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    Okay, so it seems like the mention of Brandon and him being around six years old is important. And Brandon is not Timothy because Sarah Thomspon abandoned Brandon at home. Sarah Sinclair could be mid-thirties.. Could Sarah Sinclair be Sarah Thompson and Timothy is her new child with Noah? How old is Timothy? Noah at one point said he was busy with “shit and vomit” from his kid right? Is Timothy a baby?

    Not sure, but the mention of Sarah Thomspon’s kid Brandon seems like something we are supposed to pay attention to??

    Sarah and Sarah just seems too much to be coincidental. Did Tanya watch the video of Sarah Sinclair to see if she recognized her?

     Hannah Schenck 

    @maenicole Thank you. We have been privately chatting so that I can really help her find her sister. I have sent her a photo and asked her to identify her sister. I think she trusts me, as she should, and I plan on keeping my word to her. I want to help her find out what happened to her sister and where she is, for her sake, but also for Brandon and Dale’s sake.


    @shankfx22, is Dale her husband?

     Hannah Schenck 

    @sfire8 I agree, I think the relevance of Brandon’s age is very important. I didn’t disclose the entire conversation, in order to protect Tanya and Sarah, however, she made it a point to mention that. She also mentioned that Sarah had a dog (not sure if that is important). I sent her some links and offered email correspondence if that would be easier for her. She has been pretty timely with her responses to my messages so we will see what she says! This is all very intense and she is genuinely desperate. I’m happy to be the person she confides in and I don’t want to let her down.

    Dale is Sarah’s husband, yes. I’m trying to find more information on him as well.


    @shankfx22, that is very kind of you. Sounds like she called the right person!


    Coming to this late, but it isn’t unheard of for people to appear on the surface to have a happy life but then pack up without a word and move onto something new… The System offers something really attractive to those who feel that there is something lacking, that there could be something *more*. Even I’m intrigued altho the System’s reach doesn’t seem to expand to the UK… So what I’m saying is that a large part of me feels Sarah Thompson probably did go of her own volition. I feel bad for Tanya and the rest of the family Sarah left behind, but if Sarah made that choice… The only thing we can do as a community is find Sarah and hear her side of the story. If she wants to be reunited with her family, then we can help. But if she doesn’t, then that’s her choice and we should respect that.

     Nicole Mae 

    Perhaps you could reach out to Noah and let him know she is interested in speaking with him? @shankfx22

    Maybe the best way to help is to act as a conduit for their conversation. Seems like an awful touchy subject to make yourself a middle man in otherwise.

     Hannah Schenck 

    She asked me to NOT contact Noah about her, that she has nothing to say to him. My take on it was she was fearful for what may happen to Sarah if I told him she was looking for her


    @shankfx22 you should get her in contact with @nancyjenkins – as they both have relatives in The System now. (Andy- you’re still a little bitch to me. System or not.)


    yeaaaahhh…no matter what Noah’s true motives are, I feel like contacting him with this is a bad idea. If Tanya can identify her sister from the photo @shankfx22 sent, we’ll all have a better idea of what’s going on. I’m not sure Sarah Thompson is Sarah Sinclair, though. That seems too obvious. Either way, whether this is a real distressed woman looking for her sister or a setup by OSDM/Horace/whatever, I think something big is gonna happen at this event.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    This is simply gut instinct. I have nothing to go on here, @shankfx22.

    I’m finding myself asking, “What are we missing?”

    Could this be Jenna? Macy?

    But gather as much intel as you can. Photos are essential, of course.
    But also highly personal things like nicknames, favorite food, type of dog.

     Hannah Schenck 

    Thank you @larry, I am trying to gather as much information from her as I can. I pondered Macy since she is blonde, a natural blonde to be specific, which would be kind of epic if she was part of The System and broke free… now she is part of The Resistance and is ready to burn it down to the ground…

     Hannah Schenck 


    I hadn’t heard from Tanya in about a week, but this morning she responded. She confirmed that her sister, Sarah, is NOT Macy, Sabrina or any of the handlers. After seeing her sister’s name last week on the Noah Sinclair email we posted, it ignited her to go back and search through old emails, phone calls, etc. Her exact words were

    I keep looking for order, and all I find is chaos

    I am sending her a photo of Sarah Sinclair to see if this could be her sister, transformed with an entirely different image. I am offering to help her look through emails and/or listen through phone calls and if she permits it, I will share with all of you so that we can collectively look for clues. If anyone has anything they think I should ask her or have her clarify, let me know, as I am responding back to her soon. I am dedicated to finding the truth and hoping for the best so Tanya can get some clarity as to what happened to her sister Sarah.


    @shankfx22, this is great! I mean, maybe just try to get as much info about Sarah Thompson as possible? Age, more about her kid, what was her family/childhood like? Her personality? Fears?

    I wish we knew more about Sarah Sinclair so we could cross-reference? I also want to know how she met Noah? And of course more about Timmy…

     Hannah Schenck 

    Thanks @sfire8! I sent her a photo of Sarah Sinclair asking if this Sarah was her sister. I will try to get as much info about her sister Sarah as I can, and see if I can pinpoint how she met Noah. We know that it was about a year ago that she left her family, and that she is flighty when it comes to committing to something for a long period of time. Perhaps that is what she sought from The System?

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