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    I know not much is going on here just yet but I am new to Tension/Lust by way of constant encouragement to try it out by a good friend. I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Cristen, forgive me in advance for when I probably get confused.

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    Hello @wanda102! I’m new too, looking forward to things getting going.

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    We all get a little confused sometimes.

    Welcome to the party, both of you!

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    Welcome welcome!

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Hi Cristen and Scot! Welcome to our wonderful and wacky world.
    Everyone is super-friendly here, so ask away!
    Are you both here in LA?

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    Thanks for the welcome! Unfortunately, no I’m not in LA. I’m actually in Minneapolis which is extremely frustrating. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for me to come out there for an event though. I’ve been trying to get our small group of people here in the cities together but finding a time that works has been tough. Please forgive me if I say something stupid or naive in the forums but I’m going to try and jump in and get involved.

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    @larry Hi and thanks! I am in LA as a matter of fact. Looking forward to an event or two for this.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @wanda102 — Stay tuned. We get together as a group from time to time, and we’d love to have you along.

    @Scot — No question is stupid or naive. We’re always happy to catch people up. Start saving up for your Minn. crew to come out here when the show launches. It’ll be worth every penny!

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    @larry yes I’m pals with a couple people who did Tension so I’d love to come a long and meet more of you.

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    Newbie here too! I was not involved in Tension in any form, and so I guess I have a lot of backstory to catch up on. So far all I’ve done is register for these forums and send an email to Noah Sinclair.

    Where on the forums is the best synopsis of what I need to know so far, both the Tension stuff that might be relevant and the Lust stuff that’s already occurred?

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    Hi @qaqaq, welcome!

    It’s certainly a lot to get through, but a very worthwhile journey. Here are the links to the two best Tension resources when it comes to getting up to speed:

    Official Tension Experience Timeline

    This incredible, user-friendly timeline was created by @coryphella and she has already started compiling the one for Lust. This includes every occurrence big or small that made up the ARG portion of Tension, with several links to videos and audiofiles.

    My Haunt Life podcast

    Next we have the My Haunt Life podcast created by @mike and @russell. They speak about many immersive theater pieces and haunts in LA, but several of the podcasts from that time are devoted entirely to describing their experiences in the Tension ARG and Ascension as they were happening. It’s an amazing chronicle that was many people’s entry-point into this world.

    Beyond that, every post in The Tension Experience website forums is still there, so you can always wade through those if you’re feeling industrious.

    Once you feel caught up on what came before, go to Noah Sinclair’s website:
    Noah Sinclair’s website
    Email him and tell him why you would be interested in taking his seminar and what about his message speaks to you.

    After that, just peruse this forum. Some important topic threads are “Book/Burning,” “3/16 unknown number,” “Character List Thus Far,” “Book Release on the Ides of March possible symbolism,” “Where’s Darren?” “Sabrina,” “Reflections,” “Clint Sears’ profile(s),” “Shadow Russel: the doppelgangers have arrived,” “A current meta-theory: Tension 2: into Darkness,” “3/22 meetup with Noah Sinclair,” and “3/22 Olive Hotel Set-Up and DLB.” There’s much more, but those should give you a sense of the major events and deductions that have gone on here in the last month or so. After that, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask any of us. Things move pretty fast around here, but as long as you’re logging on regularly, you shouldn’t miss a thing. Have fun!

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    @macbethinabathtub *starts a slow clap for that breakdown* ? ? ?

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    @macbethinabathtub – Thanks so much for the timeline shoutout – I do have to say it’s not the official one, just one I made for myself and anyone who wanted it…I’m a research/documentation nerd. 🙂 Also there are issues with that timeline playing certain kinds of video files and I will fix that this summer.

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    Thank you so much for the above links. I will say that it is rather overwhelming — the timeline for Tension alone is 293 parts, each of which has links and such. I’m beginning to be afraid that if Lust isn’t enough of a standalone experience, and it requires a lot of knowledge of Tension, that I may have to bow out; while I’d probably be happy to come into a new experience at this point, I simply don’t have the time to spend trying to go through that whole timeline, and/or the book, and/or all the forums.

    I guess what I would really like is a summary of the summary — just a couple of paragraphs on what Tension was about, who the main people were, and how they seem to tie into Lust so far. Does that exist?

    Again, thanks to everyone who put in all the time and effort on the Tension recaps, and for being so welcoming. It’s just that this is a very busy time for me right now, and I’m afraid I may not be able to contribute or participate if the required level of participation is that high for me to understand what’s going on.

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    @qaqaq all the information is definitely daunting!! But don’t worry there are summaries 🙂 try the reddit pages that @mike just posted about in another thread. Lust reddit page

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     Buz Wallick 

    Welcome @qaqaq.

    First off, you’re not wrong. Things go pretty fast around here.

    Second, I don’t think you need to be on the boards every second of every day to enjoy the experience. I jumped in an out last year and was still able to follow along. I think all of us just sometimes get a little excited and go off.

    Also, Tension did not have anything confirmed as super paranormal on their first run so as far as I am concerned the only things we’ve seen that are confirmed so far are:

    – We had a possible self help guru contact some people and do some dirt.
    – That dude loves himself some Egypt and quantum science. (I think we all know where this is going
    – The forums are acting strange with weird imposters and hybrid love bird accounts or something.
    – Bryan is a baller.

    If this all goes into Tinkerbell land of believing wishes to be true than I might dip.

    So Shadow People?

    Sad. Pathetic. Fake NEWS.

