Sinclair Fucks

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Soooo us fence sitters @kasch @larry @superstar @sfire8 @bruinbown were enjoying our two for one drinks at Nobar and sure enough, a handsome man dressed in a suit walked in. We all know who this was… Mr. Noah Sinclair himself 🔥 He chugged all of our drinks and basically told us that if we don’t make a decision and pick a side, someone will pick one for us. Then he proceeded to write down a url for us to follow and it is as follows:

    Sinclair fucks

    *I would like to add that he smelled heavenly*

     Buz Wallick 

    I mean… the choice is obvious.


     Meghan Mayhem 

    Don’t do what THEY tell you to do. Do what YOU choose to do.

    Whether that be siding with those that tell you you’re not good enough until they say you are
    Whether that be siding with those that destroyed our cheese and killed our friends
    Whether that be chasing a cute boy or a woman that buys you dessert
    Or whether that be siding with the people who say no more lies. WE decide what happens next.

    The choice is yours and yours alone.
    And every choice has a consequence. Not one of them will be painless.
    Choose wisely.


    He’s only pressuring you into making a decision because he’ll benefit. Just like salesmen who say “you’ve got to ACT NOW or else!!” Take your time. Decide, or not. And if you do, when you do, always keep an open mind. Decisions are rarely final.


    Having already made my own decision to support Joyce and OSDM, I will also add to those undecided that there really isn’t a right or wrong choice for you to make. Maybe they’re all wrong. Maybe (definitely) they’ll all hurt. But if you do nothing, nothing is done. Jump.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Noah went out of his way to recruit The Ronin.

    He also smells good. I almost went gay for him. And @shankfx22 had a major girl boner for him.

    And he had no problem drinking cheap liquor.

    The Resistance had to resort to deception to recruit. Ronin respect honor. The Resistance has none.

    The Ronin recognize what the System may have to offer. The Resistance offers disgrace.

     Andrew Kasch 

    I feel like The System is bi-partisan.

    We can choose either OSDM/Resistance. The System seems to like whoever is decisive.

    At least that’s what I took away from it.


    So he just cheered a shot “To the Resistance” which was either him mocking us… or he’s Team Resistance.


    Andy looking sharp though 😉

    And of course Noah shows up right when I leave -___-

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     Buz Wallick 

    What’s more attractive: Desperation or Confidence?


    Who are you calling desperate? @thebuz

     Lauren Bello 

    Possibilities based on his visit to the Resistance:

    1) he could genuinely be bipartisan
    2) he could secretly be rooting for the Resistance as a means to get out from under his father’s thumb
    3) he could be mocking the Resistance
    4) he could be trying to sow distrust and make us think the Resistance is no threat to him bc it’s under OSDM control, we’re all one team
    5) he could be acting nice and hanging out in order to lure you to the System with his scent
    6) he just wants you to know that the video was not from a computer generated Noah…that was really him. He’s cutting off our suspicions at the pass.


    @daela 4 is the first thing that came to my head because trust issues :/


    @daela he did smell really nice…

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Team System.

    We Smell Better.

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