Sin with Perfection/Yetzer Hara

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Food for thought:

    Yetzer Hara translates as “evil impulse”

    These references tell us that despite the literal translation of its name, the yetzer hara isn’t an impulse to do harm that dooms us all. Rather, they are pointing to the inner drives that arise from our lower selves. The drives themselves are certainly not appraised as bad; in fact, they are necessary and useful for human life. But whenever you try to control or overrule those drives because of an intention of your higher nature, or when one of those drives becomes exaggerated, you will have a struggle on your hands. The yetzer hara will do everything in its power to subvert your higher self and to influence you to indulge your desires. Hence the goal is not to try to destroy the yetzer hara, but to control it and apply it for good. Ben Zoma asked, “Who is strong?” His answer is: “Whoever controls their [evil] inclination.”

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