen iConfidant confession video for posterity in case the investors take it off of Facebook:

     Claire Buchignani 

    Ohhh so that is Kristen! Ok but seriously my mind is blown!! But here’s one thing I don’t get, if they were “after emotions” why were they using mostly people in their service who had barely want emotions whatsoever? That doesn’t seem like the best way to get emotions out of us…


    @clairebuch I wonder if the goal was just to lure us in with the iConfidant correspondence just to track our behavior to ultimately bug all of our homes like @daela. If they can detect our home IP address activity they can figure out when we’re not there.

    iConfidant may have been an elaborate phishing attack on us so to speak.

    I still go back to the registration where the guy in the red room made it sound like he was looking for something or someone.


    I wonder if stacy hasn’t even been getting people’s ’emails of concern’. It must be a low time for her: something she wanted to create in goodness, corrupted. By weirdos none the less. My heart goes out to her.

    What are they? Are they us, in a rudimentary way? Or Are they emotional piggy banks?

     Hannah Schenck 

    So there is a program out there that will, at some point it seems, be able to do what our iConfidants are able to without human input or interaction, if I understood Stacey correctly. She said they aren’t using the program yet.

    I feel like the plan was a virtual iConfidant or AiConfidant (as has been theorized many times by many people here) and she, at the urging of Kristin, is trying to pull the plug before it gets there.

    I wonder what the iConfidants really are right now…

    @bruinbown Perhaps they are bugging us to collect our emotions to use towards perfecting these AiCOnfidants, only they will be posing as us… what will happen to the real us?


    Hello, good evening, I am fucked.

    Need to rewatch this, so much to unpack.

    It’s been real y’all.


    Does anyone know if Stacey Erikson always had a FB profile? ‘Cuz, she has one now.


    @superstar good catch her profile photo was posted April 12 so her FB account has been active since at least then.


    @taysavestheday, I dunno…when Kristen says, “It’s over. Whatever it is you think you were trying to do, it’s done!” to the camera, it feels like she’s very specifically talking to someone else? Like whoever planted the bugs?? Who could that be??

     Bryan Bishop 

    I had a similar take, @sfire8. Given the context of what Stacey said, I felt it was addressing The Investors.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @superstar Stacey has had a FB profile for a while now. As far as I know it was created in order to send a message to one fof the participants but I can’t for the life of me remember who. Maybe @111error? As far as I know she sent the message and hasn’t been active since and isn’t accepting friend requests.


    @meghanmayhem Got it. I must have missed it in an earlier search. Thanks for the clarification. 🙂


    @meghanmayhem Wasn’t me.

     Andrew Kasch 

    @meghanmayhem She sent me the FB message. I sent a response but she hasn’t been back since. That was well over a month ago.


    So things I’m taking away from this:

    There is a program for matching people to iConfidants, and it’s “advanced,” but the investors aren’t using it yet – that’s why this is beta? Does that mean that this “program” that we are using is an early version? That our confidants are AIs? That they are evolving (molting??) and this Sunday, the next chapter of our friendship, marks the next stage in their evolution?

    They want emotions – guys this IS the questionnaire. The iConfidants and interacting with them is the equivalent and Lust’s version of the Tension questionnaire. Everyone who wanted to fill one out, you’ve been doing exactly that, unless for whatever reason you haven’t.

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