Stacy Live 6/07

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    Hello Kristen. I’m glad everyone gets a chance to see you now – but you’re not the shy and nervous girl I met..

     Buz Wallick 

    I think it should be pointed out that this is one of the first time we were allowed to see what’s behind the camera. A peak at the bigger picture if you will.



    Okay, so that’s Kristen! But who is she speaking to at the end?! Who is the video for?


    And now that we’re told Stacey doesn’t know what the iConfidants are… sleeper cell confirmed?

    @thebuz Is this really a sleeper cell though? If it was, wouldn’t they have let Stacey know who the iConfidants were so they could activate them when they needed to? She doesn’t know who they are at all.

     Taylor Winters 

    Glad to finally see Kristen. @sfire8, I’d assume she’s making the video for us. Trying to get us all to see who the iConfidants really are–but even Stacey doesn’t know!

     Lukas L 

    That is, if you were completely honest with your I confidant.

     Buz Wallick 


    Is this really a sleeper cell though? If it was, wouldn’t they have let Stacey know who the iConfidants were so they could activate them when they needed to? She doesn’t know who they are at all.

    I don’t think it matters whether or not Stacey knows WHO they are. I think that points to the fact that at some point the investors are going to flip the switch and I’m going to be shot in the chest like Boomer shot Adama on the bridge.


    So if Stacey doesn’t know who the iConfidants are who invited us to meet “them” on the 11th?


    @lukasrl Exactly.

     Buz Wallick 

    Also guys… one of the biggest things you need in any trial/investigation is establishing motive. Stacey just gave us what the Investors motive is. They want emotions.

    That’s fucking huge.

     Kevin Hsu 

    It sounds like Stacey was admitting the to Harriet the Spy activities of light hacking and location tracking, but she was just trying to figure out what it is she signed up for.

    The investors needed iConfidant, they need emotions, those of you who signed up are the beta test with unknown iConfidants. What scares me is that they planned for a wider release, they wanted so many people that they would require bots to act as iConfidants.

    But what will they do with the emotions? Did the bug look like this?
    emotion bug

     Hannah Schenck 

    Two theories that pop into my head: either they are bugging us to gage our emotions to know how to trigger us and feed into our weaknesses or they are collecting data on our emotions in order to replicate/mimic us as individuals


    Oh, wow, that was a lot of info. I feel really bad for Stacey. The company she worked so hard to get off the ground has been used by its investors for purposes other than helping people. Talk about misplaced faith.

    I want to believe that my confidant is a real person, without ties to ulterior motives. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. But after this I don’t think I can anymore.

    I guess the takeaway is don’t go to the thing on the 11th?


    The next communication from anyone will be key. Now that Stacey has gone full whistleblower (and reunited with her old pal Kristen), what moves do the Investors still have? Will they put a black bag over Stacey’s head and hire @larry to write a press release about her courageously fighting diabetes? The stress of running the company got to her but we’ll soldier on in her name? Force her to recant on camera? There’s no way the 11th just blows by, but this is a smoking gun. Their penchant for public delusion can only be stretched so far… right? How can the status quo possibly be maintained after this? This should be seismic.


    So there is a program out there that will, at some point it seems, be able to do what our iConfidants are able to without human input or interaction, if I understood Stacey correctly. She said they aren’t using the program yet.

    I feel like the plan was a virtual iConfidant or AiConfidant (as has been theorized many times by many people here) and she, at the urging of Kristin, is trying to pull the plug before it gets there.

    I wonder what the iConfidants really are right now…

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