Shut the fuck up and eat your (blanks)-ables

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     Mustafa Said 

    I gotta ask…

    @maddyxxx what’s something you hated from 10 years ago? And would you record yourself trying it again?


    I’m ondrink 4 and the bartender won’t play David Bowie

     Buz Wallick 

    Okay so I chose to do a food and drink.

    I haven’t eaten these items for 20 years.

    Periscope here with details and backstory as well as me doing the deed.

    The big take away for me here is that I may still completely and utterly detest these items but I can now associate them with a memory that has nothing to do with parenting issues. So that’s a big plus one for me.

     George Zuniga 


    I can’t agree with you there. When I was a kid, and all through rugby season, my dad used to make me eat hardboiled eggs. I still hate my dad.

    On the bright side, I communally suffered with other people. So that’s nice.

    Could also be said that that everyone showed their strength, too. They’ve shown just how far they’re willing to go. Bravely and boldly, at that. Cheers to you guys.

     Buz Wallick 

    Doesn’t delete the issues @ruck. Merely helps disassociate the item with the issues.

    Now I can associate 2%milk and Anchovies with you terrible people.

    As @meghanmayhem said earlier… perceptions can be changed. It’s a top tier lesson. Change your perception of something and reevaluate why or how you feel about it.

    I now know that I hate anchovies and 2%Milk because they are fucking gross, not because I had a detached mom.


    @larry, omg!! You win the oscar!! Cannibal plant!!! I have to get off work before I can do mine… But these are kinda making my day!


    You guys are hilarious.

    Ok, so squid salad wasn’t as bad as I thought. I went out and purchased my ACTUAL childhood fear- cole slaw and fruit punch. I’ll go live with it in about 10 minutes. ew.


    Here’s mine. That was my first periscope, I was nervous. Vienna sausages and Coors Light are two gross things my mom ate all the time when I was growing up (we were like .25% white trash). I hated both! Sausages actually weren’t as bad as I remember…but I’m not even going to give the rest to my dog. Coors Light is gross, especially a tall one! Right in the trash.


    Vienna Sausages and Coors Light, here’s to you Mom!

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    Wait… @sfire8 – you *hate* Coors Light? Hate… Coors Light? My brain can’t compute… Nope. Blocking that out…


    Brussel sprouts. Mustard. Pickle juice. Dislike. I can go another 10 years.

     Tim Redman 

    Children and pets and tomatoes.

    My peace offerning to you, @maddyxxx

    And for the love of god, there’s nothing, NOTHING to watch past 2:30.


    @blondie, honestly it’s childhood trauma. Sorry to get heavy, but right when I tasted it, it brought me back to when I was 4 or 5 years old and my mom would drink Coors Light all day, then pass out on the couch and I would have to put myself to bed. I hate it! Now I can’t stop thinking about “stuff”…

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