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     Clint Sears 


    I feel the need to address a rumor that was being discussed last night… I’m sure that many of you have reached out to contact me and I appreciate everything’s concern. I don’t believe that Darren and I meant to release the information that we did last night but secrets can be told after inebriation.

    While Darren sleeps off the joy he had last night, jajaja, I thought I would now try to clear the air as best that I can.

    Darren and I have agreed to leave the project for a myriad of valid reasons that will have absolutely no effect on the quality of the show and we remain as committed as ever to The Lust Experience that we now get to enjoy as fans ourselves.

    It is very exciting and refreshing to be in a position where we do not know where the story will go and we look forward to finding out along with the rest of you.

    I, personally, will be very busy in the upcoming months and I hope you will forgive me if I do not return any correspondence within in a timely manner.

    Thank you

    CCS and DB

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    OH GOD.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    @clint-sears, I’m sure we all respect how busy you are but before you go:

    -Does this have anything to do with the people that were following Darren in Panama?

    -If everything is so amenable, why was he so scared last week?

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    First, interesting that you sign your initials with your middle one included, much like real life Darren does and unlike real life Clint does.

    Second – Clint(?) we support you and wish you the best of luck with whatever project(s) you’re working on. Looking forward to your next creation

    Third – I hope you’re safe

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    Queue the MHL music…

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    I like the bright blue “KEYMASTER” flag.

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    This quote from the experience @bcbishop had certainly seems relevant:

    “When they stop believing you, that’s when you’ll know it’s begun.”

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    Mixed emotions to this… certainly wish you well if, indeed, you guys are on to other projects.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Rule #1: Everything in TENSION was a lie.
    Rule #2: Changing the name of the game doesn’t change Rule #1.

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    I know this may seem irrational, but when I decided to share the personal details of my life with some respected film guys I was like, “That’s fine, they seem cool.” …I am very unsure of that decision now.


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     Mustafa Said 

    Echoing what @mike said, I can’t wait to see what the future brings for both you and Darren.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Even though I just asked this account a serious question…

    The writing style, spelling errors, and mistakes in colloquialisms make it pretty clear that the Clint Sears we know didn’t write this. This is somebody trying to sound like Clint Sears — and while they get high fives on the puppy avatar, the rest of it is kinda baffling.

    Is this a normal person trying to impersonate Clint – or is this another kind of entity?

    At the very least, I guess we know how The Shadow People laugh now?

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    SUS ?

    But the real heartache has been radio silence from @clint-sears cause Imy but I hope you’re ok 🙁

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    This is Shadow Clint – possibly *not* Clint, right?
    Signing his post with the wrong initials?
    That doesn’t even sound like him. And that isn’t Norbert.
    I don’t believe it and I’m not going to wish him well. It sounds like the guy I saw in the videos, that you all saw at the book release party, and that Bryan DEFINITELY saw the other night is terrified and in trouble.

    So, Darren, if you’re reading this, come hide out in Minnesota with @ziegenbart and me – it absolutely sucks here and we haven’t had sun in ninety seven weeks, so the OSDM won’t find you because no one would come here EVER.

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    @lilmsfancpants, it feels like the primary lesson from the end of Tension (according to Michelle) might have been, “Be careful who you trust.” And then here comes Noah, the very face of untrustworthy, to decide who is and isn’t worthy. To be chosen, you have to work directly against the very rational sense that he is not someone you should offer these things up to.

    But everyone wants to be chosen, right? Everyone wants to be desired. Maybe that’s one aspect of what lust is.

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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 3 months ago by  Beth.
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     Lawrence Meyers 


    Good point on how Shadow Clint laughs. “Jajaja”. In Spanish, even the PANAMANIAN dialect, the “j” is pronounced “h”, but more like you have something caught in your throat.

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    To add to @bcbishop‘s point, there’s something rather fishy that caught my attention:

    “I’m sure that many of you have reached out to contact me and I appreciate everything’s concern.”

    Wouldn’t he know if people had in fact reached out to him if he were the real Clint?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    And since we’re being obscure, let’s not forget the great film THE TAILOR OF PANAMA, which was about a con artist hiding out in Panama as a tailor, and a washed-up spy who ends up being a con artist and almost staring a war.

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    @julierei Good point. He would know if people had reached out to him.

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     David R. 

    Seems like there’s some discrepancy, too, regarding whether Clint and Darren left voluntarily or were told to leave by the “investors.” Interesting.

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    @coryphella Darren could be the fourth member on our escape room team with @noahp. He and I could compare forearm tattoos and share the stories and symbolism that they represent.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    My feelings with this post: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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    Every part of me wants to call bullshit on the initial post.

    But this shadow version did choose the type of profile picture I expect from Clint…

    I guess it’s true. Goodbye, Dads of Tension

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    No @thegilded I definitely call bullshit on this one.

