Regarding Cecilia Sinclair, or Should I say "Hathor"?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Some rabbit hole observations:

    I am struck by the advertisements for the MSE. Women dominate every frame and ad. The only men that are there are in the background and out of focus, supporting today’s theories regarding the Divine Feminine.

    Also, the horns are only on the female masks. They are reminiscent of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor.

    Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of…fertility.

    And whose consort is…Horus.

    One child of Hathor is Imset, described as the keeper of the liver. As in, the organ that processes toxins like whiskey that Noah loves so much. However, “the liver and not the heart was seen as the seat of emotion. A broken heart or death due to excess of emotions was associated with the deity.”

    Recall that Noah asked us in his final video about what we FELT. We’ve also been cautioned about heartbreak.

    So perhaps The Honoring will be a fertility ritual like the one Andy stumbled upon, to honor Hathor/Cecilia and that which she delivers?

    The good news is that human sacrifice appears to be nothing more than a myth.

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