Shut the fuck up and eat your (blanks)-ables

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     Tim Redman 

    I hate to say it, but this task does serve a purpose and I can get behind it. Unfortunately, @maddyxxx is now sounding like my mom.


    OMG @daela that’s a good one!! Tootsie rolls are NASTY! but I also haven’t had one in 20+ years..oh well thank God I’m already done for the day lol next time

     Meghan Mayhem 

    I’m always a proponent of giving things a chance, even if you hated it in the past.
    I fucking hate Indian food, but many of my friends love it, so I will go to restaurants with them and try to find a dish I enjoy. I’ve found a *very* small amount of things there I enjoy.
    Sometimes you convince yourself you hate something, but it’s situational. “I hate ___ but it’s probably because the last time I hate it, it was during the dinner where my parents told me they were getting a divorce” or some shit.
    So I’ll give things a chance.

    Gin fucking sucks and why continue to test and see if I see like it if there’s whiskey in the world for me to make sweet mouth love to?

    People however, that’s a little bit harder for me. If I decide I don’t like a person, it’s hard for me to not hold a grudge and decide to give them a chance again in the future. People change, but my wrath rarely does.

     Hannah Schenck 

    I will be periscoping around 2:30 today on my lunch. I’m already feeling nauseous lol Anything for you @maddyxxx. I never turn down a “dare” or a challenge 😉


    @timsmyname I don’t remember saying, “That will be $10 but not on my face.”

    Just kidding big guy, let’s be friends again. I look forward to seeing your choice.

    Everyone is doing the thing. Keep it up.


    @maddyxxx – tell you what. We’re about to head out to 56 North. They have haggis. I’ll eat that and drink the most un-Megany whiskey there is and you can laugh at the face I make. That’s all I’ve got tonight.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @maddyxxx Another shout out? I think @wanda102 may have been right about the crush thing. Either way, you sure do know how to make a fella feel special.

    Cooking something up for you, Precious. Stay tuned.


    I can confirm that I have made @meghanmayhem eat Indian food and she found something she liked out of courtesy. Can also confirm the ability to wrath as one of her finer qualities. 🔥

    Second chances are fickle things. The ability to know who and what deserves one is definitely worth learning.

     Michael Rizzo 

    SOvthe item I chose, I haven’t had it in about 15 years or so. It is the original flavor licorice, and I absolutely despise it. When I was younger, I’d always be at my grandma’s house… and the only sweet sort of “treat” was her Australian licorice. She’s always offer them to me and if I ever refused she’d tell me how rude it is for someone to decline something from their grandma because “who knows how many years I have left”. Guilt trippin the full nine yards. So whenever I’d have one, I’d she’s it for maybe a minute and then excuse myself to the bathroom where I would straight spit that shit out in the toilet. I mean, even just the texture fees like it was glazed in fucking smelly slime.

    @maddyxxx, this ones for you smh


    I think one upside is that we’re all kinda oddly bonding over shit we hate. Yayy for co-miserating lol. @rizzzoooooo I feel ya dude, black licorice is just NASTY.

    @mamatato you dislike flan? That’s so interesting, I love flan! @creepsociety can attest to this <3

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    I just ate a Gulabi fruit… horrendous little thing…

    I found some sweet aftertaste after the initial blast of disgusting tartness subsided.

    Its reminiscent of all the pain and sorrow we’re having to go through to bring Anoch back and deliver the sweetness back to us.


    I genuinely cannot think of a food that I hate (someone already beat me to the licorice, can there be repeats? Speaking of licorice- why do I adore it’s flavor in absinthe, but hate it in rope form?). Any ideas for the non-picky eater?

    And no, my housekeeper never had to eat my leftovers, but my brother DID pee in her bed when my parents dumped us at her house to go on their ski trip. So that’s nice.

     Lawrence Meyers 


    There are two things I know to be true:

    1) There is no such thing as good flan.
    2) There is no war in Albania.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Text with Amanda:

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