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     Kimberly Stewart 

    I’m going to **speculate** (ie. cross fingers) that Derrick Hinman will be doing the art design/production for Lust. Take a moment and admire his work on Ascension. Seriously, go look, the photos are gorgeous and you might even see something you didn’t see during your visit to The OOA Institute:

    You might find the floorpan particularly interesting. How many of those rooms did you visit?

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    Whoa that is amazing and so detailed work I am so sure everyone who did the room was mind blown!!! Now I am kind of excited what The Lust will bring!!! I cannot stop staring at the designs. Wow amazing

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    I’ve been attempting to trace my path through Ascension all day and still get lost in the rendering… I miss the compound 🙁

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    @addisonborn I might have been doing the same, on and off all day… I’ve seen it in the day light. That might offer a different perspective. We should compare notes.

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    That floorplan is blowing my mind. I love stuff like this. What ARE all those rooms?!

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    Wow – Some of the most fantastic rooms I did not get to see during my experience. Absolutely stunning.

    I bought one of the Tension Experience books but never got it. Would love to see more of the set,

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    @mouse – My understanding is that the books are finished and going to be shipping March 10, so you should be getting it soon

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    @thegilded Thanks Sean. That’s great!

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    @mouse: Per Facebook: “Book Ships the week of March 10!” I can’t wait to see all the hidden treasures inside!

    @lilmsfancpants & @sassyyael: I miss that weird, fantastic place. I picture it now a lot like the last time I saw it (for a “media” sort of event), barren and torn apart. It felt like a place that contained all the ghosts of the past. So many memories.

    “What ARE all those rooms?” … Haha yeah, with any luck The Book will label all the spaces for us. Here’s an off the top of my head list of all the spaces I can recall seeing:

    Mary Lynn’s office
    Miles’ photo room
    Seniors’ Lounge
    Locker Room
    Processing Room

    Small Interview Room

    Blackboard Room w/ Classroom

    Clock Room

    Red Room

    Flower Room (Book of Anoch reading)
    Senses room (eyes. taste, smell)
    Hand Wax Space (touch)
    Deprivation Circle of chairs (in larger empty space)

    Doctor’s Office

    Tool Room w/ Oracle Space

    Overseer’s Office
    TV/confinement booth room

    Backyard/Sentinel Escape space/Ascension wall/van pickup


    Massage Room
    Last Statement Room

    Control/Security Camera Room
    Large Work Room (backstage)
    Smaller “dressing room” (backstage)

    Lots of hallways and a couple larger empty spaces

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    @electrichippo I suppose that list about covers everything I remember too. I’m still flabbergasted that we were ever brought into the control room. Actually, most of Ascension 2 blew my mind. Every rule I thought existed they chose to break. ::continues skipping down memory lane at my desk::

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    @electrichippo ahh that list makes me so happy ? but also so sad that I didn’t go back a second time. I was too afraid of my anxiety…ugh…fuck you anxiety! ! *shakes fists*

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     Amber Ballesteros 

    @electrichippo Great recap of the rooms. Now that I think on it, I did get to see every one of them except the tool room between visit one & two. The control room and was definitely really cool! Though I spent a good part of visit 2 with Simon in my underwear in the processing room… (ah, Simon)

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    I, too, made it to every room but the tool room. Oh, and I never met the Sentinel, so I didn’t get in a van. One question I’ve always had regarding Tension… Did anyone ever “Press Play” in the classroom? And if so, what happened???

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    From the photo of the monitors on this page, these are the names according to the cameras:

    Left Monitor:
    Hallway Exit 1
    Intersection 2
    Enter holding
    Holding Room
    Chaos Room 1 (the room with the clocks)
    Big Lot
    Small Lot

    Right Monitor:
    Main Entrance
    Photo Room
    Lobby Room
    Changing Room
    Hallway Enter
    One on One
    Hallway Exit 2
    Intersection 1
    Intersection 2
    Red Room
    Classroom 1
    Classroom 2
    Chaos Room 2
    Intersection 2
    Flower Room
    Taste Room
    Sound & Touch
    Medical Room
    3rd Act Hall
    Tool Room
    Water (?) Room (it’s the only one that I can’t quite make out)
    Computer Room
    Electronic Box
    3rd Act Hall 2
    Interview Hall
    Massage Room
    Interview Room
    Interview Room
    Auditorium 2
    Auditorium 1

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    @electrichippo Thank you so much for posting the link to those photos!!!! This is getting me even more pumped for Lust Experience. Still so new to all of this. Definitely sad I missed the first.
    @lilmsfancpants thanks for telling me about this!

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    @clairebuch I’m thrilled you’re here! Tension/Ascension definitely set the bar astronomically high in terms of production. I will tell you some really crazy things about stuff that’s gone on in those rooms!
    Maybe you and Andy can come to the next trivia night in a couple weeks with @macbethinabathtub and I! (It’s over in your neck of the woods!)

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     Mary Ellison Pavlovsky 

    Thank you so much for this!!!

    So sad I never got to see the message room.

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    @clairebuch & @maryellison911: You’re welcome!

    Also, welcome aboard to you, Claire!! So nice to see enthusiastic newbies on the forum. Seems you already have some friends here, but if you ever have questions on the history of things, we’re all happy to help.

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    @electrichippo Thank you! I guess the best part of this is really not knowing what to expect! Still haven’t received any contact back from Noah, so I am curious about that. Been trying to read as many as the forums as possible. Any first timer tips you think might be helpful? I’m open to anything! @lilmsfancpants you KNOW I’m always down!!!

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