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     Candace Van Hulle 

    I wasn’t sure if I should bring up my thoughts on the Stacey thread or not, so I thought starting a new thread would be smarter. I’m also new, having just been following the forums a few months, and don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes.

    We have something of an idea about the OSDM’s response to MyChild’s attack today. They’ve lost data and are apparently downsizing/tying loose ends in response. It would seem that the OSDM is possibly weakened, and I’m thinking they are cutting the weakest ties to the organization to help protect the core of the organization.

    I’m quite curious on what Briarberg’s response to this will be. They say they offer a better alternative to the OSDM. So anything that weakens the OSDM I’m sure makes them quite happy.

    I find MyChild to be very suspicious (I think trusting AI in any form is a stupid move). There was speculation that Stacey was a ploy by the OSDM, but what if she has connections with Briarberg? Considering that there could have been a possible connection/partnership (financially if I remember correctly) to the BOS, but that fell through due to what happened with Joyce and Mason, correct? Considering that Morgan was fooled by Mason, could that have happened with Stacey? And the BOS is just a means to get rid of Briarberg’s competition.

    This is a horrible presentation of my thoughts but I hope it’s somewhat coherent? Please correct me if I have any information wrong.

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    That’s an interesting thought I always thought Mason seemed like one of those fans that was so fanatical he wanted to do what OSDM does. His insistence on connecting with prior actors of Tension made me think that.

    If Stacey was also fooled by Mason wouldn’t she have thought twice after Morgan shunned Mason after finding out he was Jack? Or are you thinking she was fooled by someone else we haven’t met yet from Briarberg?

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    Mason wasn’t a fan, his family was in the OOA and for various reasons he left it to start his own group, which was more science-based. I don’t think we have the full story of Mason & Morgan, Mason & Briarberg. But I doubt that Morgan would be working with Stacey, if Mason was working with Stacey as well.

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