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    He was making himself known. Showing exactly who was boss, who’s the alpha.

    In my experience the true “alphas” don’t need to show anyone that they’re the alpha. Anyone who has to demonstrate it by showing us their peacock feathers isn’t worth following. I don’t understand why anyone is confusing Noah’s humiliation play with getting shit done.

    We have people very literally telling you directly that they are going to lie to you. That they think less of you and that they think you are too stupid to understand.

    But that’s the thing – my being on “Team X” doesn’t preclude my agreement that Team X’s assessment of me is correct. Only that I have decided being on Team X is the thing I want to do. I’m going to be on Team @joycecarlberg because she asked me to be, end of story. Had Noah or The Resistance thought I was a valuable enough resource to add to their team they could have made the effort but they didn’t. I don’t feel the need to prove to anyone why I should be on their side. I’ve done more than enough proving of myself for Tension & Lust in the last 16 months, I’m sure someone has access to that data. And I don’t think a rebellion should be built on brain teasers.

    People are threatening your friends and making fun of you and so many of you are still going “Hmm. IDK, it’s pretty funny. I think I’ll hang out with them.”

    But no one has threatened anyone, really – and regardless we want them to do that. Believe me as someone sitting here with no one threatening her, you want that. This actually IS a situation where we are asking for it. 🙂

    I don’t fight for ideals because ideals are abstract things that get you nowhere. They aren’t practical, they can destroy relationships, they ruin compromises that actually build communities and solve problems, they divide people, not bring them together. *When* I fight for anything, it’s for the people actually being affected by something, because those are actual real things. Convince me there’s a real thing to resist, and I’ll resist.

    Until then I am on Team Fuck With Megan’s Head. Whichever team can do that the best, or at all as I am forever skeptical that it’s possible, that’s my team.

    iConfidant was a bait and switch just to get a reaction out of all of us for their own gain.

    For OUR gain.
    Can we not be honest with ourselves about why we are here?
    Has everyone forgotten The End, and the book launch party? The handlers that died at every performance but were FINE the next night? Those of us who were sacrificed but are still alive? All those “characters” dead at The End who were there at the party?

    You’ve been told it was all an immersive theatre show before – you’re in one now and you can’t leave it. None of it is real.

     Taylor Winters 

    I’m not shy about my motivates. I’m in this for myself. I lust after power, influence, and authority. I want to better myself and those who stand with me. Right now, the OSDM can offer me exactly what I want, so I will support them. And with my background, I am a good piece to have on your side of the board.

    But I’m not blindly loyal. The OSDM has done nothing tangible yet for me, other than call me a few times and tell me what to do to be useful. I appreciate it, they seem to have an interest–and that keeps me interested so far. Conversely, The Resistance has tested me, and I succeeded there as well. I solved every single one of their puzzles and proved my intelligence based on their little tests. But they have done nothing for me other than test me.

    I’m not one to simply react. I’ll proactively be making myself better, stronger, smarter. When The OSDM or The Resistance want me, I’ll be ready. As for right now, I’ll put my faith in those who have a higher probability of being able to offer me what I want. But I’m always open to other offers as data changes.

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