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     Hannah Schenck 

    Hey guys, so I’m sure you saw but a new user named Tanya Thompson was asking for my number on the forums. I PM’d her asking what I can do for her and she mentioned that the Sarah Thompson quoted in the new System email was her sister. I gave her my number and told her to call or text me.

    WELP… She just called me. I decided to record it so I could come back and listen to it to transcribe as I have no memory of details when I’m anxious or under pressure lol Here it is:

    Me: Hello?
    Tanya: Hannah? Hi it’s Tanya
    Me: Oh hello…
    Tanya: I am ah… Sarah Thompson is my sister
    Me: ok… Hello? I’m sorry I can;’really hear you
    Tanya: Do you know her? Sarah Thompson?
    Me: I don’t think I know a Sarah Thompson, I do know a Sarah Sinclair
    Tanya: No, I was forwarded an email from my husband and it has a quote from Sarah Thompson on there
    Me: okay and… ugh… who is your husband?
    Tanya: dale
    Me: dale?
    Tanya: Listen… I don’t know… how do you know this System? How do you know my sister? do you know anything? I just haven’t talked to her in a year. Every time I get a little bit of information I try to reach out to her, every time I go to these seminars Noah and his goons kick me out, she wont talk to me, I’m just trying to get ahold of her.
    Me: okay so you know Noah?
    Tanya: I know OF Noah, my sister knows Noah, I don’t know Noah, I’d like to haha
    Me: yea he’s quite a fireball. what does your sister looks like?
    Tanya: blonde hair, 5’5, average… pretty, doesn’t wear makeup a lot. Pretty without makeup
    Me: oh okay a natural beauty
    Tanya: she was married, she has a son, his name is Brandon
    Me: so she joined the system and that’s why you haven’t heard from her? Or what happened the last time you heard from her?
    Tanya: I don’t know what she does but I know The System destroys families. Destroyed her family. She’s gone. I don’t know where she is, if she’s alive, or a willing participant in this. I don’t know anything. I’m hoping that maybe you can tell me something.
    Me: I’m trying to see if I can put any faces to that description. None are coming to mind but I’d really like to find her for you and get you guys in touch
    Tanya: I’d like for you to find her for me too. I don’t really know what you do, whatever Noah is pretending the System to be, it’s NOT THAT. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT.
    Me: Do you have any proof of that?
    Tanya: You’re just gonna have to listen to me
    Me: I’m supposed to be going to an event of his in August
    Tanya: Ha do you have family?
    Me:I do have family, not my own, I’m single
    Tanya: I hope they are not making the phone calls that I’m trying to make now. I need you to be CAREFUL. I don’t understand…
    Me: I’m so sorry
    Tanya: I just want you to know. She won’t talk to me. I cannot attend an event without being thrown out. I don’t know what else to do but give up. Whatever it is I just want you to be careful
    Me: Okay are you in Los Angeles?
    Tanya: No I am in Kansas. I’m doing all of this from Kansas in between my work and everything else I should be doing.
    Me: What did your sister do for a living?
    Tanya: Well she jumped from bill collecting, to convenience store, she worked at K Mart. She just kinda has a rolling history of different jobs. Is that something that is ATTRACTED? Is that what those people are attracted to?
    Me: I am still trying to figure out who Noah is myself
    Tanya: I know this much: this is not who my sister is. Whatever is happening and is making her not talking to me, this isn’t who she is
    Me: I mean it kinda sounds like a cult
    Tanya: YEA, it kinda does. This email that I have, this is yours correct?
    Me: I did not send that email, I posted it. It went out to a lot of us who are going to the event or have had interactions with The System before.
    Tanya: this isn’t something you made?
    Me: No this is not something I made
    Tanya: So you don’t know my sister?
    Me: I don’t but I’m going to try really hard to find out who she is for you
    Tanya: Thanks for your time
    Me: Yes and you have my number so please call me any time and let’s stay in touch. Is there anything you want me to tell Noah?
    Tanya: No don’t tell Noah anything. I thought you might know her, I’m sorry to have bothered you
    Me: Don’t worry about it, I’m going to try my hardest to locate her for you and please keep in touch Okay?
    Tanya: Okay thank you very much, bye

    This was a 7 minute conversation that I tried to narrow down but I felt it had a lot of useful information in it…

    Okay so upon all of this initially I thought maybe Sarah Thompson was Sarah Sinclair, but now I am wondering after her description if this is Sabrina… Another alter ego?

    Also, I thought it interesting that she referenced her sister’s lack of keeping a job, jumping from one to another and asking if that is what The System is attracted to? Is The System attracted to people who are flighty, unstable, not grounded, etc?

