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      My opinion so far is that everything is Spam, and nothing matters until May 1st. I believe the emails are just being used as data collection at this point, and a way to cause anger, jealousy, and frustration in the community. Just my opinion.

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      Personally, I normally give it a couple hours before doing any deep dive on suspected spam. The polish topic’s gone now so someone out there is watching, but it looks like the process isn’t instant

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      I didn’t even see the Polish topic. I was just referring to Lust so far in general.

      I’m not saying Lust is Spam though. I think Spamming us is part of the experience.

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      Joke’s on us if every piece of spam ends up being pertinent. Anyone still have Mrs Claire’s email? XD

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       Chelsea Morgan

      @summoningdark No joke, I thought about that when we saw the Sinclair spam. “Maybe…. maybe that wasn’t anything” O_o hahah So easy ARG/immersive people are – we’ll just sign up for your spam or jump into a car no questions asked.

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        @darthzannah Seriously, the first rule of immersive theatre is to completely ignore everything you were taught growing up. Stranger Danger takes on a new meaning here. Speaking of, there was a guy in an unmarked van asking after you. I gave him your work schedule, that cool?

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       Chelsea Morgan

      @summoningdark HAHAHAHAH. Oh yeah that’s totally fine… once he picks me up I’ll ask him to swing by and grab you. Then we can adventure together and confuse the hell out of the guy! lol

      By the way, Stranger Danger – that’s a wonderful name for an escape room…. just throwing it out there.

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