Sabrina and Michelle?

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     Brad Ruwe 

    An interesting Instagram Story video went up on Sabrinas account. And while I would normally say this was OOG and likely just a bunch of people out having a fun night together, we’ve been pounded over and over that this is not a game and there’s no OOG anymore so…. here goes.

    Sabrina was out with a bunch of the old Tension cast, and among those in attendance was Michelle, one of the people who allegedly attacked / killed Joyce.

    Why would Sabrina, who called a few of us to tell us how close friends she was with Joyce, be hanging out with one of her attackers? If everything has gone down as it’s been presented to us, there’s no reason these two people would be out getting drinks together. I think this points to two possibilities:

    1) Joyce isn’t dead, that was all a ploy by Mason, Michelle, and maybe Sabrina to get more emotional data from us. @kevin when you met with Mason, didn’t he say something that hinted that someone we thought was dead might not be? Could this be the smoking gun that Joyce is indeed still alive?

    2) Sabrina made up the whole thing about being close friends with Joyce, as a means to make us feel worse about her death. If she’s also hanging out with Michelle this could back up the recent discussion that Sabrina supplied Mason with the names and addresses of the 91. That Mason, Michelle, and Sabrina are all working together in some fashion.

    If this turns out to be OOG on whatever level we’re at now and TRULY is just a bunch of actors having a night out, then let TPTB delete this without delay. But if there’s no game this could mean things are absolutely not what they seem.

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