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    See that, @qaqaq, you just got addressed by your first mysterious shadow doppelganger, you’re in it! Sorry to dump all that information on you, most of it is just fun and academic at this point. In the spirit of @buz not wanting to scare away new customers, he really does lay out all you NEED to know. Pop in every once and a while, maybe subscribe to the forum so you get an email when a new topic is started, see if anything sparks with you. Each of us sees this experience from a different angle, and it’s those different points of view that enable us to solve the mysteries and get the most out of it. We’d love for you to join us. There’s really nothing else quite like this.

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     Andrew Kasch 

    Hello, Shadow Best Friend.

    Answer me this: What do you think of Lena Dunham?

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    So far I’m completely on board with Shadow @buz. Maybe we are one in the same? Two sides of a trick coin?

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     Andrew Kasch 

    Figures that @thebuz would be besties with his Shadow version.

    Now if I can only get @buz to watch Twin Peaks with me…

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    *grabs both Buz entities and hugs the beans outta them*

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    If anyone were to try making out with their own reflection, it would most certainly be @thebuz

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    Wait shit. So are the shadow versions the opposite of the original?

    So @buz is gonna get strangled by one of the OSDM? @buz ISN’T okay with kidnapping women from cult facilities? @buz ISN’T a plant?

    New @buz sounds like a pussy.

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    Hey I’m confused too and don’t know all the details of Tension but am trying to stick with it. I bet once things start rolling it’ll be more of it’s own story.

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    It happened while I was teaching.

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    I’m also new, but trying my best to stay in it… It’s tough but I’m also hoping that getting caught up too much in the old story isn’t throwing everyone off some of the cooler aspects of the new story.

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     Michael Rizzo 

    Shadow buz seems pretty laid back to me… He also hasn’t strangled anyone so I mean that’s chill?? Lmao

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    I read @buz post and got to the imgur photo of “Aliens” and was like yea that’s @thebuz nothing fishy here.

    Wow…just wow…

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    hybrid love bird accounts

    I’m surprised there’s not one for the REAL love birds yet…the ones who frolic in the fall leaves together

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    Awww, Clarren! Or Dint. Whichever. So adorbz ?

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    Hi everyone. I’m also completely new here but I want to get involved as much as I can. I just found out about the experiences maybe a week ago, so I obviously missed all of Tension, but I’m reading the timeline and I already sent an email to Noah. If any of you have some general advice to pass on to a noob, or if you just want to introduce yourself so I can get to know more people in the community, I would greatly appreciate it!

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      What up girl. Welcome to the chaos.

      I am Hazel. 🙂 My “unhusband” (I don’t want to get married) is @babyface (who is never on the boards, but you will probably meet if you’re around. 🙂 )

      come play

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    Hey Hazel! Love the term “unhusband” and love the gif!

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      Hahaha. Thanks. 🙂 We are definitely lifers so boyfriend never seems appropriate. lol

      Glad you enjoyed the gif. I’m a bit obsessed with them recently.

      movement because yes

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    @karlie hi welcome! I came in pretty new a couple weeks back so if you want to cry about how everything is confusing sometimes but it’s gonna be ok feel free to grab hold of me. ?

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    Cristen – I would def like to be called for that party. I’m in confusedland a lot (but that’s how they like it 😛 )

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    Hi Christen! I’m glad to find a fellow member of the confused club! I’m definitely enjoying the confusedness so far though! 🙂

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     Brian E 

    Hi, a bit about me. I got involved in Tension experience when Ascension started, a good friend was coming into town and we’re big fans of Sleep No More and Tension was recommend to me. I didn’t interact on the forums, or understand the ARG at the time, so I avoided in and the first time I walked into the OOA I had no idea what to expect or what was going on. I walked in practically blind.

    I can still recall being hooded while on our knees, being asked “who wants to shoot him” and a the girl hooded screaming next to me, “Are you guys really going to shoot us!”

    It was a very cool way to be introduced to this world, and I’ve been around since, and done what I can to be present as well as support in various ways. The ARG portion is new to me, and I’ve never been involved in an ARG anyway before.

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    I had a bit of a similar experience, @mistere. I’m a far too frequent visitor to that particular New York hotel and I’d been planning a visit out to LA in October for a while. My friend who is also an immersive fan said, “There’s this new thing everyone is raving about. We should see it.” My response upon glancing at the website was, “This looks like a cult; are they going to try to make us Republicans?”

    Didn’t think much of it after that. It was just one of the many things we had planned for my week.

    Then the email came.

    I spent the days leading up to my visit reading the diary, which was so engrossing that I started to consume the My Haunt Life podcasts, trying to piece together parts of the timeline. My experience in the Compound was intense and unique in ways no immersive event has been, and I’ve done a lot. Cut to me flying home to New York, unable to get it out of my head, spending my Halloween at the SNM party raving to all my friends, fellow regulars, and a few of the cast members about how shit is real out on the west coast.

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    That’s so awesome! I have visited the McKittrick 9 times in the past 5 years, along with a few of the other popular immersive experiences in NYC, but I didn’t even know that LA had an immersive scene until about a month ago, and ever since I’ve been trying to see everything I can!

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    @karlie I used to spend ALL of my monies seeing SNM as well! @scf272 and I worked there for a bit as well. I still never got that effing witch hut 1:1 tho. Hah. If I ever need to commiserate about how much I miss the smell of that orgy blood, I will drop you a line!

    There’s SO much going on in LA! I didn’t know about any of it until this past Halloween season. I feel like every single weekend there are so many amazing shows that I can’t even fit them all in!

    Welcome to Lust!

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