    One of the things that was brilliant about the beginning of Tension was that we had no idea who the creators were. Now, here we are again wondering who is pulling the strings. DLB has said they were kicked out. Clint says otherwise. Being besties, wouldn’t/shouldn’t they be on the same page? Have we even seen the “real” Clint on the boards. So, real Clint takes over Shadow Clint’s account and we’re to believe this is a real post.

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    @michelle on the one hand you’re probably right.

    On the other hand, it’s a cute dog so I gotta go with that. We’ll all miss you, DLB and CS — err… Sorry, DB and CCS!

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     Brad Ruwe 

    I still keep going back to the “I don’t believe Darren and I meant to…” comment. If this was actually Clint, wouldn’t he know what they intended? IMPOSTOR!!!

    Throne of lies

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    This is the same “@clint-sears” who had claimed:

    Darren is okay, he is not missing, just spoke with on the phone.

    Meanwhile, the Facebook Clint Sears who I’ve been speaking with for months about such random things as puppies, writing, Westworld and cool podcasts was simultaneously telling me he hadn’t spoken to Darren and was getting pretty concerned.

    Clint and Darren would never walk away due to boredom, or other projects, or wanting a vacation. The only thing they have loved more than Tension/Lust is their family and closest friends. For one example, in Darren’s own words: DLB Blog – LINK

    The look on Darren’s face when Michelle was ripping up The Book he was so proud of wasn’t one of anger or defiance, it was the face of someone who knew better than to react. Scared, submissive… both seem like fair descriptions of his lack of passionate reaction in that moment. Couple this with @bcbishop‘s recent interactions with DLB and it’s not even a question that something is wrong with this picture.

    (And yeah, although it is truth that Clint’s middle initial is C, “CCS and DB” is just ridiculous and wrong.)

    In conclusion, I call total and utter bullshit. I have to believe we are dealing with the likes of blackmail, extortion, and a pervasive corruption that ran through Tension and continues to poison Lust. But who or what is the trued source of these ills?

    The simple answer is this is another of OSDM’s games. Manipulation and playing people off each other can be fun when you have an evil streak and quite profitable when you have the brains to back your operation. What better place to start than Clint & Darren themselves? Remove their power, corrupt them, make them an example in front of the class, turn them against us and each other? I can think of all sorts of goals and modalities that might be considered fun and profitable…

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     Andrew Kasch 

    We like to think that we have some level of control or the people we trust (Darren and Clint) are in full control, so it makes sense that the first steps the OSDM (“financers?”) would take in their new plan is to remove D&C from the equation.

    And yeah…generally, when people tell you “everything’s fine,” it never is.

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    DLB was pretty clear to me last night that he was forced off of Lust by the investors/organization. I could tell it hurt him to talk about it. We’d just done (C)ovell and were both reveling in our love for immersive theater and what it evokes in people. There’s absolutely no way he’d voluntarily walk away from Lust.

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    Yeah, calling it a rumor is a bit strange since it came from DLB himself (via @julierei). I can’t help but feel that the word choice is possibly deliberate given the concerns about sowing mistrust.

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     Kyle Bown 

    In light of @bcbishop‘s email from Clint, is it safe to say that this post isn’t so much a Shadow Clint as it is a coerced Clint? Deliberately getting the initials wrong in a way that, were it a Shadow, would have been pretty easy to get correct?

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    That’s my assumption, @bruinbown. This all feels very much like Clint and Darren are under duress. As though rather than there being separate entities writing for the Shadow accounts, they are being forced to do it with someone over their shoulder. If you’re being held hostage and monitored but able to get communications out, you would try to hide little clues in order to let the reader know something is wrong without the person listening catching on. The pancakes, the unusual initials choice.. They want people to notice these discrepancies. I think it’s a cry for help. This seems to be backed up by the coded communications Bryan received.

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     Michael Rizzo 

    Something I’ve been thinking about, in the Tension Experience, we learned that Darren and Clint were never truly the creators of Tension, but more so were just patsys to be in case shit hit the fan… So why all a sudden drop them? Sure, shit has most definitely hit the fan but nothing on a national scale where escape goats were needed. Something’s off, maybe they feel they’re getting too much attention now because of those two? Idk

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     Kyle Bown 

    The truth has been outed. A patsy is only useful when no one knows they’re going to take the fall. Their purpose is served, they are no longer needed. Thus, they are no longer safe.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Don’t check in on social media, eh? Hey, “Investors”, I’m off to the L.A. GUN RANGE. Check you out there, bitchez!

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    Got a genuine chill thinking the patsy story is not just a story.

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    Jajajajaja is the SPANISH version of Hahahaha. My spanish speaking friend always writes this on her facbook page. Who ever wrote that is a SPANISH speaker…possibly from PANAMA???

    Ooops, sorry already pointed out!

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