Sabrina: Queen of Hearts – Someone we can believe in? Or, just another trap?

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    There’s no better Confidant than a deity…

    I remember growing up, reading the Bible and the Torah thinking the reason I don’t believe is because the stories speak of a God that communicated with humans…

    I’m starting to understand what true salvation is all about…


    I have to admit, a lot of what Tom said about religion at the iConfidant meet and greet made sense to me.

    I was brought up in the Methodist church and saw so much mean stuff done to others… But it was somehow justified because these people went to church every Sunday (although I firmly believe they didn’t read scripture or even listen to the sermons – they were there to be seen to be there and would spend the time thinking about all the chores they had to do when they got home…). I left the church for good about 10 years ago, but it was only very recently that I admitted I didn’t believe in God anymore.

    I guess this was a large part of the reason I was drawn to BOS – yet again, I was seeing bad things done to people in the name of religion and this time, being older and somewhat braver, I wouldn’t sit back and let it happen. But from what I’ve seen, Anoch’s teachings are sound, in my humble opinion. This goes back to my conversation with Overseer at Ascension – we believe in the same thing. In principle.

    I don’t think Sabrina is malicious. I think the OOA was cruel and abusive. The OOA is gone. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t stand by if there are awful things done in Anoch’s name. But for now, I’m staying open-minded…

     Taylor Winters 

    The OOA was fake. Nothing but a ruse to elicit reactions and to gather data. Sabrina, albeit brainwashed into being Addison, was the center of it–our mirror, our reason to come back. As @electrichippo said, she’s our ingenue. She elicited the most response from participants, and Tom realized this. Maybe not at first, but he did with time. It would be smart of him to bring her back. And it makes sense she would come back. This isn’t about doing cruel or awful things in Anoch’s name–to me, all of that is still a ruse. It’s a clever way to bait us back to saying “ohh cults, I want to join. ohh religion, I want to believe in something greater.”

    But those able to look past the distractions see it for what it is. It’s nothing more than a series of facades created to make us feel. iConfidant feigns a connection with another person. The System makes you believe you can be more than a 2, when you’ll never be a 10. And even for Sabrina, The Tension Experience made her feel something–something real. And that is the reason she’s back. Just like us, we’re back because we felt something and we want to recapture that feeling, she’s back because she felt something and wants to recapture that feeling, and Horace and Tom are back because they want to recapture our feelings.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @taysavestheday just summed up my thoughts on this way better than I could’ve ever put it. You should be a writer or something. Maybe for a website about these sorts of experiences?

    Of course, if you really want to fuck with people, you make them think it’s all just pretend again… then put them in a situation that’s real. Work with the preconceptions of people to put them in line with what you want to achieve.


    @taysavestheday iConfidant “feigns” a connection? Maybe in some cases, but certainly not in all. You may have turned your back on Sabrina at the first whiff of a chance at power, but don’t pretend the connection you felt to her wasn’t real or I will be forced to creep into your room at night and tattoo the word “LIAR” on your forehead…

     Brad Ruwe 

    Isn’t Sabrina the liar here though @blondie? Whether or not she was forced, brainwashed, or did this of her own free will, the iConfidant emails were all based on lies. My iConfidant told me they lived in Austin, had a girlfriend, etc. Nothing based in any sort of fact. All said in an attempt to try to gain my trust and emotional connection. “Feigned” is indeed a fitting word. Don’t take it out on @taysavestheday because he recognized he was being played by iConfidant.


    So Brownie told me she was a student in Boston. So what? She also talked to me about feelings and situations that I know are real. And THAT is the stuff that matters – the things that come from the heart. I’m not taking anything out on anyone. I am very happy. Just trying to remind my best friend that he has a heart despite his attempts to cast it aside. That’s what friends do after all, call bullsh*t when they smell it…

     Brad Ruwe 

    Feelings and emotions in that situation may have been real, yes. But he mentioned feigning a “connection” and that’s what needs to be based on truth. Fiction can elicit real feelings, of course. That’s why we love movies and stories. But to have a real connection to a person there needs to be an exchange of truth. As someone who has been in a relationship before that was based on a lie, I recognize that there was no true connection to the person. When you find out the bombshell that the person you considered your girlfriend had another boyfriend without ever telling you, for the entire relationship, you learn pretty quickly the “connection” was to something that was never real at all. That’s what iConfidant was. It was all a front. Un/fortunately for me, I’ve already got experience dealing with things like this, feigned connections, so I can see the warning signs. This is why I cut those connections with iConfidant / Sabrina. The heart said “I want to keep talking with this person”, the mind said “Fuck no alert alert alert don’t do this”.

    Sorry for the mini-rant, connections based on lies are obviously a touchy subject for me.


    @nothenrygale It sucks that that happened to you and I’m truly sorry. I’ve been lied to and hurt before too (haven’t we all?) and I built up a tonne of walls that I’m still working on breaking down for those insane enough to want to get close to me. But I’ve also learnt the difference between a necessary lie and a malicious one. If we all knew we were writing to Sabrina, it would never have worked. And although I’m not sure if it working was a good thing or not just yet, I am happy I got to know a little more of what is in Sabrina’s heart. If she screws me over then so be it. She won’t be the first friend to do that and I bet she won’t be the last.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @blondie It is what it is. And at least that wound up having a great story of karma behind it.

    Just yeah… I just don’t see how anyone could feel like they had a connection with someone who was revealed to have been lying about everything as an info grab.


    I’ve never met or talked to Sabrina. I only know her through her interactions with you guys, so I wasn’t sure what to think about her actually being all of the confidants. It’s taken me a few days to figure out how I feel. On one hand, I’m happy that I finally know who my confidant is, but on the other, I’m disappointed that the person I thought I was talking to doesn’t actually exist.

    I think I’ll email her again and try to get to know her for real, now that I know who she is.

     Kimberly Stewart 

    I can sympathize with this completely, @izryn. The Sabrina reveal has brought up a lot of emotions for so many of us. In my case, having a history with Sabrina feels helpful and somehow comforting, for others who knew her this feels like an ultimate betrayal. If you never knew her that’s just one more black hole of confusion. But really, as Sabrina suggested herself, do any of us really know anything at all? Sometimes you dig your heels in… I did that last year. Other times you take a leap of faith… maybe this is my year to take that leap. Either way, I never wanted to see her hurt, and I still don’t. Sometimes the best thing you can do in the name of friendship is stand nearby just in case they need you to catch them when they fall. The faith business comes into play when I find myself falling and hoping she might catch me, too.

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