Social Media Blackout? 1/2/18

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    From all outward appearances, it looks like both the official Lust IG as well as the Facebook page have been taken down. Before this, a strange IG post was briefly up. @creepsociety posted a screencap of this in slack, and it was summarily deleted.

    So what do we think? Who has the motivation, means, or desire to cut off the major social media channels for The Experience? And is this just a sign that we’re well an truly without guidance going forward?

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    I mean, all parties we’ve been introduced to would have the motivation and the means if they tried hard enough.

    More importantly, all of this rings as a distraction. What should we be distracted by? The only thing I can think of is the remnants of the full moon given previous knowledge of the Lust Experience and their love of moon cycles…

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    So my question would be, “What are we being distracted from?”

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     Lauren Bello 

    Some theories:

    – We’ve been wondering for a while why the OSDM would allow Noah to hijack the Lust Experience for so long. Maybe they’re putting their foot down and taking the reins back.
    – They’re shutting down the whole operation. (The investors certainly haven’t always been fans of it.)
    – The ownership of the accounts hasn’t changed, but they’ve been compromised enough that they’re cleaning house to start afresh. Whoever posted that final image right before the deletion…that was an act of account-hijacking that was the last straw.
    – MyChild shut them down without fanfare.
    – This was always the plan: they gathered the data they needed.
    – This was always the plan: they are using it to gather more data on us through our reactions.

    I’m sure there are more that I’m missing.

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    @creepsociety mentioned it too, but killing all of their social is a big blow to Lust from a moneymaking perspective. It’s how the experience spreads and people learn what it is. Which is why I’m not sold on this as a distraction technique, losing that presence is a huge deal.

    I can see the picture of the pages being a symptom of what just happened. They were posted and then the whole system was taken down because someone that wasn’t supposed to be in there was in there.

    The pages could have just as easily been a taunt though. They weren’t displayed in full, which doesn’t seem like it would have been the case if someone were trying to smuggle out important information. If that’s the case, maybe an outside force took down their social channels.

    Then this whole thing loops back to who even has control of their social media. We know Mason had access for a long time, which is easily explained by his undercover status. But even when he (or others) posted content that doesn’t seem to match The Lust Experience’s goals, they were allowed to be broadcast or stay up. I’m thinking mostly of Joyce’s FB Live video with @bcbishop, though I’m sure there were others. OSDM thought she was dead, if Horace and Sabrina are to be believed, but didn’t bat an eye at that.

    Once Anointment was over, both IG and FB were used to post pictures of the event, including Noah, Mason, Sabrina, and Cecilia. There are any where from two to four distinct sets of goals with those people, at least one of which does not benefit from continued promotion of the event. Or this is all a retooling of what’s on their social media, they’ve just had some big changes and it is a new year. They could be preparing for what’s coming.

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    @kevin The most plausible outcome I can see from your explanation is that this could be a sign of preparation. Even though I jokingly said that it was a ‘New Year, New You’ scenario, it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility that they are preparing for some big changes. However, I can’t shake a nagging feeling that there might be something we are missing distraction-wise.

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    I was thinking the same re:the retooling/rebranding thing. That was honestly the first thing that popped in my mind when it happened. Still, the timing…right after that instagram post…seems awfully sus. for just “oh we’re preparing for what’s to come.”

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      I have a lot of thoughts, somewhat scrambled due to my ridiculous temperature and feeling like I’m on a boat… it does seem like an awful coincidence… but an extreme distraction to what seems to be of little interest to anyone but me???

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     Unseen Presence 

    There are three/four options I think are most likely, only two of which seems positive to me:

    1. They are retooling their pages, in which case it hasn’t disappeared but rather been turned private for the time being. Risky–as @kevin said, it’s the entrance-way for new people and money to both IG and FB–but potentially possible. This is an okay answer–but I know I, at least, would have made an announcement of some kind before doing that on any of my projects/pages. so I’m a little concerned.

    2. Someone has hacked it from one of the various factions. If so, however, why not announce it? Why not alter it to match their goals/ideas instead? This is an okay answer, too, but the longer we go without any ‘announcement’ from the faction, the less likely it becomes to me.

    3. Someone -else- has actually hacked the pages and they’ve been taken down by the various companies because they were no longer under the creators’ control. That could happen easily–it’s happened to no less than the President’s Twitter, for instance. Depending on the severity of the hack, it might be required to rebuild it all from scratch. What argues against this is that (other than the one new pic that felt very appropriate connected to all of what we know), there’s no indication that anything hack-like popped up anywhere. Hackers generally leave their mark–unless it was caught almost instantly by the creators.

    4. Something is actually, legitimately wrong. Something that required taking the pages down instantly to fix/handle/whatever. If this were the case, I would expect to see the pages come back sometime within the next 24 hours (assuming whatever can be fixed) or a message in the same time-frame (if it cannot be). Given what happened at the MSE and that pictures were generated (even staged ones) of it, I can envision a host of potential issues that -might- have popped up.

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    wanted to add I missed two no caller ID calls (2:07 and 2:09) right after I posted that deleted screenshot of the deleted IG post… super sad I missed them. I reached out to A account that I was free at 2:10pm but did not get a call back. I wonder if someone was trying to reach out so that we could know who was behind the post or if someone was reaching out to put me in timeout for posting something that was deleted within a minute of being posted… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    @creepsociety can you post the screenshot here? I’ve been checked out today but I just noticed what’s going on.

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    Omg my phone hates me hahaha

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