     Mustafa Said 

    Didn’t know Tanya and I lived in the same state. I’d love to meet her in person and see if there’s anything I could do to help her out.

     Brad Ruwe 

    I hate to say this but… I’m gonna say more lies from the OSDM.

    This all feel way too contrived and similar to certain emails we got about the OOA last year. Family member seeking more information on their missing person who got tangled up in a cult.

    I doubt this is BOS copying their tactics because they know these sorts of messages get people MORE likely to go check it out.

     Andrew Kasch 

    How much you wanna bet we will see or hear about Sarah Thompson at Noah’s seminar?

     Buz Wallick 

    Her sister does sound like the perfect mark?

    Hell of a transcription there @shankfx22 thanks for doing that!


    Attracts people who feel unstable and ungrounded? Who? us?
    Powerful people, or those who project power always attract those who want to mirror themselves as such. Interesting that Noah’s shown himself to be both flighty and unstable in recent months, though. I’d say that means at least some of us are going to see what he has to say more out of morbid curiosity than a desire to get on his level.

    I’m wondering what he was like a year ago that drew Sarah Thompson in to him so completely though. Maybe it wasn’t just the good doctor?


    @shankfx22 If Tanya calls again, see if you can get a timeline of Sarah Thompson’s history with They System. When she first met Noah, when the first seminar was, etc.

    @tanyathompson Or Tanya, if you can tell us yourself via post or public message, we can see what we can do to help. (To send a PM, click on the recipient’s name, where you’ll be taken to their forum profile, then click the “Private Message” button.) If you really can’t get a hold of Sarah, maybe you should consider filing a missing persons report. Our knowledge and resources are limited, and law enforcement should be able to help you if things don’t go well here.

     Scott Simon 

    I’m more concerned about Brandon, to be honest. How old is he? Is he with the ex-husband? Is the husband even alive? Why can’t Tanya contact one of them?


    @nothenrygale You may be right that this is just more of the OSDM’s shininigans, but I don’t think it’s worth risking the possibility that we’re dealing with an actual cry for help on the off chance that it’s nothing.


    If any of the other relatives of “testimonials” start calling about missing people someone might want contact the FBI!!


    I realize that it’s a super common name- but I find it strange that there are now two ‘Sarah’s in play now. Also, we didn’t get an age? How old could Brandon be?

    Sabrina doesn’t have a kid (right? that would be weird?) so I don’t think it’s Sabrina.


    wow what an excellent transcript! I appreciate the effort @shankfx22!
    @tanyathompson, August 13th is fast approaching with a seminar in LA, do you have a photo to share? Does she have any old tattoos/discerning marks, scars?

     Bryan Bishop 

    Thanks for posting this, @shankfx22! You rock!

    The comparison between cults and The System definitely resonates. The “only I can fix this” rhetoric, and then Noah’s entire play this past weekend — systematically getting people to subjugate themselves to his will by asking them to do humiliating things — which was basically forcing people to cede independence to him, if only symbolically.

    @nothenrygale Can you dive into your take a little more? Not following, but agreed we should be considering all possibilities. The way I’m reading it, as of now we know that OSDM and Noah are connected, and that Horace works with both OSDM and The System (as well as iConfidant). So The System and OSDM are either friendly entities, or part of a larger scheme that OSDM is putting together here (The Lust Experience). How would OSDM benefit from undercutting its own asset and Experience?


    Maybe Sarah Thompson and Brandon are Sarah Sinclair and Timothy??? Sarah could have transformed herself into power by using The System and dyed her hair black?? Only thing is Timmy and the bloodline wouldn’t fit?

     Brad Ruwe 

    @izryn If this is a legit plea for help, then the forums have already doomed her. This transcription makes Noah and co perfectly aware of what’s going on now if this is real. I’m sorry @tanyathompson, if you truly are seeking out your sister, she’s likely in more trouble now. And if you’re working with the OSDM, you’re not fooling this skeptic.

    Noah, since you’re likely reading this, I have a proposition for you. You want to drink my alcohol and “toast”? Fine. Make that toast mean something. If this whole situation is real, help this Sarah out. Fuck up the OSDM’s plans for her. You don’t even have to do it for Sarah and Tanya, do it because you like mucking about with daddy’s carefully laid plans. BUT I think we both know this is another one of your father’s favorite rouses. I bet every story the OSDM comes out with has this little plot point. Maybe he likes the “lost family member” storyline because he felt like he lost you and is rubbing it in your face.

    But what the fuck do I know.

    If you truly want to stand with The Resistance, if you truly want to start burning his plans down, then expose what is going on here. Fuck. Up. Their. Plans. Be the rabble rouser we all know you like to be. Break into warehouses. Expose hidden documents.

    You do you.

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