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     Clint Sears 


    I feel the need to address a rumor that was being discussed last night… I’m sure that many of you have reached out to contact me and I appreciate everything’s concern. I don’t believe that Darren and I meant to release the information that we did last night but secrets can be told after inebriation.

    While Darren sleeps off the joy he had last night, jajaja, I thought I would now try to clear the air as best that I can.

    Darren and I have agreed to leave the project for a myriad of valid reasons that will have absolutely no effect on the quality of the show and we remain as committed as ever to The Lust Experience that we now get to enjoy as fans ourselves.

    It is very exciting and refreshing to be in a position where we do not know where the story will go and we look forward to finding out along with the rest of you.

    I, personally, will be very busy in the upcoming months and I hope you will forgive me if I do not return any correspondence within in a timely manner.

    Thank you

    CCS and DB


    OH GOD.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @clint-sears, I’m sure we all respect how busy you are but before you go:

    -Does this have anything to do with the people that were following Darren in Panama?

    -If everything is so amenable, why was he so scared last week?


    First, interesting that you sign your initials with your middle one included, much like real life Darren does and unlike real life Clint does.

    Second – Clint(?) we support you and wish you the best of luck with whatever project(s) you’re working on. Looking forward to your next creation

    Third – I hope you’re safe


    Queue the MHL music…




    I like the bright blue “KEYMASTER” flag.


    This quote from the experience @bcbishop had certainly seems relevant:

    “When they stop believing you, that’s when you’ll know it’s begun.”


    Mixed emotions to this… certainly wish you well if, indeed, you guys are on to other projects.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Rule #1: Everything in TENSION was a lie.
    Rule #2: Changing the name of the game doesn’t change Rule #1.


    I know this may seem irrational, but when I decided to share the personal details of my life with some respected film guys I was like, “That’s fine, they seem cool.” …I am very unsure of that decision now.


     Mustafa Said 

    Echoing what @mike said, I can’t wait to see what the future brings for both you and Darren.

     Bryan Bishop 

    Even though I just asked this account a serious question…

    The writing style, spelling errors, and mistakes in colloquialisms make it pretty clear that the Clint Sears we know didn’t write this. This is somebody trying to sound like Clint Sears — and while they get high fives on the puppy avatar, the rest of it is kinda baffling.

    Is this a normal person trying to impersonate Clint – or is this another kind of entity?

    At the very least, I guess we know how The Shadow People laugh now?


    SUS 🤔

    But the real heartache has been radio silence from @clint-sears cause Imy but I hope you’re ok 🙁


    This is Shadow Clint – possibly *not* Clint, right?
    Signing his post with the wrong initials?
    That doesn’t even sound like him. And that isn’t Norbert.
    I don’t believe it and I’m not going to wish him well. It sounds like the guy I saw in the videos, that you all saw at the book release party, and that Bryan DEFINITELY saw the other night is terrified and in trouble.

    So, Darren, if you’re reading this, come hide out in Minnesota with @ziegenbart and me – it absolutely sucks here and we haven’t had sun in ninety seven weeks, so the OSDM won’t find you because no one would come here EVER.

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